/MFT/ General: Sensor stack heart attack edition

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Behold the Weber-Fechner Law, or: why no one can tell the difference between full frame and MFT pretty much ever:

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Post your favorite photo that you've taken
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Wow, /p/ actually has a few photo threads up right now, makes me feel all warm inside. It's been a while since I've made one so it's time.

This is going to be a random mix of stuff from the last maybe 5 months or so. Landscape, wilderness, backpacking, autumn, stuff like that. Developed 35 e6 sheets tonight and will develop about that many c41 sheets in the next couple days, and still have a few hundred already developed ones to sort and scan, so I'll be posting as I go.

Here's a more recent one from the autumn.
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/fgt/ - Film General Thread - Lubitel edition II

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You know you wanted it ;)
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Having a model bring friends to the shoot

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Hey guys I’m about to do my first shoot with a model.
Now she’s not a real model and I’m by no means an experienced photog and the shoot is fetish themed. That for starters.
She wants to bring two friends along with her, don’t know if I should decline or not.
On the one hand I can understand her position of not wanting to go alone with some guy to do a fetish shoot (it’ll be in public tho), on the other hand I think it’ll be awkward/annoying having them behind your back all the time.
Or is it the weirder thing to just have it be you and the model?

How do you guys handle this if you have had similar experiences?
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Snapshits from this evening.

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/p/ - Photography?
More like:
/c/ - Cameras
Am I right, fellas? Hahaha

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Nooooo you have to use eye af it's the only way you cant just use single point af nooooo
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Fujifilm General /ffg/ #5

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Art Hoe Edition

Post your fujifilm cameras and photos!

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Have you ever captured an important moment in a stranger's life, /p/?

Pic related: took of a photo of a guy proposing to his girlfriend
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