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Beginner camera bargain?

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I write a campus newspaper and want to upgrade the article photos from my shitty phone camera. I found a used almost mint condition Sony Alpha A350 with a Minolta 35-80mm lens for 100 euros. Is that a good offer or can i get something better for the price? I read some reviews online and they say its pretty good.
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Any good photos of the notre dame fire?
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Tell us about your rare finds, bargains, and wishlists anon!

To kick off.
>work in car salvage yard
>forklift operator
> occasionally check glove box.
>find Fuji XT1.
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Editing Challenge Thread

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This time the options are a beauty portrait, a male portrait, and a night cityscape. Let's see what you've got /p. I tend to get burned out writing lots of in depth crits, so this time I'll only do it for those that request feedback.

Don't forget to resize for the board, and critiquing others work is encouraged.

1. https://www.mediafire.com/view/80l92dhqgosv46c/L7D_3355.dng/file
2. https://www.mediafire.com/view/5pr6hrsbir4isll/_MG_9818.CR2/file
3. https://www.mediafire.com/view/fhc6j1y5obn167f/_ELL8626.dng/file
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I call this one...Bone In
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Have you ever made your own V-flats?

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Film = soul
Digital = soulless
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General Copyright Stories

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Has anyone had their work used without permission by a business in a foreign country and successfully sought and received payment? I've had a photo used by a large retail shop in South America and I'm struggling to find a way to pursue it; someone suggested Pixsy to me but they don't yet operate in South America.

Anyone have any stories?

>side not, I don't suppose any of you are Argentine IP lawyers in your spare time?
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Hey /p/

Has anyone here tried wheatpasting his pictures ?
I want to try but I would appreciate some feedbacks.
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