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Found a Hassleblad 500c/m from 1988 MINT CONDITION. Includes 80mm lens, 2 film backs, waist level and prism viewfinder, original leather strap and original boxes and manuals. Should I pull the trigger and but it? Asking price is $2000
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Why take pictures when it's all about the video?
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With Medium Format cameras being around I'm curious what the purpose of Full Frame sensor is. They lack the image quality and dynamic range for pro work but are also less portable and unsuitable for enthusiast photographers.
So what niche do they fill? People that try to scam people with fake pro work?
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Post-processing, color grading

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Does anyone have good resources/tutorials on post processing and color grading in particular?
I've been doing photography for a few years now, got more than a few shots that I consider decent. My problem is consistency in editing, this is especially obvious in photos from the same set.
I'd like to be able to show my photos/sets of photos and for them to make some sense as a whole. Inconsistent editing prevents that.
I have very little theoretical knowledge, so ideally I would like something that covers the topic from cover to cover. Can be videos, books, free or not. I've had a hard time finding reliable resources, there's a lot of garbage out there for people who want to make their photos look appealing for instagral. This is not what I'm looking for, I'm looking for the tools that will allow me to create the images I want to create and find my "style".

How do you overcome light problems?

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The picture is mostly for example. I am poor film camera (I shoot on film only because 1-2 rolls of film per month is cheaper than monthly loan for a decent digital camera) user/looser who has a very cheap lens that's been infamously known hor huge light absorbation - lens flares appear even with lens hood being put (as seen on tape deck), and aperture is only f/2.2-f/22 which makes it very hard to make a decent picture with natural light only when the weather is not sunny.(Industar 26m 50mm, Soviet Leica M39) What tricks can I use to minimize such problems, except killng myself?
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if you haven't read pic related then you should leave this board immediately
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Where can I find a lighting system like the showroom renders from need for speed heat? Or a system that could give a similar effect?
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What are /p/'s thoughts/opinions on Driely Carter? Dare I say it, she's our girl.
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Tell me why you haven't sold all your gear and bought the best camera out there?
>best focal length
>classic negative film simulation, best sooc jpegs
>easy to bring anywhere you go
>no more gas problems
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