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Garden Farmacy and "Alchemy"

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Natural remedies and herbalism are usually overexaggerated or underrated, but I think most sane people can agree that certain herbs have benefits to Humans.

>Sage is good for your stomach and throat
>Saint Johns Worth is a mood stabiliser
>Marigold is antiseptic and makes great oinments
>Camomile helps against swelling, tea is calming
>Wormwood has a lot of benefits
>Cannabis, beyond recreational use, can help with chronical pain and trauma
>Poppy (Papaver Somniferum, at least) can be used as pain medication

and many more, of course.

While I was playing kingdom come deliverance (bear with me...), and looked into alchemy there, it struck me at rather realistic. Combine plants and herbs in alcohol or oils to extract whatever it is that makes the plant healthy and beneficial, making tinctures, drinks, teas and so on from them.

Are there any resources on this? An actual "alchemy" book, that describes how to extract those things and preserve them? I reckon tea is a good example of how to make herbs last basically stabally forever, but I mean like a repository of what plants to tea-a-lize, how to make creams and tinctures of certain drinks, (alcohol is often used with wormwood), what plants to mix for what diseases, and so on.

Last autumn I added new fields to my garden and I decided I wanted to fill it with non-food, but tea and medicinal herbs, hence my question.