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/MFT/ General: Sensor stack heart attack edition

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Behold the Weber-Fechner Law, or: why no one can tell the difference between full frame and MFT pretty much ever:

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Alright, adults, show me your naked selves.
>>I call this edition, “The Fear and the Sweats”
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Weekly Photo challenge!

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I remember a few years ago these challenges were great and had a lot of quality work submitted. I'm keen to start it up again and to encourage everyone to get out and shoot!

>This weeks theme is:

• Submit an image in this thread that you've taken that adheres to the theme
• Multiple images allowed, but be courteous and don't spam
• Please don't post specifically asking for critique, post that in the Recent Photo Thread /rpt/

At the end of the week (Sunday) I will post a link to a survey where you can vote for your favorite image. The image with the most votes after 3 days will be posted to an instagram page for us to look back on and enjoy.

Get out there and shoot guys, enjoy yourself and can't wait to see some quality work!
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!m! name a better master............
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Macro thread?

Looking for some critique for these that I took on an ultra budget.
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friendly reminder to print your photos
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This camera, given to me by a dear friend, I still shoot with it, very decent camera with good metering, light body, although the plastic comprising the winders and knobs could be more durable. I will publish some images from it in in due time.
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How/where should I try to sell my photos?
I don't care if I don't make much money off it, but I don't want any fixed costs.
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