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Just want to ask your opinion, gentlemen, before heading /out/ for my 4-day 400k cycling/hiking trip tomorrow.

It's like 15k including food and a steel canten with alcohol stove fuel (not in the picture). I will probably give up paracord, despite it's tactical look - it is damn heavy and bulky.

Tools and spare tubes are heavy af too, but there's nothing really to throw out without putting myself at risk of being stuck midway with some technical issue.

I am thinking of leaving the pot home and just using a mug for cooking, but it's not comfy. I want oatmeal and hot chocolate at the same time. It also serves as a container for the stove and mess kit.

I don't see anything else to get rid of inb4: mora.

Heavy stuff goes into panniers, 2 big black compression sacks get compressed and stuffed into the pack. Pack goes on top on the rack. I have no front racks or other fancy $$$$ touring toys.