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Hallo /p/

I can't say how long I've been searching for free high res Billy Talent photos from 2006/2007 (yes, the band is shit now)
And as we all know, Getty have everything - and this pic would actually be big enough to get it printed in 40x60

I don't wanna know how to get that pic without the watermark, I'm just asking you guys how YOU would edit the photo to make the watermark less annoying
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Spring Time General - /STG/

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Spring is in the air (in countries that actually matter).

Post your blooming flora, emerging wildlife, outdoors portraits. It doesn't matter, it just needs some life and some sun.

Get out and take some pics damnit. Winter is over.
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Are there Fujifilm X-Series photographer here? What's your camera and your favorite lenses?

Any recommended third party lenses?
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I'n the 90's they couldn't shot a less grainy photo?

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I know it is cropped, but damn.
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/rpt/ June Edition

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June Edition.
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Welp?! I guess it's time to buy that m43 for birbing then

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>"Canon and I have agreed to end our partnership by mutual agreement".
>I am not an Olympus Ambassador and I don't intend to be. I've said to Olympus that I will say what I find about the system, warts and all, and I'm certainly not being paid to use it. It's all my choice.
>My future direction is to stay independant and to use the best system each individual part of my business.
>right now I am using the Olympus system for my wildlife photography, the Canon 5D4 for underwater and am testing a Panasonic for my video work.
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It's been 12 years I made this photo, just wanted to share it with you.
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IG tier posting

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This makes me very angry
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Portrait thread

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Post, discuss, and r8 portraits.
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/rpt/ Recent Photo Thread

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Last one hit the image limit.

Took this on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.
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