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Wild Camping

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Bong here,

Over the past few months I have seen many videos of Americans, Canadians and Australians doing camping out in the woods for a night or several. This has made me want to do the same, the idea of having a night in the wild seems really nice.

Only problem is I have never done wild camping before, only normal camping at a site with my family many years ago. I am looking for some tips and suggestions, things I should and shouldn't do and bring with me. It would only be for a Saturday night, not too far from my home. Which brings me to my main point, how do you wild camp in England?

I am based in East Anglia so there is a lot of open areas, wooded areas and places away from my town but all of it is often owned by someone, farms etc and I know that technically this is illegal etc so I was wondering if anyone had any experience with wild camping in the UK and could advise me?