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>Fuji x100 (First)
>Fuji x100 S (Second)
>Fuji x100 T (Third)
>Fuji x100 F (Fourth)
>Fuji x100 V (Fifth in roman numerals)
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Who is the Marco Pierre White of photography?
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Good gloves for photography, or too cumbersome?
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People either like this or hate it

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I've send this picture to two different sets of friends. One gave positive comments such as the light play was interesting and that it was kino.

On the other hand, my other friends said the image was terrible, their exact words are,

"it's actually unique because it's perfectly bad, as in it's as far away from good as you can get with the lighting. Light draws the eye to the subject. This is designed perfectly so the light is on the least relevant part of the statue. If the shadow was lit and where it's lit there is shadow it would be excellent"

What do you guys think. Is it good or bad? and why?
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Voigtlander Unveils Super Nokton 28mm f/0.8: The Fastest Working Lens
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Recording video on film

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Ok, so I'm looking for some pointers on recording video on film.

Been shooting film stills for a while now, so I think I have a good handle on light levels, motion, film sensitivity, ss, and aperture. I know about the use of B and T sss. The one thing I cannot wrap my brain around is how much video can be stored on film, and how do I access it. Theoretically it should have to do with the film sensitivity, right? The less sensitive the film the more virtual layers can be stacked before there is no more photoreactive emulsion left? I might have it backwards, but if so I cannot get my brain around that mechanistically; more sensitive film should be reacted to completion faster, right? Does anyone know about how many Einsteins cm^-2 different sensitivities of film can absorb before the emulsion is fully burned? Does this vary with light wavelength? Is it susceptible to reaction from EMF outside of the VL spectrum? I'm pretty sure it is, I know Xrays fuck up most >400iso films. How do you access and separate the virtual stack of images? Is there a program that can separate them for me? I really don't understand how a person could possibly do it by themself, that would be like learning a new damn sensory capability seems like.
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Drone thread:

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Post your drone pics and vids, and discuss airborne gear.
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I'm searching for a really good cheap starter camera to take pictures.

Auto Photography

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How does one get into photography as a career, specifically for cars? Are business/networking skills just as important as composition/editing, if not more?
I love cars but the long term health risks from shop work are quickly becoming apparent to me. They're still my passion and I want to focus my work around them, and my next biggest area of interest would be photography. Exploring the world for beautiful nature/urban shots with all kinds of immaculate rides sounds more fun to me than being cooped up in a shop working on shitboxes all day. I believe my personality type is more suited to artistic fields to begin with.
Is it hard to get into? I've little to no experience beyond amateur pictures with my phone, which I really enjoyed. Also realizing that over the past year I've been putting more and more effort into framing game screenshots with better technique. A ton of my time spent in GT Sport is with photos, it's helped me realize just how therapeutic photography is to me. Where should I start education wise?
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How to achieve this effect without Photoshop?
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