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Monke thread. Other animals welcome too
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The Documentary that saved /p/

Post films, shows...about phogrotaphy
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Lightroom Presets

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Trying to get those fancy ass instagram presets, without spending a fancy penny, ya'll have a repo full or a trading thread going once in a while?


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post you shitty photos from you shitty old digital camera
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Camera Suggestion - Gear

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Hey /p/, /fit/ here, just looking for some assistance.
I found a few used cameras and I have no idea which one to take.
Canon EOS Digital Rebel t6 $260.00
Cannon Rebel T4I Body $190.00
Canon zoom lens 75-300mm for a Canon 40D and two 18-55mm also for a 40D camera $115.00
Olympus OM-D E-M10 mkii $500.00 $374.00
I added the lenses because I'm assuming you can buy those lenses and that body and just put them together.
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Astro thread

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Post your astro pics, get me inspired to shoot some astro again. Here are a couple of old ones.
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Sony 35mm vs Sigma 30mm

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Which wins for the following categories?

1. Street photography
2. Videography
3. Overall winner

Explain why

wtf i love fake bokeh now

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is astrophotography so exhausted of creativity that this counts as an award-winning image?
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Who would win? Tony Northrup vs Ken Rockwell

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Fight to the death, no weapons
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MF look

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>MF look isn't a thing
>Brainlet cope
When will people learn that doubling your negative (or sensor) size gives your objectively better results?
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