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Post useful /p/ shit
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> search catalog
> no terry thread
Post rare Terry's.
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>This is the SECRET BEST DAMN LENS ever made bar none. The bees knees, fillet mignon steak of all lenses, 10/10, incredible saturation and unbelievable micro contrast and rendering, exquisite image all day long
>Not a single photograph taken with this lens
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Halloween theme

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post your spoopy photos guys

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Have you taken a photo today?
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I'll just post a shot once per week to keep it bumped.
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Is it worth looking second hand for strobes?
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i'm a beginner to photography and this was taken on my phone but what are some improvements i could make

my instagram is marleyybarleyy for more photos
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September 2019

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Hi /p/ are these worth anything

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Was gifted these by my aunt, are any of them worth anything? I still have manual and some receipts thanks
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