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Anyone have high quality Kodak film borders ?
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what a view

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Have you ever submitted a photo to google maps? Show us what you got.
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/wtf/ thread

Pick up your camera, screw on a lens at random, and take a shot of anything in your room/cave/hovel/lair.
You have 5 minutes to import, quickly throw it through an editor of choice, and then post.
The more mundane, the better.
Everyone post and critique.

>pic related, its the fucking lamp on my desk. sue me.
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First Photos

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Hey guys, got my first DSLR and want my pictures criticized
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SAMSUNG caught using DSLR photos to fake their "portrait mode"

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LOL... what a shit company.
Also, what would you do if some company stole your photos?
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how to add luminosity on videos that are dark

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i did this video and its important but we did it during the night time and we cant see anything can someone give me any help on how to fix it and add luminosity and make it seeable

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Can someone edit this pic of trump to have glowing eyes?
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I went down to Cairo, IL--the moist crotch of Illinois--to take pictures of its steady and dramatic decline.

In >>3397608, some anon said to me:
>Kid, are you blind or new? Colour science alone would give it away to anyone that's owned a camera for more than 3 months.
so, this thread is also something of a challenge: I shot with both a Canon 5D Mark III and a Sony A7 II, each with their respective nifty fifties. I picked the camera to shoot each picture with basically randomly. See if you can guess which shot came from which camera based on color science!
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