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Are my colors supposed to look like this?

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I have a fuji x100f, and use sooc jpegs, however quite often my colours seem to blur together into weird blob like shapes like seen here. it's a 100% crop from about 1/6 of the frame.

Is my camera at fault or is this as expected?
Image Created2017:07:18 13:38:25
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Horizontal Resolution72 dpi
Vertical Resolution72 dpi
Image Height750
Color Space InformationsRGB
Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CC 2015 (Windows)
Image Width1146

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B&H general discussion
do you shop there?

no doubt B&H is killing the local camera store but it is hard to not order from them when they are cheaper, have everything in stock, and it gets to your door faster than you can order the item from the local guys.
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What a damn shame...

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This dude sold a picture of his urine for $666. That should infuriate every real photographer.

And why tf is Andy Milonakis down with this dude?
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Why get digital camera when you can just use your phone. Film camera plus phone is best combo.
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ama about my diy macro rig )
Image Created2017:07:24 00:46:27
Brightness0 EV
Exposure Time1/17 sec
White BalanceAuto
Horizontal Resolution72 dpi
Focal Length4.26 mm
Sensing MethodOne-Chip Color Area
Metering ModeSpot
Image Height2610
Color Space InformationsRGB
Camera SoftwareOnePlus3-user 7.0 NRD90M 15 dev-keys
Image Width4640
ISO Speed Rating1000
Camera ModelONEPLUS A3003
Exposure ModeAuto
Scene Capture TypeStandard
Vertical Resolution72 dpi
Lens Aperturef/2.0
Focal Length (35mm Equiv)28 mm
Exposure ProgramNot Defined
FlashNo Flash, Compulsory
Equipment MakeOnePlus

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Any GOOD photography channels?
Image Created2016:03:22 16:31:38
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Horizontal Resolution144 dpi
Vertical Resolution144 dpi
Image Height1146
Color Space InformationUncalibrated
Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CC 2015 (Macintosh)
Image Width1146

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What is the cause?

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This was taken on a phone with no movement. Been using the same one for 2 years. Haven't seen this. What could the cause be? Also unfiltered.
Image Created2017:05:21 19:53:18
Image OrientationUnknown
White BalanceAuto
Focal Length4.42 mm
Light SourceUnknown
Metering ModeUnknown
Image Height1008
Image Width1692
Camera ModelVS990
Scene Capture TypeStandard
FlashNo Flash
Equipment MakeLG Electronics
Altitude0.00 m

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How many times should I turn the knob on an old Airesflex camera to load a new frame?

I bought new film for it a while ago, and the shop loaded it for me. But the frame counter on the side of the camera is broken, so I don't know when a new frame is in place. Is there any way to tell? Anyone have a similar camera?

Can I open it in a dim room and check? I've never dealt with a film camera before so I don't know what to do really. Any help appreciated.
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I picked up this Zenit EM the other day; I paid £1 for it at a carboot. It was thrown in a suitcase with a bunch of junk; I had to buy the case to buy the camera. Unfortunately this meant I didn’t have the opportunity to check it before bringing it home.

Pleasant surprise, it still fires. The body despite being a little dusty seems well looked after, so I mean £1 well spent. That said, when I look through the viewfinder there is a big brown/yellow streak running straight down the center; I have no idea what this is.

If it’s possible I’d like to clean it up/fix it; I mean if I mess up, there’s nothing lost really, as far as I can tell the camera is 10 a penny and I didn’t pay much for it. I’m looking for someone with a little more knowledge to tell me what the line is/might be and then help me find the resources I need to fix it.


p.s. if the picture isn’t clear enough or more info is needed I can supply new pictures.

Also if fixing the camera is going to cost more than the price I paid for the camera, let me know. Likewise if the ‘damage’ is just cosmetic and won’t affect photo quality, let me know as well.
Image Created2017:07:24 13:37:22
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Horizontal Resolution143 dpi
Vertical Resolution143 dpi
Image Height1362
Color Space InformationUncalibrated
Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CS6 (Macintosh)
Image Width2042

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How to photograph boy and make it appear as cute girl? Pic related.