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What's your excuse for not shooting 8x10? It can be done for less than $1000.
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Some photographic made yesterday
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Photography isn’t art. You’re just taking something that somebody else created (either by nature, or by man) and capturing it for yourself.

It’s “art” in the sense that taxidermy is, you’re taking something and making it lifeless. There is no room for creative input other than Instagram filters.
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My mother just gave me her old nikon d3000 with an objective, I know just basic stuff about photography (ISO, etc..) so I’m a “noob” in this field, is it any good to get into photography? Any recommendations?
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Photography and digital minimalism

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What is the cheapest digital DSLR one can get ?

My only requirements are :
>good battery life
>able to transfer files on my computer (usb or sd card)
>able to take descent videos, but this is not a priority

I see a lot of used DSLR with their lens kit for way less than $200, but I don't know where to start.
>pic related, photo taken with an old SIGMA SD14
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Here are my snapshits that i found on my hard drive from when i just started taking photos.
I know its shit but its better then another gear thread.
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How can i make my digital shooting experience more film like?

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I've been trying to replicate the film shooting experience as best as i can using my GFX50R, the first step i took is to only use a 16gb SD card, the Raw files weight about 110mb and the Jpeg's weight 50mb, that way i have about 110 shots on the card, not quite like a film cartridge but i am limited, therefore making every shot count, i want to buy 2GB sd cards but i am worried they might not be compatible with the 50R.

Since it's an old SD card, per picture, it takes about 7-9 seconds to write the card, limiting how many shots i can take consecutively, i really have to nail the moment when i decide to take a picture.

I wanted to know if there's something like a film advance lever for digital cameras so that i can be more in sync with my camera and have a more hands-on experience other than just pressing the shutter button. Any other tips are welcomed.
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Am. I. A. Talented. Photographer???????????
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