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Why do my threads get deleted. Are the moderators jealous of my success in photography? You could all learn lots from me.
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>want to get into making videos now that i have a nice camera that can shoot 4K 60fps
>would love to make cinematic story-based short videos
>no one to film with
>can't go outside cause of quarantine

what do?
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Buying a used DSLR

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first time buying a dslr

Nikon d7000 for 250usd with lens, shutter=70k


Nikon d90 + lens for 250usd, but with shutter=27k
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I'm looking for opinions on a camera
I am going away to a cabin with my girlfriend
and plan on taking a lot of video/pictures of the fun we have mostly sex related

what would be a good camera? i was thinking just a gopro hero7 black?
or would a dslr be worth it?
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Ask me anything about being a famous photographer.
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how do I open RAW images (mainly cr3) on Linux? thanks bye

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Let's check some simple shapes today.
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What's a good entry level camera for a beginner?

I've seen the Canon T7 and Nikon D3500 thrown around a lot. Are these any good?
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What's the most beautiful SLR ever made?
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