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What is the best free place to put photos for display? I'm going to hit Flickr's 1000 photo limit soon.
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Home Display

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Is it acceptable to display your own photography in your home? Or would it come across as egotistic?

I mean obviously I can do whatever I want as its my home etc... but would it be considered a taboo amongst other photographers?

For example a friend of mine is a professional award winning watercolour artist and doesn't display any of her own work. But she displays many works of a similar style to hers done by others.
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This is a photo thread

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I'm going to post photos here and I hope you will say things about them. In kind, I'll say things back. We may disagree or agree.
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why does film render light so beautifully?
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Viagra Falls

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Is the xt3 really just an old model of the a6500 or is it just comparable to older gen Sony Cameras?
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Newbie here, are portraits with darker colors supposed to be cringy? I'm baby face and only low light photos make me look serious
cold colors without a lot of contrast

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Need /p/'s input.

I've been out of the photography game for awhile. I'm planning on picking back up where I left off. Previously I was phasing out my old lenses for EF-S lenses for EF. I have a decent amount of primes (28mm, 50mm, 85mm). I still have the 10-22mm EF-S and a 55-250 EF-S. However I need a good walk around lens for an upcoming trip.

Do you think it's worth the extra cash for the 24-70mm mkII, or be more sensible with the 24-105 w/ IS? I'll always have my prime lenses if I need more aperture. Having the extra focal range, IS, and lighter weight wouldn't be horrible.

Deoxyribose Thread

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Expect truck stop shenanigans, Southeast regional, moar Bonneville, reposts, trolls gonna troll, plenty of shitposting, hurr shooger you succ, sprinkled with the occasional titties and typical Florida landscapes

>shooting landscape
>in a flat state

Shig and dig

As always OP is a faggot.
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Can someone tell me was this belt-of-pocket-sleeves-thingee is called? Picked it up but can't Google info about it 'cuz of lact of proper search word. No identifying marks on it.
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