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outdoor clothing - natural and proven stuff

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I'm trying to fill in my wardrobe with some clothes that are outdoor friendly and rugged, but still casually comfortable and somewhat nice looking. I have real issues with polyester blend and synthetic stuff.. I know it's all eco-branded by being made from bottles pulled from the ocean and stuff, but in my experience it tends to start to smell like shit eventually.

I really want natural materials like types of wool (base layers, flannels, sweaters, tweeds, etc)
Cotton varieties like moleskin, corduroy and canvas
leather/suede jackets. Barbour is cool, but kind of over priced and mainly just for people who buy them to impress their horses.

I like the idea of supporting brands and production methods and facilities that have been around and successful for a long time.

It seems that a lot of the clothes from the typical reputable brands are hit and miss and often overpriced.. Orvis, LL Bean, Patagonia, etc.

What are your go-to clothing items and brands for natural material stuff?

What is your experience with these long-standing but now more commercialized image-based brands? Pendleton, Filson, Woolrich etc?

I love Good Will, but that cannot be relied upon.