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Would be possible to create an XQD card with two SD slots on RAID 1?

Wouldn't this solve the Nikon Z6, Z9 problem.
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sup /p/

been awhile

These are photograms toned in selenium and dry mounted on aluminum. I did some years ago and finally got around to making more.
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Blank Rolls

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I just got a blank roll back and im so fucking mad.
I know this happens to everyone but its still really frutsrating.

How do i avoid this shit.

Is this picture moving?

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Okay guys, so here's the story on this one. I'm in a Computer Vision class and we're doing a lab that deals with seam removal. We were given this a high resolution picture of a tower to resize preserving the most interesting parts by measuring the energy gradient after running some edge detection on the grayscale image. Long story short, this is the vertical energy map that I got. Now fair warning. I haven't slept but 6 hours in 3 days, buuuuut. That picture is definitely moving. Please let me know what you guys see. I even converted it from PNG to JPG so there would be no possible way any animation could be lingering in there by chance. Please tell me I'm not crazy.
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Why isn't canon m50 + speedbooster being recommended?

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It has all the advantages of APSC and full frame combined.

Light, affordable, full frame FOV, full frame aperture.

Isn't this the new king of mirrorless.?

CCD vs CMOS sensor

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I bought an old ass Nikon with CCD sensor.
And to my surprise it made more pleasing images than my a lot newer 24 megapixel CMOS sensor Nikon.

The newer camera is absolutely more sharper. But the colors aren't that great when compared to the older camera.

I tried to mess around with the nex files to get the same result but it wouldn't deliver.

Wtf? I thought newer was always going to be better.
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the image do at KSP is unknow did u can fix it
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red blue and the giant

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When you're lacking motivation or inspiration, do you come up with restrictions or challenges or objectives for yourself?
If you do, what is a common one that you use or one that has worked for you? I'm planning on going out to shoot today and I'd like to try something different.

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Im about to buy this sony a6300 as my first camera, should i go for it ?
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