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What is the bes sub 250$ body for manual lenses I can get...

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...I want to get some used DSLR or mirrorless body with at least APS-C sized sensor.

I have only two conditions:
- 250$ max
- fit M42 manual lenses with an adapter without lens (distance adapter)

I want to shoot everything and will end up getting more gear. If I get small gear I will do more street photography, if I get bulky camera I will do landscape, portraits, stills and macro... But what to get first?
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Expose me

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Make this baby dick loser famous
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lol you guys

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just wanted to say that the book I posted here to ask for tips for the funding campaign and which 90% of you hated, despite not even really understanding what it's about, won the highest award for photobooks in my country lol. hope y'all doing well haha.
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Que onda, a quien le gustan los erizos
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Have you taken a photo today?

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Black and white is a crutch

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Left: Soulless
Right: Soul
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Hey guys, can any of you provide me with information about this lens? I cannot find a single thing about a Dallmeyer 30 inch, or 300mm 5.6 lens.

I'm at a total loss of what to do, I just want to know more about it.
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>$2000 Camera
>No wall charger included

I've been meme'd boys.
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is this a good photo?
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