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On Monday I'm going to a concert with these 2 rolls of film, cinestill 800t and delta 1600. I think I will do some street shooting before and after the show. Which film should I load into the camera first?
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Split-image vs microprism. Go
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Guys help, I pushed some Ilford Delta 400 by 3 stops and sent it off to my local lab. However they said they were unable to process it as the dev chart did not display the time for 400 shot at 3200. How do I tell them in technical terms the time needed to push Delta 400?

Fake Iphone ads

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Hello, 4chan I'm in school right now and I would like to know how did you guys make the apple ad?
plz help me on my school project

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thoughts on Petra Collins' work?
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babby's first fullframe

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I bought a Canon 5D MK1 a few months ago. These are some photo's since I've owned it. I haven't used it as much as I thought I might, so maybe I'll sell it. Getting used to editing raw files is probably the biggest motivation to keep it. That and the ability to borrow lenses from work.

Anyways, tell me how bad these are. Ordered from oldest to newest. No particular patterns or theme.
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You guys liked this last time, I have more photos to edit. Link to the dropbox. Call my composition shit and tell me how to properly edit.
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Bought my first camera (Panasonic G7) a month or month and a half ago and want to get some feedback in my first photo trying to do something new. So what do you guys think?
I’m still getting the grasp of basic photography

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Where were you when the king became the voice of the new film generation? He’s even due to give a presentation for thedarkroomlab’s meetup this year. He definitely has pull in the industry. Why doesnt /p/ discuss him more?

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Why are most of the best pictures here shot with cheaper cameras?