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Absolute favorite subject to shoot?

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I most enjoy lush clusters of vegetation, especially when it's in the shade.
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Anyone Else use Cuda for Video Rendering?

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i Recently installed Videopad and it has been rendering rather slowly,
upon looking at my computer diagnostics my cpu is running hard but there is no load on the gpu,
i am wondering if anyone knows of any programs that could be used to render with gpu resources,
i would appreciate any suggestions
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Upgrading from APSC to Full Frame

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I'm looking to upgrade from an a6400 to a A7 but I'm not sure if I should get the a7r II or save up more for a newer body.

Cheaper body and more lenses or newer body with only a decent zoom lens left in my budget?
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Should I buy this?

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Lumix G85

I'm a college student without a lot of money to spend. I've been looking at budget cameras and this seems to be the best. I'm mainly interested in the video capabilities. Anyone know of a better budget camera?

/RPT/ — Recent Photo thread

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Previous: >>3674079


[disclaimer] you really should not do it, i just couldn't think of a better thing [/disclaimer]
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New Sony 12-24 f/2.8

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Any of you gonna pick this up? I enjoyed the previous 12-24 f4, but not sure if it's worth the upgrade for f/2.8. Super pricey, but it is kinda rad that it's the first of it's kind.
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Where to start with photography?

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/lit/ tourist here

I'm a complete newbie to photography but I think its my favourite art medium and want to start learning. Where do I start? This board looks pretty /comfy/
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First time shooting digital

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Just got a Fuji-XT3 and took this shot the other day. I'm a bit of an ametuer so I wanted to get some advice on what I could have done better with this shot.

This is not full quality btw.
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noob: plz no bully

What type of picture is this? Presumably this is film?

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what's your favorite aspect ratio?
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