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The /out/ Market

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A thread to trade/buy/sell shit related to /out/.

Stuff like tents, packs, hammocks, tarps, clothing etc.

When you trade stuff, share your e-mails and discuss things there. It's more private, doesn't clog the thread and adds some extra security if you get fucked over.

I would ADVISE using Paypal and NOT making "personal" paymets so that you are covered by Paypal Buyer/Seller protection.

I would also advice that any shipping is at the very least recorded. In the UK, Royal Mail 2nd Class Recorded really doesn't cost that much and if you get, say in a week or so, "I haven't got my stuff, I want a refund" then you can just check the package on the Royal Mail website and it will say if it was delivered or not.

So you want to buy/sell/trade something?

Here's a template as to what information we need:

What the item is:


Where you are:

Where you are willing to ship/pay shipping costs to/from:

Any other relevant information, such as extras or missing parts:
Pictures are heavily encouraged.

If someone scams you or you don't get what you asked for, get ripped off etc then it's not /out/'s fault and it's not my fault. Still though, you could post someone's post-code or something so we know who to avoid. Up to you. I would say no posting their exact address however because legal reasons. If we have their postcode, we can then check with the person who made the claim privately if this is the guy who ripped them off.

Anyway, have fun. Hopefully you guys get some good deals.

WARNING: Don't post your address directly onto 4chan, that's a sure-fire way to get trolled.

FINAL TIP: Add a return address to your packages.