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Whoops looks like my last thread image capped
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What is the absolute SHARPEST lens that I can buy for my Canon full-frame camera for under $1000 AUD?

I want to be able to see myself in the reflection of my subject's eyes. I want to be able to crop in so far that no one would be able to tell that I've cropped the image.

>pic not related
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haha camera go 'click whirrrrrrr flabbaflabbaflabbp'

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Am i A talented photographer?
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Budget, entry-level 1080p camera for making YouTube vids?

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Preferably not some $500+ Canon.
Don't care about audio quality, since this is for instructional vids that I will add text overlays to, and not vlogging shit.
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flash help

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I need a flat profile shot of a truck on a highway from about 500' away, in partial darkness. Can't be less than 1/125 f4 6400ISO. The highway itself isn't illuminated but a parking lot I'm shooting over will be. How do I calculate how much light I need, whether or not my existing flashes are good enough, and how to time it so the flash meets the truck at the correct time? My current experience with flashes boils down to setting them to automatic and letting the camera figure it out on tv mode. I've used a flash gun before but it was set on an external remote, whose settings were automatically pulled from the camera in the same way a normal flash is.

I've done some test shots against a blank wall and can't seem to get the timing juuust right, either my pictures come out too early or too late after the flash. I'd go rent a full size strobe but I'm not going to bother until I know how to configure it.

Pic related.

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A friend of mine with a nice car messaged this well-known photographer from our city asking about getting a photoshoot done, and this is what he said.

Is it just me or is this completely fucked? I can understand charging this much for something important like a wedding but I honestly believe that there isn't a single photographer on Earth who is worth being paid this much for car photos.
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an indie band contacted me to use a photo i took of them at a show, offering to pay me some money. they're not huge, but they've toured internationally... their instagram has about 11k followers.

my photography has only ever been a casual hobby, i only shoot 35 mm, and i have no idea how i should respond.

what do?

pic unrelated
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Macroshit thread

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Previous thread: >>3652037

>Nikon D3400, Sigma 105mm
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Leica thread part 4, this shit's only just getting started edition

Just a chill thread to post photos taken with your Leica and talk about Leica gear
(other branded Leica M mount and M39 screw mount cameras are accepted!)
Last thread: >>3657733

>Why do you hate a camera brand that you'll never even afford to own /p/?
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