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Critique Thread

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>Browse for days
>No critique thread

Leave a review, get a review
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/SQT/ - Stupid Question Thread

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I want to buy a Sony A7R4 because of the lens options. But I keep reading that the narrow lens mount causes more image noise because of the steeper exit angles. Should I buy a Nikon Z7II instead?
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/rpt/ Recent Photo Thread

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Previous thread >>3930315
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Instagram thread

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These threads still allowed?


Plus I'm looking for some photography to follow, and I like keeping it small.

Username: Spiral_photo
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/fgt/ - Film General Thread

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What makes a good picture?
What's the difference between
>mmm yes this is a skilled who took this
>eww who the fuck made this shit
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Good evening, /p/.
Can you read between the lines?
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how much does this guy make a year?

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how much does someone like this make a year?
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Talk bugs, post bugs, freak out closet dwellers. This here is some kind of dung beetle.
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/p/hoto bros..

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My first camera, thoughts?
Plz be fair 2 me I know some of you are snobby as heck
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