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Ive sunk the lowest.

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I went outside yesterday and started filming people without their permission.

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Portrait thread
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>/p/ would unironically say too much negative space at the top and to crop tighter.
Fucking hacks lmao

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Anyone documenting the oppression and genocide of white people? In 100 years people will look back on my work as visionary desu senpai.
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Hey guys, any of you had creepy encounters during photography trips / explorations?

I was around 18 ( 21 now ) and was exploring abandoned buildings while on last trip with my highschool class.

Went into a huge building that used to be a apartaments complex until around 15-20 years ago.

The whole place was trashed, it only had one locked door that you went in through a hallway that was kinda hardly reachable and clean compared to the rest. Out of curiosity I broke the door and found in a very preserved appartament that was owned by a photographer.( He had a makeshift darkroom and chemicals etc but I assume he died, I found his passport and he should've been over 95.)

Inside I found a lot of creepy objects and pictures, a very tall stuffed bear, dolls that were all around the room and tens of pictures with corpses ( Not shot in the police criminalist way, more like artsy )

Macro Photography General

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I think the 3 of us need a macro thread again.

Post your gear, even if duct tape and spray paint is all that's holding it together (yes, you.)
Post your photos; even the discards if you don't want to share your pro stuff.
You-you there with the mantids, yes you may even post your mantids.

If you do post something, post what gear you are using, and how you took it. Not that this is a gear thread, but knowing does help the rest of us (me).

>this pic's gear description in next post
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Who /diy/ photo studio?

Pls share tips, stories...

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ITT Instagram pages

post em, rate em, hate em, etc.

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Can someone please fucking explain why his community is on his dick? He gets free time at the studio he shoots at because they think he is so amazing. I personally think he maybe has 3 ok photos at best.
I just don't get it.
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