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Hey guys when is that new yellow super8 coming out?

Who will die first?

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Market shows drastic decline in sales across the segment. There simply isn't enough room for as many manufacturers as we have right now. First big fallout is inevitable.
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Is there any way to achieve this effect without a secondary external flash?
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Dear /p/.

I asked you before about various tips on stage and cosplay photography. Last week I went into con and did lot of photos (over 780 total) and while I did improved in some aspects (and got new lenses, as you suggested - 35mm f/1.8 and 70-200 f/2.8), I still feel that Im lacking a lot to make those photos interesting. That's why I want to kindly ask you for critique and advices about improving my photos.

I cant figure out how to make cosplay photos look better than what one would call "snapshits". I did gather courage to actually suggest some changes from standard "stand still" in some cases and it shoes the difference but it still seems lacking. Likewise, I cant figure out how to make stage photos more interesting if one is basically confided to one position and cant move around for different angles (I never asked but I guess Im not important enough to ask con orgs for "special" rights). Or without moving around, it's hardly possible? Also, what's general strategy for shooting in such low light conditions on stage? This time I went shutter mode with 1/200s and allowed auto-iso with max 1600 (3200 is noisy as hell since its APS-C and not full frame) so I won't have to correct it mid-shooting and it went out nicely except that roughly half of photos have small motion blurr. So 1/200 is still not enough at longer distances?

I hope you don't mind another photo upload thread and thank you for any advice.
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>Be me
>Borrow relative's camera to take on a Japan trip
>Come back with 200-something photos, all keepers
>Decided I wanted to pick up photography, slave part time job for half a year to get a film camera because poor-fag
>Went through 5 rolls, all of them are out of focus
>Tried to fix it, ended up breaking it
>Decided the camera was a keeper, sent it overseas to the best repairman money can buy, costing me nearly $250
>Comes back 4 months later
>Pictures still out of focus
>Email repairman; "sry anon, you should have told me to adjust the mirror angle"
>Try to adjust the mirror angle, end up breaking it for good

Is it over for me /p/? Or am I autistic for trying to convey my wretchedness using greentext?
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Retro Camera and Film Advertisments

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I'm currently going through old National Geographic Magazines (digitally) and thought I would share all the old Advertisements I find.
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"Let's make a video about shooting portraits in a tool shed! The shed doors act similar to large flats that you'd find in a studio! Please ignore the fact that it's 2019 and I never learned how to use a flash of shoot higher than f2.8."

I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say that the film photos are not terrible, Portra 400 has nice skin tones, but all her digital photos she went crazy with the processing and the model looks sunburnt or orange instead of making the skin look darker.

If only natural light and f1.2 - f1.4 gets you 515k YouTube subscribers, I must be doing something wrong.
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/plg/ - Prime lens general

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What prime lens do you use?
What genre do you prefer?

Rate/Discuss/Post your OCs
Any brand, mirroless/dslr
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>be me
>travel up mountain with family
>borrows dad’s camera that he has had for 2 years because we couldn’t bring mine
>it’s light outside, turn down the EV, get some nice shots of gorges and lakes on our way up
>later on get to a lake when it’s darker
>dad wants to take picture with his camera
>my father still thinks I have no idea about photography and have completely messed up his camera
>”Chill dad, I just turned on the EV dial-“
>”but dad, you sometimes have to change settings to get the best picture, just turn on the EV dial until the pic gets brighte-“
>”AAEURGHAAAUGH*boomer rage*

Anyone else with similar boomer stories?
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>buy D3500 because it's "the best beginner camera"
>doesn't have remote shutter release except for the shitty app thing
>have to cancel bluetooth connection to see your image preview

What should I get instead of a D3500? I was thinking a D5600.
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