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/Mftg/ - Micro Four Thirds General - Super Sale edition

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Mftg Micro Four Thirds General - Super Sale edition
Get 20% off on all olympus cameras.
Thinking of getting the EM10 Mark iii for $240.
What do you think?
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Yo cool car pics, go
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Instagram review thread part deux

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You know the drill. Post your gram, but you have to review others.
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Some Photos!!!

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In this thread, I return to post some more photos that I have taken and which were taken by me and which I'll post in this thread. Some of these are really spicy ones! I hope you like spice in your photos. Personally, a little bit of spice is okay, but not too much. I've seen some photos which are all spice and not flavour. This doens't work, because I don't know what I'm supposed to be tasting! A man cannot survive on chilli peppers alone; they need to be mashed into a paste and then made into sauce and put onto chicken wings or a similar sort of food. It's better that way. If you try to eat just chilli peppers you will surely tear a hole in your stomach, because they're all spice with no substance. Where are the oils? The salts? The nutrition? Food needs to be more than one flavour, and also have some sort of value to it beyond the flavour it carries. Otherwise you'd just eat sugar cereals all day like a damn kid! Your teeth would rot from your head and you'd have a hole in your stomach, and not the ones that are supposed to be there at either end.

I hope you enjoy my photos.
Gosh darn,
Love you all,
Wishing you the best,
Stephen "Jordan (the Country)" Anonymous
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Advice - EOS R

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Been out of the game for a little while, but my circumstances have changed overnight and I need to upgrade my video capabilities. I'm looking at picking up an EOS R during this Holiday season.

I'd be using it alongside the 2.5k BMCC for corporate videos and the occasional headshot.

You guys are the only ones I trust to tell the cold hard truth. Is there anything I need to be aware of on this model? Any horrible problems or glitchy shit I should know about?

Thanks guys.

Pictures of bugs

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I took this picture of a spider. I think it's pretty good. Do you have any pictures of bugs too?
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Camera Repair Thread

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Anyone fix their own shit? You do fix your own cameras, don't you?

My most recent repair, RF calibration, basic CLA on this Fuji GS645S. The rod that slides the RF back and forth was gunked up and I pulled it apart and cleaned it.
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zeta up

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talk about some freak weather
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Why would anyone drop 700 bucks on a camera with no viewfinder?
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