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is iso bullshit like this video says?:
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Why are all of you obsessed with only photographing women you have no chance with? I understand that people are drawn to take photos of things that are easy on the eyes but, how is that only limited to your personal sexual preference? Isn't that more porno collection than photography?
I'm generally curious. Do faces and bodies in general not capture your attention?
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/gear/ thread

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Ricoh GR III launch day Edition

This is the thread where we discuss everything related to gear.
Don't be a jerk and be polite.

Previous thread >>3434823
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What are your guys' thoughts on Renee Robyn?

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Finally got a chance to go out with my new XT3 today and, having moved away from a Pentax, I'm quite thrilled with it. One thing I did find interesting is that I didn't feel quite as much need to edit in LR when I got home. Most of the shots looked great, in my opinion, to begin with and I felt that they didn't require nearly as much editing as shots that I'd taken with my Pentax in the past.
I'll be posting some shots here, feel free to be as harsh as you'd like, I always enjoy constructive criticism and feedback.
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Street Photography Thread

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Post your all time best Street Photography shots in here.
Post questions, tips and critique.
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I am doing product photography for a client and his website has a dark theme and a lot of dark colors overall (including a dark background). Obviously white on white product photography doesn't look that great. What kind of background would you guys suggest to use in this kind of case? Maybe a light grey?
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No viewfinder

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What's the purpose of a camera without a viewfinder?
Who even buys this shit?
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How do I edit my image in Lr to have colors like this? Any good guides? Can't seem to get the tones right myself
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Mamiya RZ67, now that was a real camera.
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