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Who /doesn'tneedshallowdepthoffield/ here?
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so is this camera actually good ? i've been seeing a lot of fantastic shots by this camera
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Best Photo Editing App?

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What are your preferred iOS/Android apps for editing photos that actually allow you to do proper fine-tune edits?(RGB curves, HSL, resizing, brush adjustments, etc etc. no fucking VSCO filters)

I've been looking for years and the best iOS ones I've ended up with are Lightroom Mobile and Polarr. They have more or less the same feature set, but I mainly use Polarr due to it's more comprehensive UI.
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How can I get lighting like this

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Fuck it is sharp
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This is the official White House photographer.
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Hello how are you?

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Someone here knows how to use photoshop, I can put some pants in this image. Thank you

I'm sorry for my English.
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One of my photos from my trip to Alaska last year. Been doing amateur photography for awhile now, so I'm not new to it. Thoughts, /p/?
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