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>obsessive compulsive
>did photography just for herself
>left behind 150,000 negatives
>gave her life to photography
How can one woman be this based?
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best smartphone camera for up close recording.

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i want to start recording videos of the small animals and insects i see on my nature walks on my smartphone, any suggestions on a model that handles zooming in closely very well? as well as handles artificial light because i will be recording my fish tanks too. thank you very much god bless you

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Olympus XA, expired Fuji C200
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Canon 6D MkII or Sony A7III

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If you could choose one to use for the rest of eternity, which would it be??
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This photograph was taken with 3200 speed black and white film. What would be the best camera to use to get photos with similar results in a similar scenario? (low light, lots of movement) As far as I know, this photo was shot with a Nikon.


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Olympus-150-400mm beats Canon-800mm

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Why does this keep happening peee?
You told me that sensor size matters!
You told me that primes are shaper than zooms!
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I've been learning photography (portraits and product photography; as a hobby) for a couple years on this piece of shit and as of now I'd like to switch to something half decent. Given that I'm on a budget and I have a couple nikon lens as of now, is the D750 still worth it in 2021?
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what camera and lens?
thank you
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non-photography thread

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post non-photography
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