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choice of perspective

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Jimmy Chin Masterclass

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Anyone has this for sharing?
Would be great.

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Hey anon those photos you have uploaded on instragram we're great! Keep up the good work!
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Anyone had a similar problem?

So my shutter button just stopped working. I had my camera for half a year without any issues and then all of sudden the shutter button started to act weird. It would lag when taking a picture until it just stopped altogether. It focuses normally on half press but it cant take a picture.

I tried the following:
>changed battery
>did a setting reset
>tried a different lens
>tried a manual focus lens
>changed the card

I thought it might have something to do with the card to camera connection but no. Now I'm thinking it might be corrosion or humidity problem.

Anyone had similar issue? Know how to fix it?
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/clean/gear/ thread

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Who here /clean/gear/?

>Previous Thread

Forays into cleaning lenses, made do with warm-moist breath, fresh pack of soft q-tips, and a can of compressed air.

Wasn't sure about risking any of the microfibre cloths or glass cleaner fluid, but still noticed ever so slightly fine micro-scratches (we're talking many little ones perhaps a micrometer wide). I suppose its impossible to avoid, and it's not visible on images.

>Also new /gear/ thread. Discuss
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Girls with cameras

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lets do this
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/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread

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Stupid questions that need no extra thread. Post them here and get enlightened.
Last Thread >>3386761
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Photography Career

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How many anons here are actually making a living doing this? Is photography even a viable career in 2018-2020? Seems like the market is completely cornered by people who made their careers 10 years ago...
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Check my photos. critics are welcome
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