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how did daido get such close focus here? what trickery is this?
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/gear/ - Gear Thread

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Last Thread: >>3093675

Anything about lenses, cameras, mounts, systems, buying, pricing, selling, etc. GOES IN HERE!

Do not open new threads for gear-related issues.
No pointless (brand) arguments and dick waving allowed! You have been warned! Just questions, answers, and advice.

And don't forget, be polite.
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ITT post your favorite photographs of cinematic but real scenarios that feel like they're from a movie. These are my favorite types of photographs.
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who are the greatest photographers of all time? list your favorites.
Image Created2016:11:29 11:29:20
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Image Data ArrangementChunky Format
Compression SchemeUnknown
Pixel CompositionUnknown
Horizontal Resolution300 dpi
Vertical Resolution300 dpi
Image Height3690
Equipment MakeNewcolorV2 3.0588021278 1.0588020086 1.5344158411 1.5344158411 0.15000000596
Color Space InformationsRGB
Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop Elements 11.0 Windows
Image Width2480

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How do you take a photo like this?
>A shitty party photo?

No, how did he get it to appear so crisp and bright? I'm not talking about composition here.
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So I'm about to launch my website in getting serious about photography

But I play to do all my work under a fictitious pen name based off a famous character.

I'm doing this becuase of my own personal experiences and anxiety also I feel my birth name isn't marketable brandwise.

So if I use a famous fictitious character as my name for my body of work do i have a chance of getting sued, also will it come across a still if I do this.

I also plan to release music under this moniker but photography will be my prime gig

Sorry if this seems silly to ask
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God Cinestill is a shit film.
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Night Photo Thread

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Alright guys lets have a nice and fun Night Photo Thread.
Image Created2017:06:16 20:27:10
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Horizontal Resolution72 dpi
Vertical Resolution72 dpi
Image Height966
Color Space InformationsRGB
Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CS5 Windows
Image Width1453

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ITT: Underrated Photographers

Bart van Leeuwen
Image Created2011:03:23 22:27:34
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Horizontal Resolution300 dpi
Vertical Resolution300 dpi
Image Height1462
Color Space InformationUncalibrated
Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CS4 Windows
Image Width1185

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Any good rangefinders (film or digital)?

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Hey anon,
I'm thinking of getting a decent rangefinder but I'm having trouble deciding between film/digital. I'll be using it mainly for street/ everyday photography and maybe some portrait too. I do not mind manual focusing or shooting film, but what am I not sure is which system is better at being discreet and unobtrusive while shooting. From the analog side, I'm thinking of Olympus SP 35 or Canonet QL17. I might consider the newer Fuji X-Pro/X100T as they seem to be pretty cheap for digital. I would prefer to have manual control over the camera in addition to auto modes (so that leaves several rangefinders out, e.g. Yashica Electro). Let me know if there's any other models you would recommend.

INB4 Get a Leica, too overpriced desu
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