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Post your questions in here that don't quite fit in with /gear/ or the other generals

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terrifying entities

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The True Final Boss
Image Created2016:09:15 22:20:28
Number of Bits Per Component8, 8, 8
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Pixel CompositionRGB
Horizontal Resolution72 dpi
Vertical Resolution72 dpi
Image Height1080
Color Space InformationUncalibrated
Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CS6 (Windows)
Image Width1920

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Distortion and falloff are characteristics of Wide angle lens.
Why people tend to retouch them?
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why do they love blurred background so much?
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New street photography camera

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Im looking for a new camera for streetphotography under a 1000 bucks (cause im a poorfag)
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Recent landscape pictures, harsh feedback encouraged

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I would like some feedback on my shots so I can get better. Last time I did a thread with dessert photos of Bolivia and Chile and main feedback was I was shooting all the time f22 and the focus was weak in foregrounds.

Image Created2017:12:10 18:22:48
Brightness-0.2 EV
Maximum Lens Aperturef/1.0
Exposure Time1/25 sec
White BalanceAuto
Horizontal Resolution240 dpi
Metering ModePattern
Light SourceUnknown
Color Space InformationsRGB
Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.10.1 (Macintosh)
ISO Speed Rating100
Exposure Bias0 EV
Camera ModelILCE-6500
Exposure ModeManual
Scene Capture TypeStandard
Vertical Resolution240 dpi
Exposure ProgramManual
FlashNo Flash, Compulsory
Equipment MakeSONY

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Soviet lens

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Someone would recommend me photo album that taken with Soviet lens in USSR?
Image Created2013:07:16 14:03:00
White BalanceAuto
Focal Length18.00 mm
Sensing MethodOne-Chip Color Area
Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.4 (Windows)
ISO Speed Rating200
Exposure Bias0 EV
Camera ModelPENTAX K-7
Color Filter Array Pattern612
Exposure ProgramCreative
FlashNo Flash, Compulsory
Exposure Time1/40 sec
Horizontal Resolution240 dpi
Metering ModePattern
Subject Distance RangeDistant View
Exposure ModeAuto
Scene Capture TypeStandard
Vertical Resolution240 dpi
Lens Aperturef/4.0
Focal Length (35mm Equiv)27 mm
Equipment MakePENTAX

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/lightmeter/ general

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1. Do you trust the meter on your camera?
2. What is your favorite/ most used mode?
3. Do these fancy algorithm systems on expensive gear deliver?
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Do you primarily support the weight of your camera from underneath with your left hand (when you put your camera down, you're holding it with you left hand), or do you grip it from the side with your right hand (when you put your camera down, you're holding it with your right hand)?
Image Created2016:03:04 22:17:40
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Horizontal Resolution72 dpi
Vertical Resolution72 dpi
Image Height900
Color Space InformationsRGB
Camera SoftwareGIMP 2.8.16
Image Width1200

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/fgt/ Comfy Night Edition

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Since there isn't a new fgt thread, let's go with blurry comfy pics we've takend during late nights.
Image Created2017:12:06 19:01:28
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Horizontal Resolution400 dpi
Image Height667
Color Space InformationsRGB
Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CS5 Windows
Image Width1000
Number of Bits Per Component8, 8, 8
Camera Modeld-lab.2/3
PhotographerOnly the Best :-))
Pixel CompositionRGB
Vertical Resolution400 dpi
Equipment MakeAgfaPhoto GmbH

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