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anyone need a m42 mount lens? Bought a RMC tokina from ebay and its in pristine condition. Problem is my nikon has a different mount so I cant use it anyway and the seller has no returns policy.
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Formerly NMP3200fag

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Well it’s been about a year since I got the name from that thread of my P3200 shots. And a year later I finally ordered more TMax and Delta 3200. Anyhow, figured I’d show some highlights and snapshits from the last year. Was my birthday recently so a lot of these have been printed.

Pic is the Cameradactyl darkroom
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Beginner Thread

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1) Ignore troll threads
2) Find your earliest beginner shots that you liked
3) Post here with the year
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I'm going to HK this week. Any tips for not dying during this le epik street photo trip?
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Canon EOS RP $999. Rip Nikon Z50

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Wtf won't Nikon fucking forget about APSC.

Nikon Z50 is dead before release. Who would by a tiny sensor instead of a big sensor?

Just fucking release a FX mirrorless camera for $600. Remove the fucking EVF. If they fucking can release a D3400 for under $600 and it has mirrors and a ton of shit inside, they sure can release a FX mirrorless camera for $600. All it needs is to record 4k movies and a back LCD that can flip.

If they also release a F mount to Z mount adapter that can AF the D lenses and also get the aperture of AI lenses. This would kill any other mirrorless cameras.

Very cheap lenses and a very cheap FX body.
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What do I need in order to take pictures like this? can I just use any camera and then edit the pictures with some sort of software or do I need a specific type of gear to achieve the same feel?
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sorry if this is stoopid question

new to photography. have sony a7 ii

this lens (photo related) has great reviews Sigma 85mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM but reviews are for nikon. and reviews with sony is good, but not great.

Question is does this lens work better with nikon or should it be the same with sony?

also local shop has one for good price (which is why i'm asking) but glass is scratched but owner says "just cosmetic" and says it doesn't show up in pics. has 30 days returns.
is it like iphone where screen has some light scratches you can see when the phone is off, but when the phone is turned on and the screen is on you can't see anything?
Basically saying is it OK to buy if the scratches don't appear in photos or should I avoid.
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Am i a talented photographer?
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