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Can someone help me figure out more info on this?

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It's one of my dads old lenses he got in the 80s.
Was hoping to use it since he has not touched it in years.
Can't really find much info on this specific one tho.
I'll post more pics of it.
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Camera recommendations?

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I've been trying to find a good high megapixel camera for a while. It needs to be cheap because I'm a fucking poorfag. $30 is my budget.

It has to be better than my iphone 6s plus 12 mega pixels. I know there are some with 16-20 megapixels, but I suck at picking a camera, and I don't want to get hosed.

If you guys know a good $30 camera, please help.
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Leica now a snapshit camera?

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I live is a very touristy area. Recently we have a huge influx of Chinese..literally today I saw 5 ching chongs with Leica's and shooting snapshits and selfies. One was some mum pointing it about like a point and shoot...another was a fucking 6 year old with pic related. How does it feel for you Leica fags that your special brand is now becoming undervalued thanks to Chans?
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They killed their presets in favor of their social media/processing app. Are you still using VSCO? Some other preset pack? Processing from scratch each time?
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Food Photography

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Hello I'm interested in getting into food photography and starting my own blog mainly as a project and hobby. Something like ulteriorepicure. I have no previous photography experience besides using my shitty Moto g5. A shop near me has a Sony Nex-6 used with kit lens for around $250 or an a6000 with kit for $450. Would the nex-6 be suitable? I was also considering upgrading my phone to a pixel 2-3 but am wondering if the convenience would lack quality and technique for growth. What would you recommend?

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>has never visited this board before
>decides to visit it
>shit photography everywhere
>literally takes better photos than anyone in here
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