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Can anyone tell me about this lens?
It's a K Mount and I can't find a manufacturer
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Worried about street photography

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I've had my camera for about a week now and I've taken plenty of landscape shots, but I want to try street photography. The problem is that I'm worried that people are just going to shout at me, and I'll spend half of the day deleting pictures for people.

I know all of the "basics" of street photography in terms of how to behave myself, being discreet and all that, but I can't imagine it going well for me, despite all of the videos on YouTube of people doing it without a problem. I live in Berlin, and the people here are very cold and unfriendly, and I don't think anyone would take kindly to having a camera pointed in their direction, let alone actually having a picture taken with them as the subject. Not to mention the all of the data protection laws... (although street photography is protected as an art form under German law so I shouldn't run into legal trouble)

I don't have much confidence as it is since I'm new to photography, and as much as I want to try shooting on the streets, I just feel like it's not going to go well, with people worst case scenario confronting me and getting mad, and best case scenario they look directly into the camera, ruining that candid, in-the-moment feel of the shot

pic unrelated

Fujifilm General /ffg/ #4

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X-Pro 3 Edition

Previous thread
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Just bought this Yongnuo YN50 (50mm f1.8) and it's literally amazing. I live in a third world country so I often have low end gay ass old gear, couldn't find a good old 50mm lens for my Canon rebel t5 so I was between this chinese one and the real Canon ones.

And truth is, it's simply good. Maybe the manual focus is a little bit too sensitive but all in all light is fantastic and colors are great. Build quality too.

What does /p/ think about Yongnuo stuff?
Also fixed 50mm best lens
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Micro Four Thirds /mftt/ Thread

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Micro Four Thirds /mftt/ Thread - Daddy EP1 edition
A small bastion for us MFT users to have a safe space where we can talk about mft gear and photos

Post your photos UwU
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Fujifilm General /ffg/ #3

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Previous thread hit bump limit
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/rpt/ Recent Photo Thread

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Previous: >>3542838

Post whatever you got recently. Critique or just lurk.
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Photos of Moon

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You've taken some photos of the Moon, right anon? Post them.
Here's my pathetic attempt from few days ago.
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Instagram Thread. Rate, follow and like.

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Time for an Instagram thread.
I enjoy seeing my /p/ brethren on Instagram and like it when I recognise their posts in rpt.

My account is Thomjams. I’ll follow you back.
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I've never seen a good photo with a watermark. Why do they/you do it?
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