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Does this suck? Reddit told me it sucks, but I personally love it.
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Lads, I have a bunch of fun taking pictures, but when I look at them in Lightroom I always feel like they are boring, uninteresting or straight up trash. This makes me pretty depressed, and I just stop going out to take pics for months at a time. It's not like I even put them on flikr, Instagram or any other photo-social site and get poor ratings, I just hate everything I shoot and I feel like I can never do anything right.

Does anyone else struggle with this?
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I just got back into photography after working exclusively with film in highschool. I'm mainly interested in astrophotography, so it would be neat to see some shots from people who have been doing it awhile.

Here's one of my first attempts.
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/SQG/ Thread. Stupid Question General

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For all your questions that don't warrant their own thread.
Use the /gear/ thread for gear related questions.

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Is there any camera with a RYB bayer filter.

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The only reason why the cameras have a RGB filter, is because our eyes also are only sensitive to RGB colors too.

But the real primary colors are Red, Yellow and Blue.

Green is the mixture of blue and yellow.

I guess a RYB sensor camera would have better colors.
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Im drunk and someone on /b/ said this was a good photo, what do you guys think? will post more pics if I need to, photography is def a hobby for me
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Luigi Ghirri (1943 - 1992)

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One of the colour pioneers. Known for selective use of prime desaturated colours, strong compositions of grounded everyday scenes, and often present whit and humour in his work.

Feel free to discuss and contribute.
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At what point did you realize that having talent means absolutely nothing when it comes to becoming a recognized and popular photographer with a steady stream of paying clients?
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/skill/ thread

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Just like /gear/ but for skill. What new things have you shot recently? What did you learn? What do you want to learn?
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