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Helios Lenses

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Good morning from Germany. Does sombody have experience with Helios Lenses like the 44-2 58mm? (pic related)
Thinking about buying one of those cheap ass bastards. Advice and Pictures taken with this Lens are very welcome.
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/mpg/ - Macro Photography General

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Post macro related images here.

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Honest thoughts on this software?
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What photo Youtubers would you recommend for beginners? I found McKinnon entertaining but not sure if there are better alternatives.
On another note, do You guys have any books to recommend too?
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Pls give me validation

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Well I finally upgraded from my Canon 77D to a 6D MkII. Was it a good decision?
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Segue Thread pt. 4

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>post a photo of your own that corresponds to an object or motif in the picture in the post above yours

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>street food
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how to achieve this

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anyone has some guess on how to get this in post or maybe what was used to make this?
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Stock photo recommendations

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Do any stock photo websites accept pictures of celebrities or newsworthy events? I submitted a bunch of photos of some famous athletes at a parade and they were rejected from Shutterstock.

Need hellish pictures

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Hey so I need cursed pictures that look like they come from Hell and cant be reverse image searched. Preferably not the comical 'everything on fire' look unless it's real spooky.
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first threat

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hey /p/ ,it is the first time I post here, it happens that this Saturday I will take semi erotic pictures of a girl and I wanted to know if they knew of some kind of pose, focus or maybe some camera trick so that the images come out more fancy (? ... PD: unrelated pic