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Does having the lens mount partially obscuring the sensor cause issues? The Sony mount can't be allowing as much light to the sensor as the others here.
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What do you think about that photo?
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I have a portrait photoshoot with a client in a few hours and I feel like I've made a huge mistake.

So about two weeks ago I put up a listing on the AirBnB Experiences section for people to have photos taken in my city. And although I think I know my city pretty well, I kind of BS'd the whole thing and now I'm realizing that I don't know if I can pull off knowing some "hidden gems" of the city that you wouldn't find on travel sites.

What do I do lads? I'm terrified. I'm in Melbourne so if any Melbros are on here and could give me a couple of good spots to visit that'd be great
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>YouTube and Instagram photographers now referring to photos as "bangers"
>endless amount of wanna be IG photog fags following suit and calling every one of their shitty photos a banger

why do these people have to ruin every hobby
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One of my engagement pictures

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Rate one of my engagement pictures
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Whats the real difference between an Anamorphic v Telephoto lens?
Wouldn't you still get that same bokeh effect?

Why would plebs tell me to get Anamorphic when I can just go a bit further and get a very similar effect. I dont get why anamorphics are a thing?
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I found this very helpful. Is there any resources for photos like this? With finished result and the light setup both shown.
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Portrait photography is cringe

Change my mind
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Comfy thread plz
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What do these scales actually mean?
The one with the ascending/descending fstop and the macro bit at the top
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