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fake it till we make it

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how can we make it look like these people are really in the studio?

aside from the obvious...having them really in the studio...

link and pic attached.

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who this this cali fuckboi?

>but seriously idk if i like this photo or not
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I want to get into photojournalism but I have no idea how you would even start.

I want to go to dangerous areas and conflicts.
I assume you make your own connections with people who will take you places but what do you do from there?

How does one sell/get there images out there? How do you make a living off of it?
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Went to a nearby park in the late afternoon, took some pics but I'm not really happy with them. Besides critique of these specific photos I'd like some pointers/tips/experiences on how to shoot in this particular environment, as I'm having trouble taking a good picture even if I see something interesting/nice. Also, what to do with all these boring-ass grey/green/brown colours?
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Been ages, but finally went out and took some photos. It was just an hour and a half, but it felt good to dust off the camera again.
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Have fun.
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Im thinking of starting a community where people can trade or give their unused equipment. Not for buying and selling (though you can negotiate something) but a place where people can donate or trade unwanted gear. I have a bunch of shit to give away because i mostly use nikon nowadays, but let me know if you guys are interested? Show me what you dont want and maybe youll want some of my gear
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(no editing done)

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>have more if interested
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pic from recently, how much of the black space around the main shape should I leave? I think fuck it all of it, would like other thoughts
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The London Underground, 2005
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