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What camera do I need? Camcorder, DSLR or mirrorless?

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Hi everyone :)

Please I'm very serious, I want to record fetish videos (tickling videos more precisely), but Idk what camera I need to buy in order to get a quality as high as the video of the link attached (please play on 1080 quality in order to see what I'm talking about):
Idk if I need a camcorder, a DSLR or a Mirrorless camera with some specific lenses and specific illumination equipment to reach such quality,
Please could you let me know your opinions, I know this seems a joke but it isn't, please I need your advises

Thank you :)
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Have you FARTed today?

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Hi there, Ken here. My son and I just wanted to remind you to FART before you take a photo. Also don‘t forget about SEX!
Now, if you‘ll excuse me. There are saturation sliders that need raping.
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I have recently acquired a roll of film with no labeling on the cartridge.
All I can tell from the film is that it is black and white. The DX encoding is intact so I can use my
automatic camera to shoot it with the proper ISO and F-stop, but what I do not know about is when
I send it off for developing should I also send off notes? I was thinking of saying it is black and white but is that enough? Would the person processing the film need more to go off of?
If anyone here has an answer I will be very much obliged.

Thank you.
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Value for money camera

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Looking for a cheap but really good camera. I mainly want to use it for my holidays but would prefer not to spend $1000s on the camera and tonnes of extra kit. Is this possible? I primarily want to take videos without shake/blur and and be able to take pics of different light levels.
Pic related took with phone.
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>fucking around with a new lens
Post a boomier camera bag I dare you
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what's the little red button for on my camera? i'm only asking because google hasn't helped me.
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Pictures from space

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I am making a catalog of pictures of planets and stars. does anyone have any thing like pic related
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Hello from /diy/, /p/hotographers,
I come to you in my hour of need.
Pic related is a LOMO cinema lens, it has water damage inside somehow, found it at my old place.
How does one open this thing and what's the best way to clean something like this?
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Photo Battlestation Thread
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