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Enhanced effects

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Do you guys like this weird effect that people use to make themselves look more desirable? I'm talking about the eyes. I don't know the specifics for what this augmented filter is doing to the eyes, but a lot of people seem to be using it and I guess people do fall for it and perceive the subject to being attractive. What are your thoughts on this? What about youtubers abusing this effect?
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film editing/production.

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hello. we are currently on the lookout for anyone who has skills in creating post production videos that are extremely proficiently well done. the intent for the content is to serve as a recruiting tool for an up and coming political organization. thank you.
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What it comes to Fujifilm raw workflow I've heard that Lightroom is pretty garbage compared to Capture one. But now it really hit me; It's impossible to produce something like sooc jpeg from the raw file Lightroom is offering me. I've been converting my RAFs to DNGs inside Lightroom for years now and been quite happy with the results. Now I'm panicing a bit. Any workarounds besides switching to Capture One?
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I like taking pics of cars.
I know /p/ usually shits on car photography, but I enjoy it.
C+C always appreciated.
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Would you say this image is edited? The face i mean

Picture of my poor sister

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This is a picture of my sister. She suffered from Mental Retardation before she died in her group home for challenged adults. Three years ago. She.. fell down the stairs trying to fly... I pray for her everyday... I hope my mother and grandmother are taking care of her in heaven... Rest in peace...

Stop Geotagging Shit.

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Jackson Hole wants you to stop geotagging your snapshits, and you know what? They're right. You shouldn't be posting exact location tags. It only encourages overuse and abuse of public lands. Geotags are OK if you keep them to a very broad area, but that's about it.

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Brokefag here, what are some of the cheapest ways to get good artificial lighting, I am particularly fond of low iso film, and lighting is often an issue for me.

any suggestions under 100? I'm willing to get creative with DIY shit.
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Photo edit - style name

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Hi, this photo looks edited in a way that

a) colors grayed, out
b) yellow, blue and some red color is highlighted a bit more
c) the contours of the building seem a bit more "sharp" or have a bit more "depth"

im specifically interested in "c)" - anyone has an idea what this edit is called? I have lightroom, photo has probably been edited with lightroom as well.