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If you were Peter Parker, and you were to take pictures of Spider-Man, how would you go about doing it?
I mean, what sort of techniques do you use to create that perfect clear photo and make it look right?
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Wish me luck bros ':|
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Photographs of photographers
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i need a lense for my olympus em-10 ii

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Sorry, I see people spamming these threads, and I need similar advice.

Anyway, I'm looking at something with long magnification. What would be better for the job, Panasonic 100-300, Olympus 75-300, or should I break bank and go Leica 100-400, or Leica 200 with teleconverter, or Olympus 300?

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What makes sony a6000 line so embarrassing to carry around? I look like a freaking teenager, and I spend ages for it to boot when I wish to take my photo. Around me I have Pentax and Olympus kids just flinging them out of their schoolbags, looking so kewl with their twin dials and stylish lenses and bodies. I don't complain about pictures, they're ok for my facebook and instagram, but shit, why can't sony hire someone competent to design their bodies?
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I didn't leave the house the whole weekend

I didn't take any pictures

Why did I buy this camera?

/p/ how do I go outside to take pictures if my body and mind are unwilling?

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How do photographers achieve this effect of an ultra-clear subject/image? Do they just own equipment that I'll never be able to afford, or is it the editing style?
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A basic composition video for beginners so no one will be shit anymore here
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