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Bear Encounters of the Fur Kind

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With bears finally out of hibernation, lets share some bear encounters to remind each other why our ancestors feared the woods.

>Mountain Biking with a friend in NW Wyoming
>Riding along mountain ridge and begin dropping into canyon
>Drop into the treeline and make a blind turn following the mountain
>Pass by a pine tree and hear a loud whack through the brush and loud cracking come from the tree
>Come to a stop about 20 feet away and see a large shape making its way up the tree
>Black Bear cub has made its way to the top of this 25 foot pine tree in the time it took me to stop my bike.
>friend comes around the same turn and stops with me
>While I'm looking at the cub, friend spots momma bear hauling down the mountain on opposite side of the canyon
> even being more than 100 yards away can hear her grunting and punching the ground on her way down
>Nope the fuck out and have a great story for the bar that night.

If we had come down the canyon just a few minutes later I have no doubt we would have had a face off with that bear.