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/out/ themed trip to PA and WV in Sept

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I am taking a trip the last week of September to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for 2 nights then staying at a cabin near Spruce Knob (Riverton, WV) for 4 nights.

Any ideas for what to do there?

I want to maybe do an EASIER day hike in Dolly Sods with a good view where the trail is at least somewhat decently marked if possible and I won't get super lost.

I also was thinking Bald Knob chairlift, and the last day we are going to raft the Savage River dam release.

I want to have multiple ideas of hikes, caving, maybe something outdoors near/in Pittsburgh as well.

Last time we did just the first bit of the Bear Rocks trail in Dolly Sods, and the Cheat High Falls trail, and the time before we did the Seneca Creek trail. I love water features, views, and meadows.

My dad wants to visit a coal mine. Is that even possible?

Open to suggestions! We will be traveling from the 22-28 of September this year.