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I sit here at my day job looking out at the bright skies beyond, wondering what shots I’d have taken if I wasn’t bound by wagecuckery. They say freedom is the most important principle in western culture, but are we even really free? Perhaps we’re just cowards, and freedom has always been the prize of the brave, regardless of the culture you live in.
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>tfw made my first stock photo sale

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Am I going to make it /p/?
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Street Photography For the Purist

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I recently stumbled across this pdf that breaks down some opinions about street photography. I agree with most of his points, thoughts?
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Let's get a thread going for unflattering portraiture. Show me your least vanity-stoking portraits.
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Anyone into clouds?
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Talk Me Out of It

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I'm making a small travel kit for all of next year. Needs to do everything, but mostly landscapes and wildlife, and to keep it all in the size of a medium pelican box.

I'm considering:

- S1R, the 24-105 f4, and the 70-200 f4 = $3900

- EOS R, 24-105, and an EF 100-400 = $3400

- Fuji xt3/4, 16-55mm f/2.8 WR, and the 50-230mm = $2200ish

Having some real trouble nailing it down.
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Photography in Gaming

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I enjoy Photo mode and stuff like that but I feel like i could use some improvement. any advice or criticism is welcome
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How do you find decent places for taking the photos?

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Is there some way to find an interesting places to shoot nearby? Should I consider travelling across the state or it's possible to take good pics in hometown only? I live in a very industrial city filled with garbage architecture. Pic just for example.

Time of Day

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What's the best time of day or season/weather for different types of photography?
I've noticed mornings golden hour or before is ideal for woodlands and a lot of types of landscaping because it's when the shadows are harshest while also favouring the foliage, conversely if shooting archi or street slightly after the sun being overhead is ideal- typically 1-2pm for the slight but soft shadows
What other weird exceptions are there
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Whoops looks like my last thread image capped
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