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soul vs soulless

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left: soul
right: soulless
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Recent Photo Thread because the last one maxed
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Hey lads. My brother's brother in law got him this pic related second hand, is it any good?
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Which camera actually has the fastest auto-focus? I feel like every camera claims to have the fastest auto-focus
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2020 will be the year of Pentax crushing all the competitors.
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Opinion on photos I took.

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Hey /p/ can you guys give me some of your options on some of my favourite photos that I've taken over the years
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Need help with my lighting

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So, recently a friend of mine made a picture and I loved it. I edited it and I'm happy with the result. I just can't help to seem to notice that the lamp on my chest seems off with the lighting. I tried using an extra layer of a similar filter with transparency but it looks dull.

Does someone have a good tip for me?
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Is it a stupid idea to drop 800€ on a (new, boxed) Voigtlander Bessa R2M in 2020?
Am I being memed into becoming a future Leicafag?
I don't even shoot photos often enough to justify developing film myself (liquids would spoil), help me decide /p/
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Being a photographer

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How does one become one?
If I just take photos with good composition and mild editing, does that make me a photographer? Is a paper or diploma a need to be recognized/called a "real photographer", or knowing how cameras and photography works?
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Redpill me on Instant Camera

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I'm thinking about taking up instant photography as a hobby. Mostly an icebreaker to meet hipster chicks.
Considering the Lomo Instant Wide. But how steep is the learning curve?
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