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/gear/ thread
compact large sensor cameras edition

which MILC should i pic? sony or canon? or should i say fuckit and just go pentax k1?
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I have a GFX100 and I have finally found my calling. I'm going to become the digital Mapplethorpe and you can't stop me.
But there's something that can, and it's that I'm a bottom and all the aesthetic guys in grindr seem to be bottoms too. How do I convince them to come to my place to be photographed? I really don't like the idea of being a top.
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is this the end of mirrorless and DSLRs?

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>the thought of not having the latest and best from sony is making me buy the a1 out of sheer OCD

should i do it? i never thought i needed more than a7iii for anything but the a1 is more than double the resolution.
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Looking for some criticism and tips for car pics. And help getting better with rolling shots. My stuff is all here
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Bokeh thread

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In this thread its ok to be a shameless bokeh whore.
Post bokeh and bokeh related things.
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any analogfags here? thinking about becoming more of a leicawanker but split between being a hipster (leica m3) or a contrarian cool kid (leica m2), any advice?
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Can a Hasselblad camera possibly be worth its price? To whom would you recommend getting one?
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Why are there no large format digital cameras?
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Servo Thread

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Post pics of servos around your area
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