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first threat

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hey /p/ ,it is the first time I post here, it happens that this Saturday I will take semi erotic pictures of a girl and I wanted to know if they knew of some kind of pose, focus or maybe some camera trick so that the images come out more fancy (? ... PD: unrelated pic

Nikon Coolpix P900 16MP 83x Zoom

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Debating......Should I Buy This ?
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Some recommendations for architecture pictures?
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No matter how many times i wipe with a micro fiber cloth the fucking lens still have wipe marks

How the fuck do i get rid of this shit
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This line looks jagged in full view on my monitor. Why, how do I smooth it? I tried the tutorials and its fine a bit closer but full zoom its Amiga graphics

Deoxyribose Thread

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Expect truck stop shenanigans, Southeast regional, moar Bonneville, reposts, trolls gonna troll, plenty of shitposting, hurr shooger you succ, sprinkled with the occasional titties and typical Florida landscapes

>shooting landscape
>in a flat state

Shig and dig

As always OP is a faggot.
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>owns $50k of gear
>knows a lot about cameras and lenses
>knows nothing about taking a good photo
>claims to do a few photo jobs a month, doesn't have a portfolio
>his flickr is full of boomer memes and snapshits of flowers and girls on horses
>doesn't use affiliate links (based)
>this old nikon lens is really good and you should buy it. coincidentally i happen to have 15 copies that are just about to appear on ebay after i upload this video
>does unpaid tech-support for fujifilm
>fuck sony and fuck sigma
>knows ancient greek
what's his endgame?
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Ricoh GRII or Sony a6000

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Help me /p/, i have the opportunity to buy either the Ricoh GRii or the Sony a6000. Both are in similar condition. The ricoh is selling for 600CAD, and the a6000 is for 470CAD.
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Beginners Film Camera

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I asked in another thread what film camera I should get for a 100 dollars or less.I want to get a decent camera, because up until now i've been using disposables.The criteria are:
-shoots 35mm film
-mechanical or using common batteries
-good beginners camera

I'm debating between the Canon a-1, the Pentax K1000 and a Konica Autoreflex T2
It's gonna be used for mainly urbex stuff, so it has to be a bit robust. Thinking of the Canon, talk me out of it
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Take a picture of your eye
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