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Gerfaggots blown the fuck out of the water

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Alright /p/ i need some help... I want to buy my first dslr camera. i came across Sony C yber-Shot DSC-H300

for a decent price (fits my budget). Worthy to buy?
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Why is no one talking about this?

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>there's no image viewer which can browse through medium resolution (100 megapixel) images in a timely manner

what the fuck? We have 400 megapixel cameras now. Why do ALL image viewers choke at resolutions higher than 50 megapixel (which is fucking TINY btw)?

also general photo viewer software thread, what do you cucks use to browse your photographs?
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Thoughts on my pic

Instagram : @ray_gems
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does anyone know if the fuji xt3 is any better than the xt100 for stills? its more than $1000 more but has the same sensor
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This is what happens when you try out street photography but don't look like a Chad
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Cheap chinese gear

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What’s your experience with gear bought from AliExpress and such?
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Don't mind me, it's been a long time since I was last on /p/, thought i'd throw up a few recents.
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Post your pet
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