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What's it like to have a famous photographer like your photo on Instagram?
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>family keeps expanding
>camera companies keep sending in gear BEGGING for him to review it on his independent platform
will he ever get tired of the high life? We must protect his smile
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Goodday /p/.

Applying for a job as a photo editor-retoucher.

Wanna help me fill up a folder with pictures?

Post whatever you shot that you like --- as long as it has not been edited yet. Portrait, arcitecture, fashion, you name it.

Bonus if you explain to me what you 'felt' or wanted to capture in the photo -- I will try to edit the mood accordingly.

Help me out /p/? <3

As long as its in focus, and properly exposed - it works.

Also tips for applying for a retoucher job?
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The autofocus motor in my 90mm Sony prime lens is always on for some reason when I’m recording video. It’s very annoying; the camera isn’t actually focusing but the motor is whirring away. It ruins the audio quality since all you can hear on video is the motor whirring. Anyone know what I can do about this?
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Affordable Photography

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Something has been rolling around in my mind for awhile.
Affordable Photography. Why haven't manufacturers given us "affordable' photography options in larger format cameras?

One idea is that they add all the video stuff to the camera/body. This goes beyond just the hardware too - man hours making they system software able to do video, format licensing, etc.

SO why don't they make a CAMERA-ONLY medium format digital camera? Why not? Would it really be that stupid to have "Just a camera" if it lowered the cost?
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