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newborn photography

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give me some inspiration for nice shots of my baby /p/
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Is nikon d700 a good choice to start with? Or 12mp is too bad? I mean will it be enough with good lightning in portraiture for example?
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Can someone explain to me how a team of filmmakers were somehow clueless as to how a rangefinder differs from a through the lens viewfinder? I was watching this movie the other day and she's using her telephoto lens "as a telescope" while looking through the viewfinder on her fucking leica. Was there no DOP there to say "uhhhh guys that's retarded"? Was there no intern gearfag around? What gives?

Usually I can forgive a film for fucking up something in a niche hobby, but this niche hobby should be followed by literally every person on that set.
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i have a bunch of vitage lenses, and i pick them up everytime is see one.

im too broke to buy a digital camera with new lenses, so what camera would be compatible with the most vintage lenses? and what are the drawbacks of adapting old lenses to a dslr?

also, where the hell can i find a list over what lenses fit what camera houses???
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Dextrose Thread

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After a brief (read: 1 whole fucking month) period of vacation and hometime from the road working on 25-year-old cars and finding a woman, the Sugar Thread is back, new and improved.

ITT: rustled jimmies, shitposting, maximum trolling, trucker snaps, Boards of Canada, truckstops, titties, Southeastern United States, low light and small town America, and whatever else I see on the road while dragging my shit around and feeding ungrateful bastards. I missed Bonneville but I'll be out there for World Nationals in a couple months.
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Quick Test of /p/ Knowledge

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If possible, determine position of the sun based on this image.
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photo thred

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Posting a few from the past months. These are from a few different project ideas but they're all pretty similar

Currently stuck in a rut so I figured why not
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Finally Nikon is back.
Fujifags and Basednyboys BTFO.
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street photography tips

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What do you guys wear when you shoot on the street particularly shooting people. Do you try to look like a tourist? Do you use a discreet camera?
I like to shoot at events like food markets and I’m looking for something which would give me a licence to shoot whatever I want however I want. Basically, like pic related.

Any other tips to stop people confronting you or getting annoyed?
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Does Photography help cure depression ?

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I'm tired of all this shit.
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