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Redpill me on stock photos

Anyone here make money selling them?

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I found this with 5000 shots about 50 bucks. I should buy it?
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Wonderful photos of a working copper mine in Arizona

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B&W Plonks

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Where do I find women to photograph? I'm tired of city and landscape and want to capture the essence of the female beauty. But where do I start?
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How can these people withstand the X-Trans abomination?
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(Bro)nica appreciation thread

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Based RF645 edition.

> Absurdly bright and clear rangefinder patch
> Released in 2000, benefitting from modern lens design. Sharp and contrasty 65mm is the best standard lens ever made.
> 16 shots a roll but superior performance to Mamiya 6, comparable to 7.
> Aperture priority and exposure compensation on rear, fantastic metering bang on for slides
> Three strap lug positions
> The best ergonomics of any medium format camera
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IRIX 150mm f2.8 Lens Macro (on Pentax K2 Mark II)

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Does anyone have opinions on this lens, experience, setting suggestions, sweet spot settings? How about the IRIX brand in general?
I just unboxed the IRIX 150mm late Friday night, haven't had a chance to really get out and test it yet. I slapped it on my K1, its a nice solid lens, feels great, nice balance. I haven't read any bad reviews but would like to hear some input on photographers who are actually using it ( +1 if you are using it on a K1) in real world scenarios. It's a manual focus only. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Pic related, my K1/Irix. Sorry I have no sample images, haven't used it yet...
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