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Intoxication and /out/

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Where I live, the snow hasn't come down much the past few years. I have fallen into the snow-falling winter village fantasy.

I went to the bar with some friends, drank myself drunk, drove home in a half-in-the-bag state. It's snowing and the snow is pretty deep. When I get to my suburb, the snow has only just been plowed. I got to my house, put on warmer clothes then went to walk to neighborhood mailbox, about 10 minutes walk. I am vaping THC cartridges on the way.

Start feeling it halfway to the mailbox. Collect mail. As I am walking back, while walking through a very woody part of the neighborhood, the THC and alcohol surging through my veins is striking with efficiency. It's cold, so the blood is pulled to my body and pumps the intoxicants into my brain. I have a moment.

The woods, the street, the little lamplights in the neighborhood illuminating the road and the driveways to the condo... The snowfall crashing against the trees and the ground...

I kept walking and came upon a stream in the woods next to the street. The slight sound of the babbling stream was beautiful. Everything else is silent save for the falling snow. The cold is not bothering me at all, it's more like an opposite blanket of whos cold embrace is accepted for what it is.

I feel like I could walk on this cold road forever but I can't. I want to. The winter village fantasy is alive, now.

I go back home, fingers numb and face stinging. I walk through the door and wander the house for an hour lost in ecstasy. I want to go back out but I'm too cold. The cold doesn't mean anything but a small compliance officer in my brain is halting my desire to stay outside longer.

Intoxication and outside out?