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Whats the best camera for $200 to take pictures at night?
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/p/ humor thread

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Anon has already started with his story of his reproved snapshit:

I'll go next. I bought 3 Sony A7iii last year. The first one second-hand, photographed a wedding with it, a 8 day hike, a day trip, then sold it because I hated it, bought a new one, used it as a webcam and took about 90 test shots to choose the best lens from an order of 4 lenses, then sold the camera, bought a new one, use it as a webcam and took 7 shots so far to compare the start-up time to the first shot against a Canon 6D. Several private photos since 2018 sit unedited on my hard drive. Edited are only the photos that were commissioned.
True story - the Sony A7iii makes a great webcam, where the Canon 6D sucked at it.

Oh, and image related. My head is not the brightest.
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True color DSLR

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Who do you think will be the first to make a modern 3-CMOS R-G-B sensor DSLR? It has to logically be the next high-end tech to consumer camera step.

>bayer, x-tranny & fovean will be BTFO
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Aesthetic IG Feed

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What does /p/ think about IG feeds that are all colour graded the same? I see it all the time. Some call it a style or aesthetically pleasing but making all your pics look the same for that purpose stifles creativity in my opinion. Life is full of colours, yet some IG feeds only consist of three.
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So ive been shooting only film for like 5 years now. I love it but its getting expensive and my canon f1 has once again broken down. I still love it and will continue to shoot film but I think I'm gonna finally get a digital camera. I mainly wanna use it for travel, road trips, and backpacking camping trips in the sierras. O dont want a big clunky dslr or id just take my slr with me so I've been looking at the fujifilm xt-4 but ive recently came across a good deal on a sony a7III. Which would u recommend. I love the look of the fujifilm but is the full frame sensor on the Sony really better??
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is this good?
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>>your photo of a car wreck wasn't thoughtfully composed
Oh I didn't realize that the jannie decided this slow board was the shit porn board. I hope you like shit porn. It's not coming now, but you have fucked up.

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Is F-mount dying to Z-mount
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Nikon d7000 vs Nikon d3300

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What would be the best choice as my first ever DSLR ? Is it worth paying more for the d7000 if I won't notice the difference as an amateur ?

I plan to use that with the 35mm f1.8g lens
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Some of my shots from a local protest. comments/criticisms/advice?
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