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>Enrolled in Photography online class in college
>School to incompetent's to give us access to Adobe photoshop
>Cant do anything about it and have assignments that require photo editing

Any free alternative apps like photoshop for to recommend?
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/pgt/- portrait general thread

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the last one i started went decently so here's a third:

talk composition, processing, subjects, c&c, maybe even a little gear in here.

PRICE FOR ENTRY IS A PORTRAIT THAT YOU YOURSELF SHOT. anyone else will be treated as a bitter, nophoto, nocamera, larper.

Experiences with nightclub photography

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Anyone have any advice about nightclub photography?

What gear is important? A good flash I presume.. what about lenses? Something wide angle? Is a large aperture important or does it not really matter because of the flash?

Also, HAve you got into any weird or interesting situations while photographing in clubs?
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How to do snapseed lens blur in photoshop?

which one to get

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New Panasonic S5 vs XT4 for video?

Dual native iso vs one grand extra to spend on glass?
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It's dead Jim...
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I created a discord server to meet like-minded, creative people, talk about creativity, share work, critique, and make friends.
If you would like to join, please do!
It's brand new, and only a few people there, but we all share same goals.
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Leica thread part 4, this shit's only just getting started edition

Just a chill thread to post photos taken with your Leica and talk about Leica gear
(other branded Leica M mount and M39 screw mount cameras are accepted!)
Last thread: >>3657733

>Why do you hate a camera brand that you'll never even afford to own /p/?
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>Me on youtube playing a playlist in the background while playing a game.
>Youtube: Hah nothing personal, kid

How tf do i disable the auto stop on youtube??

Random night shots

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Looks pretty neat now that the wildfires have turned everything smokey
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