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>really really REALLY want to get a new(er) DSLR because mine is very old and not so good anymore
>jobless uni student still living with parents and have no way of being able to afford my dream camera (Canon 80D)

This feels bad, man. How do you guys get over not having the camera of your dreams, and having to stick with your current one?
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HI /p/,

I am going to Hong Kong soon.
Of course I will look into the reviews of those-that-should-not-be-mentioned for spots as I recently realized that's where they always filmed their things, but

Can anyone recommend places where I can buy on location all these silly small accessories that you otherwise:
*find on Ebay for 0,01 times the cost at our shops;
*take 30-900 days to arrive via untracked mail, shipped from Hong Kong;

...like lens caps, filters, tripod mounts, 35mm negative sleeves (actually, ESPECIALLY 35mm negative sleeves).

Also, are TLRs and other film stuff, older Nikkor manual lenses cheaper to buy from Hong Kong than from Ebay?
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/fgt/ - Film General Thread

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bentax 67 edition

old thread: >>3463238

All analog/film photography related questions and general discussion is to take place in this thread.
35mm, 120, medium format, large format, instant, polaroid, instax, C41, E6, B&W, developing, scanning, labs, darkroom etc.
Feel free to post photos, we want to see that beautiful grainy goodness!

Useful Links:

>posting in /fgt/ doesn't make you gay, unless you hate the sweet sound of the bentax shutter slap
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Bare Minimum Thread

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ITT half decent gear.

Everyone masturbates on the most technologically advanced and expensive equipment, fighting over what is a very diminishing return over very large investments just to defend their brand of choice.

For a change, let's talk about what you'd consider the bare minimum dedicated equipment to take half decent photos. The cheapest, the better.

tl;dr gear thread for poorfag
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All of /p/'s photo threads in a convenient list.

Because people are always bitching that there are no photo threads and that no one no one ever gives critique. Here's a way to make it easier to find photo threads that you might want to critique or participate in.

>Why not just use the catalog?
Because the photo threads are all intermixed with gear threads and shitposts. Here, they're all in one list.

>This is dumb, fuck you
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Why was Contax so underrated especially with their Zeiss lenses?

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What got you into photography? For me it was wanting to take good clearer photos and a cell phone wasn't cutting it..
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i think zoom lenses are retarded because they aren't as sharp as primes, bulkier, and promote laziness (the concept of turning a ring instead of physically moving to compose a shot astounds me). thoughts?
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why are phone reviewers and DSL fags so hateful towards this camera?

This camera is so powerful and gives you so much information to edit with.
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Prove to me that you don't need to have expensive gear to be a good photographer.

>Pro-tip: you can't
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