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"Energized" Playing with light.
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Event photography

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Last weekend there was an event in my town and I came across a few pictures.
The thing I noticed is that they seemed pretty generic, yet the guy that shot them has these photos of his hyper extensive gear collection including the latest mega DSLR etc.
Now I am by no means implying I can do this any better, I can't, but nothing he shot seems to be very hard nor require any gear beyond a simple APSC and the right lenses.
Is there anyone here with experience shooting small public events? Do you think you need a lot of experience/gear or do these event photographers come severely over packed?
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/foto up/ - "that's not dirt,'s soil! call it soil!"

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I don't worry too much about getting shot, I mostly worry about getting hit by a log truck. The rural south does not have much sidewalk.
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Opinion on old soviet cameras?

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I've only ever owned a couple film cameras, with them mainly being Olympus, Canon, and Minolta camera.

But honestly I've gotten more fun out my Zorki 4k camera. It's an incredibly simple rangefinder that actually has a pretty good quality lens [Jupiter 8]. Besides that I only got one because its fucking cheap and all my other cameras broke or I sold them.

What are your guys' thoughts?
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any nyc anons?

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just moved to new york and having some fun here. post nyc pictures
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some photos from sony lgbt parade london

plz don't delete image threads janny
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/rpt/ - Recent Photo Thread

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Previous - >>3722314

Hopefully we can get a little more engagement this time. I'm going to try to review everyone's photos and we'll see how long my sanity lasts.

Gf copped this shot of me while I've been practicing doing high speed flash in daylight. I like the kind of day to night conversion look you can get sometimes. This was taken in broad daylight by a waterfall we were hanging out at in TN. I have a few more from this if anyone is interested.
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Who or what is nophoto?

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Can someone explain this nophoto meme that's going around?

>am I nophoto?
>is it someone that takes no photos?
>someone that post no photos on /p/?
>someone with dusty camera?
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Are all hot shoe sizes the same? Will this thumb grip work on my Lumix GX85? Also, I shoot a ton of pics in the cold when im skiing so I most likely want a metal thumb grip and not a plastic one