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What's the most powerful picture humanity has ever produced?
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Does anyone else here do paid work?

I make chump change here and there doing stringer/broll work for local news agencies via app.

But wanted to get into maybe real estate or portrait work

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Recommendable books for composition?

Hey Guys, I'm a newfag at photography, just starting. Do you know any books about composition in photography, you can recommend? There's a shit ton of them out there.

Thanks in advance

PBS American Masters - Garry Winogrand - All Things are Photographable

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I looking for intelligent people who may solve this hunt if you can give me the last clue and enjoy the rewards but first let the game s began
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Shoot itinerary

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Hey /p/ looking for some ideas.
Im joining a 2 week cross country motorbiking expedition through the Himalayas.

While Im expecting to do some portrait and street work, I will definitely be doing some landscapes.

Im planning to bring
>fuji x100
>Canon 5Dmk3
>Canon70-200mm f/2.8
>Sigma 30mm f/1.4
>batteries+ charging

If you were in my shoes, what would you add or subtract?

Do I ditch/sell the 30mm for a 24-70? Or a 16-35?
Ditch/sell the fuji and get a 35mm prime?

Hard mode: can occupy 4 item slots in vest + $750 budget.
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What are your thoughts on Peter McKinnon? How does he compare to other photography-based YouTubers?

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based or cringe
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Leica 'The Hunt'

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I think its really powerful

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High resolution nipsey hussle photos

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Need to be able to print on large canvas