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Why are streetfags so concerned with the quietness of their cameras? Unless your trying to use a pentax 67 or an rb, no one’s going to hear your camera on a busy street from meters away.
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Can I get examples of photos with people as subjects with little to no "bokeh"
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this is a photo taken by a redditor. this is exactly why reddit will always be better at photography than /p/. not a single one of you will ever take anything as breathtaking, moving, or iconic as this.
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Photo Walk

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Went on a local photo walk and took some snapshits. Rate and hate etc.
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Full frame vs 4k?

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I need a cinematic camera. What is going to give me a more cinematic film look, a full frame camera shooting in 1080p or a micro four thirds camera shooting at 4k?
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All Hail The 24-70mm

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So just like the 70-200mm love thread here >>3721965 I just wanted to to share how much I love my 24-70mms. It is my most used lens, but less amount of keepers/published photos than my 70-200mm. Still something about being able to go from wide angle for those dramatic group and landscape shots to short tele for more focused and intimate portraits and subject isolation, I personally think this is the one lens that everybody should have.

I know it's a bit cliche and perhaps many would consider very boring, and I would love to use my 35mm primes instead, but the versatility of this lens is just undeniable.

So /p/, tell me why you love the 24-70mm. And show everyone what you can do with it <3
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You know his name,he is your best friend,do you remember him
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An arts and music focused server. We're a bit stricter than the average chan server, but we try to balance fun and discussion without excessive shitposting and toxicity. Sommon common interests include illustration, photography, literature, fashion, metal, ambient and more. Everyone is welcome.

We would love to see your work.

I appologise for shit picture, i mainly do typography.

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Here's a photo I took from my phone
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which fucking camera is this? it's neither the 50D nor the 850D. it's uses and the dude wants 100 bucks, I'm thinking about getting it, but I just can't tell which model it is.
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