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Shall we?
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Tony vs Jared

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Who do you side with, /p/?
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FL and FD

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found a FL 50mm 1.4 on offerup for 35$. from images it looks good. zero haze/scratches. According to seller its in working condition. I have a 50/1.8 FD. Wondering if theres any point in picking up a 1.4 i heard the 1.8 is actually sharper. im a poorfag shoud i just save up for the 55/1.2?
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Is Canon in trouble like Nikon?

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Is Cannon gonna die like Nikon? Are all camera manufacturers in trouble now that compact cameras are dead?
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poorfag here. i have a canon t3i with two lenses, kit lens and 50mm prime and a tripod. How the fuck can i make money to get more gear with what i have? Is there something i can invest in that will enable me to make more money, ie: flashes, backdrops, a studio? Just a young boy in search of guidance
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Vol. 6

Now In Color !

These are loosely themed but I've been sharpening my color skills, here's a dump of what I've got so far.
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Film Development 35mm / 120

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I gotta start by saying I could easily go on Google and find out what all I need (equipment and room essentials) to develop 35mm and 120 film, but I choose to go to /p/ because I know the majority of you will cut through the BS and give me good recommendations of quality enlargers, chemicals, etc.

SO, I have been hobby shooting film on a restored Hasselblad 500C and a Canon AE-1 I would need to drive about an hour and a half to a reputable place to develop my film and want to cut the driving cost. Time for my photography balls to drop and actually get my hands dirty, so.... What all do I need?
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Two new flea market cameras and gear. How'd

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As far as a film camera, how does the Canon T50 fare? What about the Minolta X-370?

Basically I ended up getting pic related plus a second lot of shit plus bags + manuals for $50~. Camera bodies and lenses seem to be in decent shape. Haven't tested them yet as I have a small repair regarding batteries on both of them to sort out. This telescope lens next to the Canon looks like it'll be bitchin' though.

Minolta X-370
Tamron 85-210mm lens

Canon T-50
Five Star 500mm
Canon zoom lens FD 35-105mm
Albinar ADG 52mm macro focus
Vivitar zoom thyristor 3500

Sunpak auto 121c
Some old ass Focal 20 from K Mart
JCPenny power winder
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Your First Camera

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What is /p/'s first camera that they start with?
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Recent Photo Thread

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Previous: >>3187777
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