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Are there any jobs that don’t involve sitting all day?

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What’s the ideal /out/ career?

Im fucking tired of screens. I wake up and look at one. I stare at one all day for work and take breaks to look at the tiny screen in my pocket. When I get home I watch a wall mounted screen for a little bit before I go upstairs and scroll or play games on another screen. Before I go to sleep I look at my tiny screen and try to find ways out of this screen life.

Fuck this. Is being some gay forester or park ranger based? I feel like there are no jobs outside that you can make decent money.

Huge startup costs, constant risk of weather, disease, climate. Also boring and shit pay.
>park ranger
deal with retards who are nothing but a danger to themselves and the ecosystem.
dangerous, good pay, but bad for your health
Good pay but basically on call all the time. Somewhat dangerous if you’re retarded

Let’s keep going
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