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"The one you have with you" is a huge snapshitter meme and I immediately discard the opinion of anyone who spouts it. It's a snapper's mindset.
Photography is about capturing your vision in a still image. The thoughtless snapshittery has no vision. True art involves planning, you scout for locations, then research the light in the area and then show up with your camera when the light is just right. Assuming you don't control the light, of course. But studio photography is planned too, so it's not an argument for "the one you have with you".
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Dry Development?

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>Trying to get film developed locally in the US without having to give it to an expensive lab
>Go to local store
>Ask if they can develop it
>Say it's a 200 speed color film
>"We don't do color films anymore, they're too sensitive to temperature changes and we got rid of that equipment years ago"
>Bite the bullet and send it off anyways, not time sensitive and it was $5 but it takes 2 weeks
>"If it was black and white, I could do it with dry development"
>Dry Development
This guy was pulling my leg, right? I've done photography for years and never heard of dry development. Also, what places still offer 1 hour film development?
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Which film camera is the most based? Protip: it's the Konica c35 EF
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Bird photography

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I have bought myself a t70 some lenses and a 2x teleconverter.
I am ready to start basic bird photography.

What are some nice tips for finding birds in the wild. I always seem to lose them. They are kinda scared I think.
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I'm looking for a camera to do OnlyFans stuff with, pictures and videos. Anything that would be a significant upgrade from my Iphone 11.
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How did a startup create the best camera bag against the likes of lowepro and manfrotto?

Only downside i've seen about the bag is you get some lines where the mag latch elastic is
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— Photo Challenge 10 —

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• Theme: Transportation
• Deadline: From April 14 to April 28

Cars, buses, bikes, boats, and even skateboards, anything that can be used to transport things.

• Photo must be taken during the timeline. Images taken before this thread was started won't count.
• Post images with exif, if possible. If you can't, just state that they were taken during the timeline.
• Three entries per photographer max.
• After the competition ends, all valid images will be posted for voting. There will be one vote per anon.

• You're encouraged to post your images that fit the theme even if they're out of competition.
• You may title your images if you wish.
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Graffiti Set

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sup /p/. Last weekend I spent an evening with a buddy who was commissioned to graffiti a wall behind a subway station. Here are the photos.

All shot on my fujica st-801 with the 55mm 1.8.
Tri-x at box speed.

Enjoy, or don't.
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>bought DSLR with 18-140mm
>bought 35mm
>bought 70-300mm
>don't take any pictures for the entire winter because my camera says not to use it under freezing and it's routinely well below 0 degrees F here
I'm back to taking pics again bros but how do I take pics in the winter?
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Gearfags and Photography

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I really fucking wish the gearfaggots were as autistic about photography/photographers as they are about gear.
Why you are like this bros? This mere mindless consooming of analogue and digital toy will turn your soul into a spiritual desert. Why you aren't obsessive about art? Why do you fags focus on tools and not the artwork?
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