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Hey /p/

Long time reader, first time poster here. I just landed my first job as a video editor for CBS. I was wondering if any of you out there have any experience and would be willing to share some words of advice? Thanks!
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Is there some magical way to not get a blown out sky and a properly exposed subject at the same time.
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Where did this "You should shoot JPEG if you're a beginner and RAW when you're more experienced" meme come from? How are you supposed to learn proper post processing if you shoot JPEG?
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Image Created2017:11:20 21:34:25
Maximum Lens Aperturef/3.2
Exposure Time0.8 sec
White BalanceAuto
Horizontal Resolution100 dpcm
Focal Length5.90 mm
Sensing MethodOne-Chip Color Area
Metering ModePattern
Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7.1 (Windows)
ISO Speed Rating400
Exposure Bias-1/3 EV
Camera ModelCanon PowerShot SD780 IS
Exposure ModeManual
Scene Capture TypeStandard
Vertical Resolution100 dpcm
Lens Aperturef/3.2
FlashNo Flash, Compulsory
Equipment MakeCanon

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/gear/ - Gear thread

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"A6000 and A7iii" edition

Last one: >>3181552

Post anything gear related, cameras, lenses, bags, tripods, other fashion accessories (clothing, fancy straps, Leica) etc...
Post your question here, instead of starting a new thread about which lens to buy or what are the best beginner cameras.

And don't forget, be polite!

(pic related, my first camera)
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What do you think about this photographers?

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Flash ModeOff
Firmware VersionFirmware Version 1.2.1
Image Created2017:07:22 13:05:53
Macro ModeNormal
White BalanceAuto
Focal Length51.00 mm
Color Space InformationsRGB
Exposure Compensation3
Drive ModeUnknown
Color Matrix135
Exposure Bias0 EV
ISO Speed RatingAuto
Camera ModelCanon EOS 5D Mark III
Lens Name24-70mm
Focus ModeAI Focus
Exposure ProgramNormal Program
FlashNo Flash, Compulsory
Shooting ModeUnknown
Lens Size24.00 - 70.00 mm
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Sensor ISO Speed160
Exposure Time1/320 sec
Horizontal Resolution72 dpi
Image SizeLarge
Image Height3840
Metering ModeEvaluative
Image Width5760
Compression SettingNormal
Focus TypeAuto
Exposure ModeAuto
Scene Capture TypeStandard
Vertical Resolution72 dpi
Lens Aperturef/7.0
Equipment MakeCanon

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Discord photography server!

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Image OrientationBottom, Right-Hand
Image Height3024
Image Width4032

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Who still uses their trusty Canon 5D Mk.II?
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holy shit this guy


He markets himself as wearing a fedora and doesn't allow "interns" to take pictures. How is this a real person?

"You will gain favor with Jason by your willingness to help out with a more mundane shoot rather than just asking to help out at exotic locations."

>Gain favor
>>Reads "Harvey Weinstein's guide to success"
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