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may have just eaten death cap, help

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hey guys, so i found a solid white mushroom on someones lawn and since i have an ehrlich test kit i decided to test and see if it had psilocybin

after a few minutes the liquid turned pink and cloudy, so I assumed it was a psilocybe and safe to eat.

retardedly, AFTER eating it I decided to look up poisonous mushrooms in my area and it looked very similar to a death cap.

so does anybody know what color a death cap would trigger in an ehrlich test?

in the mean time, i will continue to puke and hope that enough of it comes out that i wont die a slow painful death.

pic related, it looked like the one on the left except it was solid white and about 5 inches tall. the cap came all the way down and touched the stem like in pic related. it was also thicker than the average mushroom.