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Weird Locations

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Need advice. Found some weird spots in some woodlands that I shouldn't have. These spots are off the main trail and are well hidden. I have been visiting these woodlands for several years and I have only recently just discovered these places after deciding to explore off of the main trail recently. Had it not been fall and all the trees dead, I still wouldn't have found these places. These woodlands are usually dead during this time of year due to snow / rain / cold. I have not seen anyone in these woodlands in a long time.

Here's my problem. I think I may have been seen at one of these weird locations because all of a sudden, the last few times I have entered these woodlands, there have been people. Always men. They've been behaving very suspiciously also. I believe I may have been seen taking some pictures of these weird spots. Literally, over the last few months, I have been alone on these trails when I have visited. After I felt like I was being watched while I was exploring one of these locations, strange men have showed up days later. It may be possible that I have followed also. What should I do? Stop going here completely? I don't want to piss off the wrong people.

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