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What lenses to buy

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I have an APS-C and currently just have a 35mm prime and a 18-55mm kit lens. I'm considering a 50mm prime but at the same time I wonder if the 35mm is good enough for that since it's a 50mm equivalent anyway. What lenses should I be looking at getting? The kit lens is decent but isn't very sharp and has a fair amount of distortion.

I was also looking at a 55-200mm zoom lens but I also wonder again about distortion and if I really need it.
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Second film taken to scanning.
Open for criticism.
Will post more if asked

Compact analog thread

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>the one you have with you

Anyone here into taking pictures with compact film cameras? Post your photos, experiences and gear-faggotry here.
Just bought pic related and I can't wait to try it out.
After all, if you have a good lens and full manual control, what more do you need?
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Why are young film photographers such beta males/numales? A guy said "your gf can be your model, but your model should never become your gf. Some one corrects him and mentions that people can date whomever they want, if both people pursue it. People meet all the time and decide to date etc.

He says "good, but I don't shit where I eat." Instantly liked by long haired femme boys, homely looking ladies, and desperate males. What happened to logic?
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is this photo art?

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I'm looking to get a 35mm point and shoot and I was wondering if I should get a popular one like the Olympus Mju, or would any P&S from a quality make suffice? Needless to say, the latter option is a lot cheaper and I see lesser known Olympus, Minolta, Canon etc P&Ss go for a fraction for what the 'popular' models go for.

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Am i a talented photographer?
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hello /p/, in June of this year I got a Fuji xt100, and for a while, I was too nervous to go out and shoot anything serious
since I had never been serious with photography, let alone had my own camera.

I am not trained or educated in photography in any way other than reading a couple minor excerpts from random books, but nothing more than that.

Recently when the weather got colder I got more willing to go out and shoot for whatever reason.
Since then I've been trying to compile a group of the pictures that I personally have liked.

Now because there are no reasons WHY I liked them, because I am not trained, I want all the critique I can get.
I want to improve and learn more about what makes certain pictures better or worse, and specifically what I'm doing wrong, or right in my photos.
I want to know what to focus on and how to get better.

I'm gonna post a group of them now and edit and upload some more while I'm at work.

I've posted some of these in threads on /p/ before but I wanted more feedback so enjoy yelling at me.

Enjoy :) feel free to lurk or comment
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Expose me

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Make this baby dick loser famous
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