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lens to buy

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hi yall. i recently bought a xt-3 fuji and i paired it with a meike 25mm f1.8 $80 lens. being a beginner i didnt want to spend $1k for a fuji YET. would i see a noticible upgrade if i bought a 23mm f1.4 fuji lens for $900. I took some pictures with the fuji lens at the local camera shop and i couldn't really come to a conclusion.
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/SQG/ Thread. Stupid Question General

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For all your questions that don't warrant their own thread.
Use the /gear/ thread for gear related questions.

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Lowlight Thread

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Back again with a plethora of new photos, the first half are all shot in Rawlins, WY. The other half is shot in Cambridge Springs, PA. Got to go on a vacation there and it was a breath of fresh air to shoot around trees bigger than 40ft

Anyways, please feel free to post any of your lowlight stuff here, and all insight or thoughts are welcome
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Trees, Branches and Leaves

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Film emulation

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Noob here. How close can a raw image be brought to the look of this picture?


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>Be me
>Like an hour ago
>Doing nothing, just editing a school proyect
>Cellphone rings
>Old friend who moved away, says shes back in town and with some friends.
>Those friends want a photoshoot
>I remembered I did a photoshoot like 2 years back before she moved out.
>It would be same as last time but, this time is a group, not one.

Got me thinkin about any tips to handle your models, or in this case, 4 models. Any ideas?

(Pic is from the place we are going tomorrow)
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