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Photo shop edit

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Anyone have some edits for this? literally any as long as it's funny.
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which variant better
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Can we get a /p/-related favorite youtubers thread? Looking to learn.
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I'm seeking an advice to choose a video camera. My brother is getting pretty good at filming videos/movies and I would like to find a decent handheld hd camera to buy him for christmas. My budget is 200-300$. I'm only doing photography so I don't know much about video camera models. Thanks in advance.

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>make a photo in jpg
>open it in a normal browser (IrfanView, Firefox, Internet Explorer or whatever)
>it looks alright
>open the exact same photo in Photoshop
>it's oversaturated trash
>print photo from Photoshop
>colours are very similar to ones from a normal browser; it's completely different from what I saw in PS
Any ideas why it's happening?
How to unfuck my photoshop?

Pic related, photoshop is on the left.

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Any good film cameras for under $150? I need one for my photography class and every AE-1 and X-700 I look at on eBay is shady as fuck. Any suggestions?
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What do I do with these

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Found like 700 of them from the late 59s early 60s. Can I make them bigger as a gift, borrow a projector from somewhere? What course of action to show my dad
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Hello all! The premiere photography server is back (Sorry Kurwa no offense). Thanks for always supporting my growing family!

We've had our ups and downs and extremely toxic members, but a free start with new faces will be great! Come share photography and help others!

Feel free to post your favorite photography outlets and servers!
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my first real attempt at photography

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gonna post some photos of my trip to Japan

this was my attempt at street photography and really open to constructive criticism
used a nikon d5500 w/ 35mm
aperture mode with fixed shutter and limited auto iso

theres more pics but these are my favourites
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