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Use the cheapest and most obsolete camera you can. Everything still matters here like composition and subject matter, but image quality should be of zero concern.

Noise and digital compression artifacts are not only welcome, but encouraged. Pro tip, use a camera with a resolution low enough so you barely have to resize them before posting.

Any gear discussion should be focused toward finding the shittiest, most obsolete digital equipment.
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what should i buy (i own sony a6000), it would be my first allround lense, and i have only 30mm prime lense right now. i can't decide between

tamron 18-200

sony 18-200

sony 18-105

what are the pros and cons, do you own one and what do you like or dislike about a certain lens?
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hello /p/ femanon here
i wanna buy my boyfriend a camera for his asmr channel, but i dont know what i should get him. i want to keep the budget under 200$ what should i get?
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Is it true that it's a good idea to manually adjust these settings on a DSLR? This is for an 80D by the way

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KINO photos.
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WPCT: Wildlife Photo Challenge Thread

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Thread 1: Crows and Ravens

Most people don't look twice at them... go take a photo of one. Urban entries welcome. You don't need to get a portrait, just incorporate them into a shot.
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Bros is it g*y to let another man handle your lens?
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>Brandon Woelfel
This guy literally has three different types of photos (maximum) that he shoots ad nauseam and puts them all through an enormous amount of post editing.

Why is he so popular?
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Newfag here. I want to buy a camera thats high res and under 300$.
Any suggestions?
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Hey guys, I have a General Electric CG680 camcorder
(I know they are old)
But, I’m having a predicament in which I can’t figure out if it’s an internal battery or the external rechargeable batteries.

When I plug it into the wall and run the power-cord to the camcorder itself it works, but when I remove the cord it won’t. So I was wondering if it’s worth it to buy a new set of rechargeable batteries or have someone look at the internal bells and whistles.
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