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Examples of People ruining /out/ experiences

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>Be me
>Wife and kids drive 2 hours on beautiful Saturday spring morning to camp ground
>Arrive to campground at 8am
>Sun is shining, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, the mountain air is fresh. We can hear a small creek flowing in the background adding to the serenity.
>Wife and kids set up our camp tent and food items
>Kids 10 year old and 8 year old are exploring around, loving the nature and sights.
>Hear sound of a bus coming up the mountain towards the campground.
>Big yellow school bus appears and parks 30 yards from us.
>The serenity and peacefulness is suddenly interrupted by a very loud voice "Day Day, Get Yo Ass Off Dis Bus, And Put Out Dat Roach Befo I Bust Yo Head!!!"
>Wife looks at me with horror in her eyes.
>Seems like a bus full of colorful youth from the inner city has taken a day trip to our camping spot.
>The bus doors open and about 20 blk youth flood out. Start meandering around in every direction.
>The camp counselor, Latoya, a 300 pound black woman sets up a lawn chair that can barley support her weight and sits there with a tanning device, paying no attention to her students.
>The clean mountain air is now permeating with the smell of black and mild cigars mixed with marijuana.
>One of the youths from the bus tries to light a fire with dry leaves and embers from his blunt.
>I Try to politely tell him that will cause a forest fire so he walks a few yards away and does it again.
>Another one of the youths goes to the stream and starts drinking directly from it without filtering the water.
>Suddenly a group of them starts shouting and jumping around loudly "Sheeeeit snake, SHeeeit"..they found a black snake and started beating it to death with sticks and rocks.
>A few of the girls start having what appears to be a rap battle standing on the picnic tables.
>The youth drinking out of the stream got sick shortly after and went into an outhouse, while his friend tried to extort money from my 8 year old.