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Tell me why you haven't sold all your gear and bought the best camera out there?
>best focal length
>classic negative film simulation, best sooc jpegs
>easy to bring anywhere you go
>no more gas problems
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How uses these types of tapes and how do I view it ?
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yo i need cool pics to put on my wall

/Gear/ - Gear Thread

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All discussion and questions related to gear should take place in this exact thread.

Redirection and answering questions in this thread is encouraged.

And don't forget, be polite!

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Does anyone draws what they're planning to shoot before taking the pictures?
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Taking photos in (under)water

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Hello /p/. I would like to be able to take photos like pic related + be able to capture photos underwater while snorkeling or diving (so maybe 40 meter max depth).

Can anyone give me advice on what I need to do this? Can I just stick any camera in a waterproof case and I'll be good to go? I have about $700 to spend.
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If money isn't an issue, should I go with a logitech c920 or a c922? Thanks


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My camera is a Nikon D3500 (pictured here). All of my friends who own cameras have Canon equivalents in the same relative price/quality bracket. Recently, I had a chance to get my hands on some of these cameras, and one thing I noticed was how much shallower the grip was compared to my Nikon - I felt much less secure carrying them with one hand.

I'm relatively new to photography, so apologies if this is well known, but I was wondering: is this a Nikon thing? Do Nikon cameras have deeper, more ergonomic grips? Or do Canon cameras just generally have shallower grips and the deeper grip of my D3500 is closer to the norm? In your experience, what cameras have been the most comfortable and secure to hold?
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the greatest image of 70s
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Why do my threads get deleted. Are the moderators jealous of my success in photography? You could all learn lots from me.
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