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Ethics in Photography

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Please feel free to discuss these ethical issues:
>Buying vs Pirating Photoshop/Lightroom
Taking Creepshots of people (earlier there was a thread that touched on this but quickly diverted into an argument with a tripfag
>Entire image manipulation to get more (you)s/likes
Shilling a brand that may be inferior for a specific purpose but you shill anyway

Recently my work got me a Macbook and I've been struggling to download/install a pirated copy of Lightroom on it and was wandering how many anons actually purchase the software? If you purchased the software do you make money off your photos? Does making money off your photos make you think it is right to continue pirating (if that is what you do).
I always thought while I'm not making money from photography it is "okay" to use pirated software but should I earn an income I'd purchase it.
The other questions I raise is just to add more depth, anyone is welcome to add a /p/ dilemma
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pls comment , its for a university homework
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r8? simple yet still artistic and pleasing..
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looking for constructive critique

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I started shooting photos more seriously about a year ago. I still feel that I am beginner and would like some feedback. Any flaws due to technical failures ie. exposure, clipping highlights/shadows is either intentional or I am aware of the failure. Any feedback on conceptual ideas, subject matter and composition etc. I'm happy to hear
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>that feel when Ken Rockwell finally took a photo you think is beautiful

Is this the end of the world? Is this the final gasp of humanity as a whole before the trumpets sound and we all go to glory?

/SQT/ General - Stupid Thread Questions

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Post stupid questions that need no extra thread. Use /gear/ for gear related stupid questions.

Previous is getting buried:
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ITT: Candids that went very wrong.

In this photo I was using a telephoto to capture this wild beast in his natural habitat. He quickly chased me 3 city blocks while calling me a [email protected]@gott and various threats of violence. I had to hide behind a fence. Second pic is him leaving after a half hour. I plan on going back every day to take his photo until he runs out of fucks enough to chase me.
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which photo of yours has received the most exposure and what's the story behind it? how much exposure did you get in return?
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/RPT/ - Recent Photo Thread

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Properly named edition.

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99% of the sacred monsters of street photography (magnum etc) are just hailed because they were
1. the first ones to do so
2. captured a different era that is now gone
3. few people took photos to begin with

If any of these photos were taken today they'd be called snapshits by /p/ and dismissed.
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