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Rokinon Lenses

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Red pill me on this lens brand?
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Cell phone pics

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They look decent but still have various defects a Dslr users hate.

Lens flare, poor shadow detail etc.
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Just acquired a Polaroid camera & was able to buy some old film, but my pictures aren't developing. Anyone can tell me why? I'm hoping the film is just bad!
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Picard w headphones

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Could anyone photoshop the HD600 headphones by sennheiser onto Captain Picard'S head for a emblem I'll be using on social & audio sites? Thanks in advance.

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DIY Photo Stuff -

I tried making some V-flats and after painting the inner side black the pannels curled... ideas on how to fix?
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Comfy photos thread?
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how much photoshop is too much photoshop /p/?

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is adding a mountain to a desert scene still photography or is it now in the realm of >>>/ic/
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Lisa Saad - Hack all along

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So she copies and pastes others work and calls it photography, wins awards and acclaim only to be busted several years later.

Need advice

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Shooting on a Pentax k-1 with a 31mm 1.8 limited and 70-200mm 2.8 tamron for a year now and I fell it is just not fun anymore.
My setup feels bulky and heavy and a hassle to carry around, also AF can be a miss. I started with landscapes and I feel I am growing out of it and moving on to shooting street/people.
At the same time I am losing motivation to go out and shoot. (also winter time)
Is getting new gear the solution or it is more the lack of motivation that is affecting me.
Anyone else had a similar experience? What do?
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