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Electronic shutter

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Does anyone here sometimes use the electronic shutter on their camera? In particular in situations where you don't want to be the click clacking autist?
And yes I am aware it's not good for your bokeh + rolling shutter will ruin moving images, but regardless there must be times when you do use it.
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Iceland Pics

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Just finished up processing some pics from Iceland that I took this January. Thoughts on framing/composition, processing, or the series in general?
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getting asked by strangers to take their photo

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>strolling across a bridge

>at halfway mark get asked by two attractive ladies who i think were tourists to take a photo of them

>i say of course and take a couple portrait snaps with the smartphone she gives me

>being nervous as all hell i say, can i do one zoomed in?

>the lady who's phone i had says yes, if it feels natural..

>i zoom right into their faces, thinking its artful

>take the shot

was this too much?

how does /p/ do it?
pic unrelated
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they know how to take good night photos?

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you know how to take good night photos?

Resources for learning photography

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Hello there anons,

I recently bought a camera (OLYMPUS OM-D E-M10 MARK II) because it looked nice and now I have to face a terrible problem. I never used anything other than my smartphone camera.
My question to you is - are there any good/recommended resources to guide a complete idiot through the mysteries of photography? I did google a few (pic related is from Udemy course that I'm thinking about) but I believe it's better to double check with you, as an experts :)
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Dead beat

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Yeah this guy knocked up a 16 year old girl, he was giving her some money but now he doesn't. He lives in his own house on his own has a job and sits around and smokes pot. I don't know if something will become of this but I hope it will
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Pretty much all of my creative output these days is going to 3D stuff, sculptural, and writing. This is just mostly fuck around stuff and dog pictures. I've also been burning off the last of film but haven't scanned it yet.
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