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This weird picture

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I've been looking for information about this picture everywhere and couldn't find it

I found it in /x/ "cursed pictures", and I want to know what device took this photo?
Because it's extremely sharp but only 1.2 MP??

Thanks in advance
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Planes LKPR :)

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Got sunburn af, but worth the shots
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>show up to photography meetup in my small city
>gear showing
>pull out a nikon fm2n and nikon fm3a with kodak vision 3 and provia f 400 in them
>absolutely MOGGED digishit betamale
>every girl wants to hold my shooter
>hear one of the black girls say ‘he cute’
>they want my insta and to be featured in a photo
>one even gives me a blowjob while i insert another roll of cinestill 800t
>mfw noodley armed digisoi takes pictures of cars while this happens
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How is this kind of photography achieved? Edition or specific camara setting or gear?

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>“I never consented to taking topless pictures for potential release, period,” the rapper said after outtakes from a GQ Australia shoot appeared online.

How secure are your backups?

Additionally, do you keep images that may have more showing than was consented to in the terms of the shoot?
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Professionals Photoshop

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Where are the photoshop professionals? take off your bikini, leave her naked
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Found this Mark Sanders photo.. how was it taken? eq? Im in that similar neighborhood tihs week and looking to take something similar. Im drawn to the smoothness and warm, luma contrastry look it has..(?)
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Masters off Photoshop

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I saw that we have several masters in photo editing in another post, can someone do as if this woman had no bikini too? take off the top and put a chest and take the bottom also, as if it were completely naked
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Analogue camera store (online) - advice

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Hey, looking for advice on opening up an analogue photography store online - especially if you have some knowledge of the field. Here's my pitch:

- ready-to-shoot analogue camera kits (no guesswork), e.g. SLR with lens, battery, film
- catering to younger, "hip", newbie crowd
- pre-tested, hassle-free shopping
- home base Berlin, looking to be international
- strong contacts and potential customers in Hong Kong, some in Berlin too
- can sell cameras for 2-3x their purchasing price, ca. 4-6x in HK (higher market value)
- knowledgeable in web/design/branding/analogue photography, camera maintenance, buying up inventory
- look & feel: fluid and modern, currently no real competitors (apart from local stores, Lomography)

Now my predicted downsides:
- taxes take a cut (20%)
- (international) shipping takes a cut
- server upkeep, ad campaigns take a cut
- potentially Shopify et al take a cut (can make my own shop, but time intensive)
- cameras are old, could break even after testing/maintenance -> customer satisfaction?
- only can work part time, still a student

tl;dr want to sell cameras to newbies, what do
pic related, should I just go work at McD
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