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Analogue camera store (online) - advice

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Hey, looking for advice on opening up an analogue photography store online - especially if you have some knowledge of the field. Here's my pitch:

- ready-to-shoot analogue camera kits (no guesswork), e.g. SLR with lens, battery, film
- catering to younger, "hip", newbie crowd
- pre-tested, hassle-free shopping
- home base Berlin, looking to be international
- strong contacts and potential customers in Hong Kong, some in Berlin too
- can sell cameras for 2-3x their purchasing price, ca. 4-6x in HK (higher market value)
- knowledgeable in web/design/branding/analogue photography, camera maintenance, buying up inventory
- look & feel: fluid and modern, currently no real competitors (apart from local stores, Lomography)

Now my predicted downsides:
- taxes take a cut (20%)
- (international) shipping takes a cut
- server upkeep, ad campaigns take a cut
- potentially Shopify et al take a cut (can make my own shop, but time intensive)
- cameras are old, could break even after testing/maintenance -> customer satisfaction?
- only can work part time, still a student

tl;dr want to sell cameras to newbies, what do
pic related, should I just go work at McD
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to the masters of photoshop, can get the "bikini" of this photo? (to look like she is without a bikini)
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How do I get rid of ghosting? Is my lens fucked?
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gear regret general

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I hate the x100f so fucking much and wish I never fell for this meme
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Does anyone on here own one of these? What exactly is the point in purchasing $8,000 behemoth of a camera over something like a 5D Mark IV?

And this thing really is a bloody behemoth. I knew it was big but I didn't realize just how big until I held it in my own hands. This is a stupidly big camera, and dwarfs every other DSLR by Canon.
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I am considering selling my IG portrait featured account to buy more gear.

How much could I ask and where can I advertise it?
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Do you ever have moments where you doubt your talent and consider the idea that you should have chose a different profession?
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Night mode left vs right
One is from pixel and the other from galaxy s9
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i learned nothing from this.
am i retarded?
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