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Wildlife Thread

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No tripfags edition
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Is the future shutterless?

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Also camera launches that went better than expected.
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my abstract photos dump thread

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I make photos that looks like nothing and I don't care
Figurative art is overrated anyway

I'm making this thread just so people can look at it (and a gear thread died for this)
I wish I could sell them and become rich and famous like uncle Terry
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>Brand generals

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Really? Do we actually need general threads to talk about specific camera manufacturers?
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What digital camera has the most soul?
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in your honest opinion,
could this up-and-coming Russian photographer
reach the success of T~Bone's legendary artwork?
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Cameras for Home Made Pornography

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Greetings Gentlemen,

Like many distinguished lads, I enjoy the finer things in life. Getting my dick sucked is a pure epicurean delight. Whats more, I often like to film bitches giving me a blowjob. Surprising I know.

How do I improve the quality of these movies? Currently I am just use the camera on my phone. What is a good camera to use? I don't want to spend the money for professional gear. Also keep in mind I have to hold the camera in one hand, since my other hand will be on the bitch's head. Is there a VR camera that is affordable?
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bought a macro lens.
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Full Body Portraits

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Malding Edition
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