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Negative Lab Pro

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Searching an activator or serials for NPL found here someone who has it. Links to download it don´t work, can you share them again? Thanks!!!
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I need someone to explain cold shoe flashes to me. I know they are different from hot shoe flashes in the sense that they require a cable to 'communicate' with the camera.
What are the technical terms for this? Pic related is an old flash I have laying around (Pentax AF200S) and I was wondering if such a synchronization cable would also fit on this. Where could I get such a cable seperately?
If not, how do I find a cheap cold shoe flash somewhere?
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need help trying to prove some furfag wrong

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basic retard thinks everything other then his sony a7iii is trash and wasnt having any of it, figured on of yall could gimme some advice
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Recent photos feedback?

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hello all, figured id post some recent photos in hopes of some feedback, be nice, be brutal, be honest. whatever floats your boat
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How do I into film photography? Any resources? Ideally I want to stick with budget everything and home developing. I've done a lot of digital but never film. Someone gifted me this camera.

What is the origin of this picture?

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I saw this picture a lot of times and i'd like to know who is this guy
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Have you pre-ordered Jvpes’ new zine yet? The proceeds from 4x6 sales will be going towards victims of the typhoons and Aus fires!

#minoltagang \m/
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you have 10 seconds to explain why you're not a professional photographer yet /p/

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Why f/3.1?