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Properly named edition.

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99% of the sacred monsters of street photography (magnum etc) are just hailed because they were
1. the first ones to do so
2. captured a different era that is now gone
3. few people took photos to begin with

If any of these photos were taken today they'd be called snapshits by /p/ and dismissed.
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Sony General Thread

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A step closer

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I've been thinking about taking my photography more seriously and want to apply to my local newspaper. What do you think my odds aren't if i didn't gone to college.
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What's the difference of being in "movie mode" and just pushing the record button

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I took some photos the other day. Are they interesting at least?
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Planning on going to Egypt soon to take some snapshits on both film and digital

Any tips or recommendations? Anything from what film to take with me, places to check out/avoid, etc.
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What are some obvious filters to out shit photographers?
>using Sony Cameras
>Mirrorless cameras
>Using lenses made by Viltrox, Meiki, Samyang(Rokinon)
>Using vintage lenses
>Using Russian lenses
>Taking photos of animals
>Taking photos of sleeping homeless people
Anything else?
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do you actually work in something related to photography?

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Just wondering
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