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Will it ever be surpassed in soul?
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If this photo was taken by Ken Rockwell with a Digipix from 2006, you'd all be laughing your ass off.

But it was shot by Steve McCurry so you all cream your panties and it makes people pay $20 museum tickets.
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Serious question /p/

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How can I be more photogenic? I feel like people usually avoid taking pictures with me because I look really bad on camera for some reason, to the point where even some girls have told me about it.
And it's not like I'm ugly or anything... most girls told me I'm a 7-8/10 IRL but for some reason whenever I take photos I look weirdly ugly and unnatural. Personally I think it's because I have an ugly fucking rapeface smile but I dunno (btw sorry for the blogpost but I'm too ashamed to ask for help on this elsewhere)

>am a dude btw
>pic related is the smile I always try to imitate but fail
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/vid/ - Video general

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It doesn't get better edition
All video related questions and discussion is intended for this thread. Here we discuss techniques, gear and anything else related to capturing video footage. Please don't pretend to be an expert if you don't know what you're talking about. Kindly leave your ego at the door.
Posting short films/scripts or other work you've done is encouraged.
We tend to use and recommend DSLRs/mirrorless cameras because they provide phenomenal picture quality for their price, have large sensors (ie the same size used in high-end cinema cameras and higher) and have interchangeable lenses.
In contrast, consumer camcorders normally have much smaller sensors and a fixed lens.

>Helpful guide, additional books and more in-depth FAQs -

Previous thread >>3549538

Quick FAQS
>what’s the best camera available on a “budget”?
The blackmagic pocket cinema camera 4k, by a considerable margin
>>what’s a good beginner video camera?
Buy a used canon m50
>Can I use a zoom lens for video?
>Do I need cine lenses?
>Do I need 4k?
No. It will make your footage look sharper if it’s in focus, and it gives you breathing room in post. But 1080p is still absolutely fine
>Are camcorders okay?
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First real camera

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Hello /p/,

Christmas being just around the corner, and having saved 1K €, I was thinking of buying my first camera. I travel quite a lot and well phone photography isn't the best, and for my job it can be real useful to have quality pictures for the reports on the places I visit/work on.

Basically, I did a bit of research online, and was wandering what you guys recommend?
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Wow, /p/ actually has a few photo threads up right now, makes me feel all warm inside. It's been a while since I've made one so it's time.

This is going to be a random mix of stuff from the last maybe 5 months or so. Landscape, wilderness, backpacking, autumn, stuff like that. Developed 35 e6 sheets tonight and will develop about that many c41 sheets in the next couple days, and still have a few hundred already developed ones to sort and scan, so I'll be posting as I go.

Here's a more recent one from the autumn.
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Why is this photo so famous?
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1 year into photography recap

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So it's been almost a year since i started with photography. I've been doing it as a hobby after attending a product photography class at univerisity (product design) and sparked my intrest in the discipline.
So i bought a DSLR (canon 800D) and started shooting around my city. I'm familiar with photoshop and graphic design programs in general but I don't know any photo editing techniques in particular so I'm just following my taste. My problem is that I don't know what I like to do, one day I'm digging product photography, the next day I wanna try some portrait, the day after I'm liking landscapes and night photography.
What does /p/ think of my stuff?
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/DST/ Digishit Thread

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ITT, you post pictures taken with shitty digicams.

Everything still matters like composition and lighting, but you have to use the shittiest digital compact you have, bonus points if you don't have to resize to get under 1000px longest side. Digital artifacts are not only welcomed, they are encouraged. OP picture has two dead pixels.

All gear discussion ITT should be about finding the shittiest gear and shooting with it.
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