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Lacking motivation to go out and shoot? Want to take photos but don’t know of what? Looking for ways to get better at your craft? Here’s the thread for you!

>4 assignments per month (you can try them in any order you'd like)
>Themes are 1) human subject 2) environment 3) abstract concept 4) compositional element
>Human subject: capturing the essence of a person through posed or candid portraits, or taking pictures with humans being a prominent element, like street photography
>Environment: landscapes. If you live in a city urbanscapes are acceptable too, but try to get out of town
>Abstract concept: something vague like “cold”, “heavy”, “opening”, “swinging”. Go crazy
>Compositional element: having a certain shape, like triangle or circle, or a compositional element, like repetition, diagonal, thirds. The rest is up to you
>You can post more than 1 photo for each assignment but do try to cover every theme per month
>Do try to take new photos instead of posting from your previous work
>Have fun!

Let’s set the deadline on the 15th of every month, but of course you can post results as soon as you have them and get friendly feedback from lovely anons.

Themes for this month:
>Anonymous self portrait: think of a way of capturing your essence WITHOUT DOXXING YOURSELF.
>Flat landscape: find a place that’s flat and boring and make it interesting
>Cold: winter is coming
>Off-center subject: let’s start with something simple. The composition as a whole has to make sense with the subject being off-center

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