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Water Themed Photographs

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Hi /p/, I thought I'd start something new almost like a photography weekly club or something but different, themed threads for you to showcase your work or just take inspiration from.
Post water themed photos. Fuck gear threads and arguing about what camera is best.
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/drg/ Drone General

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I got a DJI Spark with controller bundle for Christmas and I'd like to start doing some recording with it. What are /p/'s best tips, tricks, resources, and advice for good drone photography for beginners?
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Anyone here use a filter set like this? I'm getting stick of using step up / step down rings.
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Hi! I just got them back from scanning.
These are my favourites out of 2 rolls (69 photos)
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Film Photography

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Why do I continue to shoot film?
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How does it feel knowing that you spend thousands upon thousands on your equipment and some 13 year old girl can throw a sepia filter over her #OOTD and get way more likes or get famous

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guys, honest opinion, does this look shopped to you or there's just something very wrong with perspective?

I mean the body, especially the legs, looks weird as fuck, but why would you shop them like that, it just looks deformed, so maybe it's just a weird shot
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Noob Photographer

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So this is my second post here, I think I wasn't clear enough last time so I'll try to explain my issue again. I got my first DSLR off eBay and the diopter knob listed as the only thing broken or not working on the camera, I thought I'd be able to fix it myself by watching a tutorial, but all I found online was a post made on a forum about a man putting silicone on the diopter's knob in order to temporarily fix the problem. Now I'm debating on whether I get a monitor or something else so I can take pictures or send it into a repair shop, although I think the rapair shop wont be as cheap as the monitor it might be the right solution for the long run.
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who was in the wrong here?
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Sony A7 + 7 Artisans f1.1

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Tried this combo during my trip to Wien. Here's some pics i guess
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