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Survival Computer

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Obviously in a major SHTF Situation a temporary loss of internet connectivity or power can be expected. Local weather disasters regularly bring down the internet and power, and 4G could be interrupted in a number of highly unlikely but possible civil situations. Even the transpacific fiber cables could easily be targeted in any confrontation in Asia (regardless if the US is involved).

In the even of an internet interruption or civil collapse that lasts weeks to months, or even years, I think if one had an offline computer that could consistantly provide important information required for survival they would become extremely useful. So far, my idea was to buy a light, high quality laptop and a reliable solar charger with several backup battery packs (so that the computer or its battery backup are constantly being charged during daylight hours).

Once this has been figured out, the important step to prepare would be to find useful databases to download in case of a collapse. My ideas so far:

1. Entire text and image download of Wikipedia (can download, is 100GB with pics and would be placed on a reliable external drive).
2. Offline maps of the region (I am near border of four states so perhaps google maps all of those states, not sure of how to do this or how much space it would require)
3. Medical guides/pharmacological manuals in case I need to provide advanced care in an emergency.
4. Basic calculator programs/excel to organize data/allocate group resources/calculate fuel and food expenditure and requirements quickly
5. Some sort of master folder of infographics, guides, survival books
6. Leisure reading
7. Some sort of directory or financial database that tells me where businesses or pieces of infrastructure are located, so I can seek resources or locations where others may be gathering (when integrated with the stored maps)

Im hoping someone else has ideas for databases/files I could download to provide guidance and decision support in case of a disaster.