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Real shutter life for a7iii a7riii models?

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Some massive failures are being reported recently. Some even among lower bodies like rx10 iii. With Sony charging 400 bucks to have it repaired if out of warranty
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What's the final call? Is sRGB king for editing? or is it Adobe RGB?
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Photo Thread - Snapshits in the woods pt. 2

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Well, yes. Here I am again with more snapshits from the woods (and some other snapshits equally bad).

Huge dump this time. Forgive me.
I hope you enjoy it somehow.

All right, let's begin...

01/72 (seriously).
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What are some ideas to embellish portraits and upper body photography, once you're tired of shooting the same people over and over?

Pinhole Photography

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Hi /p/, I’ve been getting into pinhole photography lately. It’s super fun and forces you to be creative. Mercilessly critique my work and feel free to post your own pinhole shots, film or digital. The large format shots are developed in HC110, the 120 shots were lab-developed. I use either my phone or a crappy point and shoot to digitize the large format film because I don’t have a scanner. I’ll post details next to each shot.

There are a bunch of good manufacturers for anons interested in trying out pinhole photography. In no particular order - Reality So Subtle, Zero Image, Ranica, Ondu, Vermeer, Harman/Ilford, Holga, Lensless Camera Co, plus plenty of hobbyists doing builds and conversions on Ebay and Etsy. You can also get a pinhole body cap for your digital body of choice, although I’m never too impressed with the images I’ve seen from those. They can create a very soft, dreamy look if that’s what you’re going for.

I’ve only had reliably good results with forgiving films like HP5 and Tri-X. Contrast can get out of control quickly due to reciprocity failure (google for a better explanation than I can give). Also, most pinhole cameras have heavy vignetting, so the edges of your frame may be completely black if you choose a film with low dynamic range like slide film, or use a paper negative/positive. Of course, this depends on the camera. If you don’t like that look, the Zero Image and Harman cameras don’t have much vignetting. My first several rolls and sheets had more misses than hits, but with practice you can get consistent results.

This first shot was taken on the Reality So Subtle 4x5 with Ilford HP5. Exposure was 7 seconds IIRC.
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Macro thread?

Looking for some critique for these that I took on an ultra budget.
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Studio photography general.

Anyone here running their own studio? In your back room, garage or commercial space? From speedlights to Broncolor, whether you photograph people or products or both i'm interested in having a conversation that doesn't revolve around cameras, but modified light instead.

I've been a lurker for a while, but nobody seems to discuss lighting setups, favourite modifiers, how you learnt studio practice, how you upscaled your studio, how you find clients, and your undying love for Savage Translum...etc

For me, i'm at the point where i've heavily invested in Bowens, i've been a user for years so i've amassed all manner of modifiers. When bowens went bump, I started looking at Profoto when the B2 came out, but just couldn't bring myself to replacing everything with profoto. Instead, I got a bunch of Godox AD400's and a 600. Fucking mint. Flash duration is fantastic. Amazing pricepoint. Just not great for colour consistency, especially when using them with my older bowens gear. I'm thinking its time to take a real good hard look at Broncolor - Its just so hard to justify.

Note: I'm a product photographer, but I shoot alot of liquids and motion too. Currently Nikon D850 (heavily invested in Nikon F over the years, i've never had a complaint and it's what I know now, but i'd love a Phase One one day)

Just want to hear from more studio photographers on here. Oh, and please be nice!

(Breitling Photograph by David Lund)
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Limpanon on suicide watch

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damn I bought all this gear 2 camera bodies like 9 lenses and then realized I only like playing with the gear I don't understand photography at all and I don't know what the point of taking pictures is