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I'm looking to get a new 35mm camera and I'm a bit torn. One side of me wants to get something hipster-ish like a Zenit, which are very cheap in my country (eastern Europe) and another side of me wants to get something Western like Canon, Olympus, Pentax, you name it.
I know that the Western brands are pretty much objectively better in terms of quality, but the Soviet shit attracts me a lot.
Can anyone relate? I'm not sure to what extent the aesthetics/history of a camera weigh up against quality, system availability/adaptability etc.. My heart tells me to get something Soviet but it feels a bit weird.
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Wuhan photography

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Any other /p/hotogs going to Wuhan soon to capture real post apocalyptic photos?
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Guuuuuys I have a problem, I found this photo on the Internet in poor quality. Anyone have this picture in better quality?
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Question for those who photograph and travel, is there a good site for photography locations Photo Pill doesn't have much for Japan.
I'll be headed there in March and have a gist of locations thanks to the cherry blossoms and popular festivals, but aside from that I'm a bit overwhelmed.
How do you guys pack your camera gear as well, I'm planning on taking my chrome camera bag with a camera, 2 lenses, and a tripod with laptop.

Photo is Lake Suwa from Takabotchiyama, looking for anything similar to it.
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Overcast park photos.
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do you actually work in something related to photography?

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Just wondering
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who was in the wrong here?
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Smartphone cameras are pretty good these days. Have you had experience with any that have impressed you? Have you taken any good photos with yours?
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Film Photography

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Why do I continue to shoot film?
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Photography Questions General

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I didn't see a general thread for simple photography questions.

So, what's going on in this pic? For whatever reason I feel like it's from the silent shutter mode of the camera, but what's actually happening? And is there any way to correct issues like this once taken?
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