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Vegas coomer strikes again

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Hey all, took some photos of this Russian chick and thought I'd post them here. Was a pretty fun shoot and got a few good ones. Took about a month off as I had a shoot get canceled and it bummed me out because I put a lot into planning it. Will hopefully upload more in the future.

I also bought one of those photo studios from Amazon which helped with the lighting this time around.
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Favorite photo thread

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What's the picture you've taken that makes you happiest to look at, /p/?
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/SPT/ - Street Photography Thread

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Post your street work, Critic, Discuss strategies, etc...

We all suck edition™
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Traditional still photographer

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*in a non sexual way, you virgins.
Can anyone identify the photographer who takes these amazing traditional stills? Ive seen a few and love them because they remind me of old italian towns. I do similar shots but its getting hard to find nude models these days
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flowers thread

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B&W General

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I never really develop in B&W, but I'm hoping to get into it the next few weeks and see how I fare.

What does /pee/ think about the green filter aesthetic for portraits? Beautiful raw detail or meme city?
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i swear to god i fucking hate this app and its ability to surprise me by worsening every update. what's the best alternative to this?
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Low key photography

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Tried myself on lowkey photography.
how to do it properly ? how to light and how to position and shoot ?
i am quite good at high key stuff but i cant shoot low-key for shit.
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>wildlife photography
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