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Thought I was saving money by trying to clean lens fungus by myself.


I've just destroyed my Tamron lens by trying to rinse it.
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Ilford announces New Film

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Ilford Photo has teased a new film announcement later this month
On Monday, the English film producer’s social channels showed a multi-coloured graphic with silhouettes of various film formats, including 35mm and 120.
The film is expected to be announced at 3pm on 24 October, though the time zone has not yet been divulged.
The graphic also shows what looks to be silhouetted 8×10 large-format film and a mystery format which looks to be in 4:3 ratio, Digital Photography Review reported.
There has been much speculation as to what the film will be, though Ilford Photo has given no firm clues.
However, the black-and-white producer has ruled out the return of Ilfocolor, the colour film the company produced from 1948 to 1968.


Addiction & Collections [general]

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My roommate collected weed bags for over a year in Netherlands.
We shot that today.
A few numbers :
+ 330 baggies & containers
- happa haze: 29
- White widow X bubble 26
- silver haze 9
- white amnesia 9
- over 10 bags of hash
- New York diesels 5
- gorilla glue 3
More anecdotes down
Also post any collections or pictures related
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Pls help. I just got my first film camera and I can't get it to work. The seller has not replied and don't know what to do. It seems the shutter is stuck and it just displays this qr code.
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Random photos

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Post the most recent photo you took. Be honest.
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/rpt/ Recent Photo Thread

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/rpt/ Recent Photo Thread

Post whatever you got recently. Critique or just lurk. It's always nice to see the world through another lens.

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Now that the dust has settled, is M4/3 already dead now?
In a way this means that m4/3 will get cheap as fuck now
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Instagram have completely smashed the white border aesthetic overnight. RIP
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thoughts on fujifilm x-t100?
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Is there any point in me upgrading to a budget DSLR from a Google Pixel 3 if I'm just taking pictures as a hobby?
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