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took some photos this morning for the first time since fall
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Morning, /p/

It's time for me to post the beginnings of some new images that I've been working on over the last few months. Still thinking out the direction and building a theme, at this point I'm letting myself photograph whatever I feel works but something is definitely starting to come through.

Almost all of these are quite local to where I live, which might be viewed by many as a cow town that doesn't have any scenery. It's definitely rewarding in a special way to create images close to home. Anyway, here's some of the images.
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Weekly Challenge, 2019-04-21 to 2019-04-28

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>Kingdom Animalia (no Homo)

Take a picture of an animal. Can be a pet, can be wildlife, can be in a zoo. Cats are fine. Giraffes are fine. Bugs are fine. Just not humans, unless they’re secondary to an animal in the frame. Humans are a different week.
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the perfect camera doesn't ex-
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>get Lightroom Classic after years of 5/6
>Runs shittier with fewer spot corrections
>CPU maxes out during export, independent of file size or resolution restrictions
>somehow more cluttered UI and worse importing process

Am I literally retarded or does Lightroom """""Classic""""" suck ass? I tried CC but that was somehow even worse.
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>tfw no camera with film advance lever or dedicated shutter speed dial with printed speeds
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Low-light Thread

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Oh nothing special, just got a dozen or more shots i wanna post here, stop by and give some critiques or your thoughts

If there isnt one already, go ahead and post your low-light stuff here as well, good place to wrangle all the singular pics people might have
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Who's your lensfu, /p/?

For me it's my SMC Takumar 135 f2.5, I've never enjoyed a lens more. Absolutely gorgeous in every way.
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Not to be a hipster but why does my Nikon F (this one's a 1971 model) have easier to use metering than the manual mode on my modern Canon 700D.

It also focuses easier, cause of that whole aligning the split down the middle image thing.

Am I missing something or have manual features in cameras actively gotten worse lmao
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Zenitar 50/1.2s

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Zenitar 50/1.2s open wide. So much LEICA GLOW. Looks, you can get a monocle quality for the price of normal lens!
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