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Ricoh GR ii or Fujifilm XF10 Suitable?

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TL;DR Non photographer looking to buy gift. Are the Ricoh GR ii and Fujifilm XF10 specifically designed for a narrow niche in photography/subject matter/composition (based on their lens or otherwise), or will they make good general point and shoots for landscapes, macro close ups, and general nature pictures?

>GF studied photo at a college level years ago
>She doesn't keep up with the current gear or specs
>Been taking pictures again and has free time to get back into it
>Takes landscapes, close up macro shots of flowers, some shots of us in nature... Anything you'd snap on a hike if you're a photographer
>She said 'I should get a new camera, even a cheep point and shoot would probably be better than my old camera'
>Old camera is Cannon PowerShot G9

From what I can tell, anything sub $400 won't be an upgrade over her PowerShot G9. I've followed the basic philosophy of looking for small point and shoots with large sensors and decent glass. As far as I can tell, almost all cameras have adequate megapixel count but sensor size is often lacking. Also as far as I can tell MP count, sensor size, and glass are the most important fundamentals for getting high quality images.

When reading reviews about the Ricoh GR ii and the Fujifilm XF10, it seems like the phrase 'street photography' gets thrown around a lot. Also, I've learned that the 18.xmm 1:2.8 F2.8 lens configuration of these cameras is somewhat wide.

1)Based on the 'street photography' association and the lens config, are these suitable for landscapes, macro flower close ups, other general nature pics? Or are they more for a particular purpose that is lost on a laymen like me?

2)Neither of these have optical zoom, based on the types of pics I described how much of a limitation do you think that would be? Is it a deal breaker?

3)Do you have any other suggested cameras I should check out? Anything I'm wrong on? Anything else i should know or consider?
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Hey /p/,

I'm getting my first camera for Cyber Monday, but I'm not sure which one to get. It's between the Lumix GH4 and the Canon 80D.

I'm mostly into photography than videography, so I'm not sure which one to get. I'm assume 4k will give good photos, but many seem to like Canon for photos and Lumix for videl.
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What's the name of that Chad Russian photographer that would take photos of women on his homemade camera and just generally be an absolute badarse?
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How do I take the battery out?
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Hi! this are older photos from my current camera Powershot SX510 HS, critique is welcome!
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Favorite Landscape Photographers

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Who are your favorites?

Is grandpa Ansel still venerated?
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1080p to 4K

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/p/, should I upgrade to a 4K monitor for photo editing?

If my 1080p monitor equals to around 2 Mpx and my camera is 18 Mpx, does it mean I literally throw away 16 Mpx worth of detail?
Will Photoshop and other software interface look microscopic on a 4K monitor?
Basically, I'm looking for a way to make my photos sharper, but it's hard to do when I can see individual pixels.

If you have moved from 1080p to 4K in photo editing terms, describe your experience.

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why is black and white filter so popular in photography? why would you opt for it over color? I know this goes for pretty much any filter, natural color is self evidently preferable, but I think black and white is probably the one filter that is still respected as artistic and appealing

heres a picture of kurt cobain and courtney love. we can never have another picture of them together ever again. and this one is fuckin ruined with black and white filter. we can never see it in color

this is probably an imperfect example. I'm sure the picture exists somewhere colorized. but I hope you understand my point. why would anyone under any respected photographer opt for black and white over natural colors?

I also assume it has something to do with color accuracy back then being shitty, and black/white was easier to get into focus or something like that, but I'd still prefer seeing historical moments we'll never have again in shitty color over just black and white...
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Signposting snapshits

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Well so it's been a week with the oly e-pl7, no interesting subjects at all so grabbed my bike and went shooting some signs as a tribute for our friend
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Given this:

FACT: 99% of pictures posted and shared daily online are through IG/FB/Whatsapp/Apple Messenger/Snapshit/etc.
FACT: almost all of these services reduce pictures to around 1080x1080 resolution
FACT: mobile phones are by far the number one way that most of the people view photos

What's the point of shooting pictures with 16+ MP sensors and dealing with >50MB files when no one will see those pixels? What's the point of spending thousand of dollars on FF cameras when latest phones (like iphone11) can take pictures that are better or equal to many of the MFT/APS-C cameras and beat even FF cameras when it comes to low-light photography due to computational photography advancements? What's the point of all these expensive cameras?
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