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Macroshit thread nr.2

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last one: >>3671331
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what's the little red button for on my camera? i'm only asking because google hasn't helped me.
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do you take care of your shit?
i don't really, i want to but i always end up losing lens caps and getting everything wet and dropping shit carelessly
honestly it doesn't seem to affect it that much
my rebel xt from 2008 has a million+ shutters on it and still kicks it
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/SPT/ - Street Photography Thread

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Post your street work, Critic, Discuss strategies, etc...

We all suck edition™
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Astro thread

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Post your astro pics, get me inspired to shoot some astro again. Here are a couple of old ones.
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Pictures from space

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I am making a catalog of pictures of planets and stars. does anyone have any thing like pic related
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Who would win? Tony Northrup vs Ken Rockwell

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Fight to the death, no weapons
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>Enrolled in Photography online class in college
>School to incompetent's to give us access to Adobe photoshop
>Cant do anything about it and have assignments that require photo editing

Any free alternative apps like photoshop for to recommend?
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How to get two flowers at same time in focus and have blur background?
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Hello from /diy/, /p/hotographers,
I come to you in my hour of need.
Pic related is a LOMO cinema lens, it has water damage inside somehow, found it at my old place.
How does one open this thing and what's the best way to clean something like this?
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