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Wtf stories

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This happened 2 days ago
>be innawoods
>hiking at night because I'm behind schedule
>double moons lighting my way
>realize I can no longer hear crickets
>freeze and listen
>it's dead silent
>look up to the sky
>absolutely beautiful
>hang on... there are two moons
>every hair stands on end
>one of them isn't a moon it's a smaller light
>it's a UFO
>realize I'm holding my breath and drooling
>check my compass
>there is about 1/4th an inch interference
>hear a crack 200 feet at 3 o'clock
>drop my pack and pull out the machete
>we ain't got no large predators here
>back up to a tree
>hear another crack further away
>climb the tree behind me
>branch breaks and I fall 15ish feet
>knock myself out cold
>wake up, it's day time
>think I broke my ankle or back
>hit my emergency locator SOS
>get picked up
>xrays say I'm fine
>get told I'm lucky they arent going to bill me for the SOS
Never once have I experienced anything like this before and I had to make up lies to explain what happened to the rescue guys.