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What is the most reliable, reasonably priced 35mm SLR on the market?

Or just your favourite to use?
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who here doesn't even take pictures?
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why hipster photography is so good?
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Uncle Terry Appreciation

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>A sometime model named Jamie Peck wrote of an experience she had on a shoot with Richardson six years ago. When she said she wanted to keep her underwear on because she was menstruating, Peck says Richardson asked her to take out her tampon so he could play with it, and make “tampon tea.” He insisted on being called “Uncle Terry,” and during their shoot, Richardson unexpectedly stripped naked.
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Is buying a used black Nikon Df from Amazon the dumbest thing I'm about to do?
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Does anybody else use nothing but a 50mm equivalent lens? I shoot mainly street scenes but I never find it too tight unless I'm taking photos of the inside of a church or in a busy market.
I was thinking of buying a 35mm equiv just for travel as I'm going to Barcelona and will literally be shooting inside churches...
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/fgt/ DIY developing edition

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Film General Thread - DIY developing edition

Old thread >>3151274

What developer if your favorite to use? Does it always give you the best results? Have you ever dun goofed hard while developing? Why don't you develop yourself?

Post your beautiful grainy snapshits here, or discuss why Fujifags and Kodakucks can't be friends.

>just posting in the /fgt/ doesn't make you gay, unless sell Ricoh GR1s and Olympus Mju IIs on ebay for $300+
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New threads for every single question? edition

Last one: >>3144405

Post anything gear related, cameras, lenses, bags, tripods, other fashion accessories (clothing, fancy straps, Leica) etc...
Post your question here, instead of starting a new thread about which lens to buy or what are the best beginner cameras.

And don't forget, be polite!
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what do you think of this?

just sharing some of my first attempt at using my minolta x370
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Ken Wheeler

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What do you guys think of the angry photographer would you take any of his advice on gear or technique?
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