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Name pls, vid link mahbeh

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LA New Girl. Shes perfect! Can't find on site.
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Alexey Titarenko

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Trying to replicate some of Alexey Titarenko's work for my university project.

Using a Nikon D7000 with ND filter and a shutter speed of around 1 second, I'm just not seeing the results I am looking for.

Any advice?
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Sheep Skull

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Thoughts on using white border for aesthetic
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a film camera that shoots widescreen pics

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So im very far from calling myself a pro in photography, i only like film photography tho. I want to shoot something like widescreen pics with a film cam, but i dont think that panorama is what i need. Basically i want a film photo cam, that takes smth-between-16:9-and-cierama format photos
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What camera does he use to record such high quality videos at night time with low light?
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I want to do macro photography, what's the best gear I can get?
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Reminder to Leica users from Ken Rockwell
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doto phump

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getting to the end of the shitty weather so I figured the timing was right to start a thread and add to it (as i hopefully do more than shoot on my way to/from work)
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You guys wanna edit again? Call my composition shit and teach me how to edit.
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