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Mount everest base camp trek

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Posted this in fit >>53661854 might get a better response here.

So me and a mate are planning to do the trek next month on short notice, its a 130km round trip and it'll be the winter time.

I haven't been doing much cardio lately, mainly just strength training, but I'm also fairly active, I have competed in paddling sports before and found that my fitness comes back pretty fast although one month is extremely short notice, I think I'd need at least 2 months to get back into peak fitness.

I'm thinking of focusing more on bodyweight training, I've previously trained to do 1000 pullups in a day so I'm thinking of bringing back that training program but also do it for dips and barbell squats.

I'll need to also start doing some aerobic work, some running, rowing, skipping, I'm thinking two sessions a week at 30mins ramping up to three a week and 45mins and then 60mins before flying out.

I may also try incorporating the wim hof method hoping that it will prepare me for the high altitude.

I may try to do a day hike carrying the bag I'll be bringing with me at least twice before flying to get a feel and wear in my shoes which I'll need to buy.

Just wanted to share my thinking in hopes of some feedback, and maybe get some stories of other fitizen who've trained for and done something similar.