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How do I take good tinder photos? I don't have any friends and I don't have any good photos of me. I wanted to be a photographer so I have pretty good gear I just don't know how I should take the photo. I don't think it should look like a sterile basement walmart photographer style photo portrait but I don't know what else to do. Should I just get my mom to take a picture of me standing near my bookshelf on my phone?
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The K lens

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Lets hear /p/s opinion on this funky looking thing. Seems to be trying to do a lot, but that resolutions going to suffer.
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Which film camera is the most based? Protip: it's the Konica c35 EF
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Dear /p/, I wanted to kindly ask you for opinion on photo editing. In particular - what's the acceptable degree of photo modification?

Whenever I start to work on photos I took, Im kinda torn between playing with various effects, modify lighting and contrast or leaving it "as is" aside from noise removal and framing. Im completely unsure whenever it is good idea to use lots of stuff like enchanting colors, setting high contrast, using options like "cinematic contrast" in Darktable and when I do, I feel guilty about that. I might not be some good photographer but I do like what Im doing and most importantly, I want to do best I can and try to at least slightly improve over time. I saw both approach in action, like when I once asked some veteran photographer for some advice and he replied that he always prefer to have pictures pretty much done the moment he take them, almost no modification. At the time, I see tons of rather popular photographers doing tons of work in Photoshop with presents and heavy editing.

That and I would also like to ask you for opinion on those photos. I showed them before to /m/ but since /p/ is photography board, it would be a chance to hear opinions from different perspective. Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for trouble.
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Is F-mount dying to Z-mount
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Cameras and firmware updates

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I've been hesitating between starting my new hobby on film or digital, the only thing drawing me back from it are

>for film, the overall cost
>for digital, the firmware updates and worrying about my camera being obsolete or malfunctioning quickly

What would you recommend ? I'm looking for used goods only so I must make a good choice because I won't have any warranty if my device fails. If it's film, I guess it won't matter that much since the camera don't cost mucho begin with.
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Buying used cameras, yes or no ?

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How to be chill about it ? Have you ever got scammed ?

Found a good deal on a DSLR
I'm planning to meet the person irl before buying it but the idea that he might be selling a defective product that I will only found out later after extensive use is a bit scary.
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/gear/ - Gear thread

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Telephoto Macro Edition

Old thread: >>3849106

>All discussion and questions related to gear should take place in this exact thread.
>Redirect other gear-related threads to this thread.
>Remember to be polite.
>This is the thread in which you can be a gearfag.
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who else here

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who else here has gone insane because of the pandemic and is obsessively researching and tinkering with photography gear as a cargo cult for going on adventures and having real life experience

i am only glad that i am replacing things instead of accumulating so my kit hasnt grown to hoarder proportions.
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I know nothing of photography.

Who is your aspiration/inspiration photographer? Anyone you look up to?
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