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xt-1 or a6000?

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looking for a cheaper mirrorless camera sub 250 usd and these seem to be solid options. Mainly looking to adapt my other glass when i'm too lazy to shoot film.
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someone enable my gearfaggotry and buy my nikon gear ty
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Nearly bought a Fuji but saw this...

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Could be a glitch but they'd have to honor it right?
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a7R IIIa and a7R IVa Refresh!!

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Get in here brothers, need your advice on whether it's worth upgading to the new a7R IIIa from my A7R III?

>The most notable change is a dramatic upgrade to the rear LCD resolution, which jumps from 1,440,000 dots to 2,359,296 dots. Two other changes come to both cameras as well: The Sony logo under the LCD monitor has been removed, and the USB port has been upgraded to USB 3.2 “SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps.”
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best digital camera under 600$

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ive been shooting film on a Nikon FM2 and am looking for a digital camera for street photography like a rangefinder maybe (?) just give me some recs
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Workstation Setup Thread

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just post photos of where you work at home or at yuor place of business so I can admire them.

Nikon MF camera

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Sup /p/

I stumbled across this 6x6 MF Nikon camera online and nearly jizzed my pants as I thought no such thing existed. But I can't find any info about it, only pics with the included fisheye, but doesn't anyone know if my regular F mount lenses will work on this?

/rpt/ - Recent Photo Thread

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The other thread is nearly at the limit.
Previous thread: >>3850904
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What's your favorite filter? I'm looking at a tiffen black pro mist or a glimmer glass currently. I just want to make city lights and neon look nicer and give me something new to play with

citiscapes & imaginary xpan

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sup /p/,
for a while I've been taking pictures with what's known as the "x-pan" crop format (65:24) cropped from a conventional sensor. It has recently occurred to me that it would be nice to share them in a dedicated thread, although you might have seen some of them previously on /rpt/ where I contribute occasionally.
I hope you will share my indulgence in this wide format as you view my work.
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