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Preferred sleeping method?

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Tent? Hammock? Bivvy? Ground and a trash bag? For me, it' mummy sleeping bag and a double hammock you can wrap over your bag's hood. Totally isolated from bugs, totally comfy. Tried sleeping with my wife and dog on her stupid big air mattress last night, the faggot dog stole my spot after we took a piss and was being dramatic about being removed, can't actually be gruff with him because we're in a huge valley on water and it would echo like a motherfucker to the few other people, so I grabbed my hammock and bag and slept soundly in the shade until 11am. The fog rolled in so thick before I strung it up it was amazing. Couldn't see anything after the shoreline. Shame it wasn't a full moon. I never wanna go back to tents again. I'm gonna teach the dog to sleep in his own hammock instead.