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Ever Find Strange Things?

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Ever found anything strange in the woods? Anything worthy of taking a picture?

A friend and I were out in a large forest recently and we were probably about half a mile away from the last recognizable ghost trail and at least a mile away from anywhere accessible to a regular vehicle. Quite a ways out by any means.

Anyway, we found pic related and it was a bit odd. We hadn't seen anything remotely human other than beaten trails all morning / early afternoon since we entered the forest, and we think digging is prohibited by regulation but not entirely sure. So, we took a picture as we thought it was pretty funny and didn't think much of it at the time just like a
>"Oh, cool. A random shovel. Someone is totally buried out here," kinda joke.
We take the picture then go about our business and exit the forest maybe an hour after. So here's my question.

My friend smoked a little on the way out of the forest and got really paranoid. He started talking about the shovel again and how someone or something could be buried out there. I brushed him off and told him he's high as fuck and to chill out, but he kept going on about it and started to make a bit of sense. He reasoned a few things, primarily these:
>Digging is prohibited/illegal (as far as we know)
>There was literally nothing out there apart from this random shovel
> There aren't many reasons to have a shovel that far out

He's now convinced someone or something is out there and wants to go back out there to that spot and see if we can find anything to indicate a burial of some sort. I think he's being a schizo but he won't go alone and I'm the only one who has been to that spot with him so there's less chance of getting lost. My logic as to why he's a schizo is while it's illegal to dig, it isn't illegal to carry a shovel (as far as I know) and someone could have just dropped it/left it by accident. What do /out/? Do I go with my schizo/stoner friend to find some super spoopy burial ground?