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It seems in my recklessness with my eos RP, within two weeks of owning it, i have a salt grain sized spot on my sensor. its fucking my shit up. If you can find it in your heart and know a solution, dump it on me bro

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why do these medium format film chads keep on winning
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do you take care of your shit?
i don't really, i want to but i always end up losing lens caps and getting everything wet and dropping shit carelessly
honestly it doesn't seem to affect it that much
my rebel xt from 2008 has a million+ shutters on it and still kicks it
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Film General Thread - /fgt/

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This is the Film General Thread.
It's ok to post film gear questions in this thread.
It is better to post your film photos in this thread.

>posting in the /fgt/ doesn't make you gay, unless you shoot Fujifilm C200

Old Thread: >>3725422
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How do you force yourself to "take your camera on every walk / bike ride / whatever", as they say?
t. a bulky DSLR user
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Uh I just ordered this last night
Did I fuck up
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Vegas coomer strikes again

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Hey all, took some photos of this Russian chick and thought I'd post them here. Was a pretty fun shoot and got a few good ones. Took about a month off as I had a shoot get canceled and it bummed me out because I put a lot into planning it. Will hopefully upload more in the future.

I also bought one of those photo studios from Amazon which helped with the lighting this time around.
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Favorite photo thread

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What's the picture you've taken that makes you happiest to look at, /p/?
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/SPT/ - Street Photography Thread

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Post your street work, Critic, Discuss strategies, etc...

We all suck edition™
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