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for /p/hucks sake can all of you faggots stop making sony vs fuji threads?

who's gives a flying fuck if you think fuji or sony is shit, at the end of the day
you use the camera you bought so it doesn't at all make a difference, you're
just wasting your energy shit posting all day.

make /p/ a better place instead of a hermits technological dick waiving fest.
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This photo won the Huawei contest for the "Best european mobile photographer".

Price was a top of the line Huawei phone and a trip to China for 9 days to do some more photos, with said phone. Weird deal, but i'd kill to travel to China one day, so cool prize overall.

Do you like the photo? Did you participate? Could you have done better?
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Photoshop request.

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Possibly a tough request.

Can anyone photoshop the 'open' flag into being the American Flag?

Thanks in advance.
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Is Fuji the Apple of camera world?

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Is Fuji the Apple of camera world?
Normies and poorfags always shout out specs and bash both companies for being average in this department yet professionals and power users who seem to have transcended the gearfaging phase seem to always praise them. It just seems so applicable to both companies.

I have never used a Fuji camera and probably won't anytime soon because I'm a lead software engineer the A6000 I have is still good enough for basic hobby photography that I do but does that statement seem true to you?
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ummm just show pictures of doggos or just share opinions or facts about dogs.
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Cat pictures

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Just submit your cat pictures!
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High ISO

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How often do you shoot at over 12800 ISO, /p/ ?
This was shot at Hi1 (25600 iso) and it's still usable as a snapshit.
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HI, im a Amateur photographer, can you give me your opinion about this pics?

If you like it Follow me for more at Instagram: @mrgreenpic
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Help me created a magnifying glass on website

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I like the way guys from FixThePhoto created a magnifying glass ( like this ) in their gallery for the best view of before and after retouching samples. Can somebody help me to make this function on my website which is connected with my own photomanipulations? I will be very grateful!