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hola señor y señorita, como estas
greetings from Santiago
hope my favourite group of anons are having a great day, it's a shame otherwise.

If life is giving you lemons, it probably has a crush on you.
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Being Inspired/finding composition in shitty landscapes?

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I live in an area that seems not too great for landscapes even though that is what I love.
the parks that are anywhere reasonably close (less than 5hrs away), are extremely small and quite uninteresting.
they are flat, have very little subjects, and they all look about the same. it almost seems like there are only 2 locations, the typical plains and the typical forest.
also it doesn't help that getting sunsets and sunrises is impossible since all of the parks open an hour after sunrise and and hour or more before sunset.
is there anyone here who lives in an area with similar situations but is able to find a way around it? what are your tips or tricks you use? also am I wasting my time trying to find compositions by frequenting some of these places? are there actual locations that are just bad for photography, or is it just perspective and learning more?
I really love photography and landscapes but I am finding it harder and harder to get out since I have been to the best forests and plains near me and they really don't have much to offer and I have been to them often and have hiked off the paths and been all other them (even in areas where I don't belong)
I am hoping there is someone who actually has dealt with this and knows a way around it. I have been told before on multiple sites and people, that my best bet is to just move. which is just not an option now, and I don't want my love of photography to die because I didn't move fast enough.
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What makes photography superior to painting at all? benefit? where?
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Whats up /p/ here's some vacation shots.
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DIY 8x10 Lens

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What lens you are curious for me to try out on my diy 8x10 camera?

Well try and get one for the summer to test it out.

>no real 8x10 lens
They're too expensive for me
I'm thinking of
>Projection Lens
>Single Element Lens
>any other lens other than a real 8x10
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where is it most economical to buy a photo camera? im considering buying mirrorless or the one with mirror inside
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Beginner Here

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Anyone like it?
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Random pics off my phone

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The real photo is deemed too big. I guess that 4chan just can't tolerate having something with that much girth being thrust into it.
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