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>3 Dimensional Printing Edition

This is the Film General Thread.
It's ok to post film gear questions in this thread.
It is better to post your film photos in this thread

Film Community Links:

Have you made a DIY camera? How do you feel about new 3D printed ones as an alternative to older bodies?

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This is a photograph of "Fountain
Sculpture by Marcel Duchamps" not The Fountain
Sculpture by Marcel Duchamps.
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Post your latest work

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Curious to see what people been shooting during pandemic.
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What does /pee/ think about the Kolari Pocket?
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Who are some of the best photographers of all time?
Hard mode: No Ansel Adams
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When are we getting GH6??
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Photos you took

Fuck the categories.
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What editor do you use /p/?

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I've been using RawTherapee since I started using RAW but it does feel a little limited. I see some anons use darktable according to their exif but the learning curve looks ridiculous. Should I just go for Lightroom and Photoshop? I'd like to get a little HDR going and that kind of thing but Rawtherapee just doesn't offer that.

I'm interested to hear what some of you use and whether you ever wonder about using paid software or moving to free software.
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Which standard zoom for an EOS R6?

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>RF 24-70mm f/2.8L IS USM
-pretty fast at f/2.8 and has IS, the ultimate low light lens
-$2300 is no small chunk of change
-not as much reach as the 24-105
-optical quality is best of three
-quite large and heavy

>RF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM
-the lightest weight of these three, but still quite weighty on the small mirrorless body
-only $1000
-has IS but only f/4
-sharp, but not as sharp as 24-70

>RF 28-70mm f/2L USM
-fast, at f/2, and remarkably sharp; like having three primes in one
-$3000 and sold out everywhere
-a literal glass hand grenade, 95mm filter threads, absolutely enormous
-large enough that I'd want to have a secondary standard zoom, for when this was too heavy/big to carry around
-lots of clout online for using such a lens
-no optical IS (R6 has IBIS, but it doesn't do as much on its own as when working in concert with a lens that has optical IS)

I have the money to buy one of these to keep on my R6 90% of the time, but I don't like the idea of owning multiple similar lenses when I'm only going to use one of them.
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>digital command dials
>AF-On button for back button focusing
>AF joystick for arcade-like AF point positioning fun
>a grip that actually fits in your hand, fills your hand and feels good in your hand
>shutter positioned right at your fingertip, no need to contort your finger like with the X-T4
>.......and it has an X-trans sensor
Damn, fuji. So close, yet so far away. When will they produce a decent camera with a decent sensor?
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