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Paris protests

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Last saturday I went in Paris to shoot the ongoing protests.

How did I do?
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How do I take photos like Terry with just a basic DSLR?
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I fucking hate street photography. It's such a disgusting thing.
Seriously, shooting random people, often homeless without their fucking consent is absolutely disgusting.
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astrophotography thread

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what you guys see when you look up?

waiting for clouds to clear so i can see 46P Wirtanen
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Wildlife Thread

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Was gonna do a photo dump, but can't be bothered maintaining a thread. Post your wildlife. I'll post some recent stuff as things move along.

Found a Barred Owl last week...
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Has anyone here made the switch from Canon/Nikon DSLR to Sony mirrorless? Are you happy?

Has anyone tried it any switched back?

Thoughts either way?
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I can't take this shit anymore - HOW does one decide what ND filter he needs?
If I buy for example ND32, and realize it's too bright or too dark for what I need, then what?
For example, if I was to buy three ND filters, which ones to buy to have it all covered?
I've tried variable NDs, but they suck ass.
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gunna need your thoughts, fellas
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>ITT: Photos that make your heart beat faster
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Segue Thread pt. 4

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>post a photo of your own that corresponds to an object or motif in the picture in the post above yours

Continuing from >>3317213
>street food
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