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Blurry snap shits

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Photographs with potential but the focus is just whack
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new at photography, judge my shit :)

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Only creeps shoot street
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Leicas for who?

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Tried out a Leica last night and not all that impressed. They're just heavy, slippery cameras with high pricetags. Can someone explain the appeal beyond muh leica cred?

An X-Pro 2 seems like a good idea if I can get one before they disappear.
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>there is something so gorgeous about this lens
>i can't even
>it's just soooo special
>i don't care about the price, it's worth it
>i'm a professional
>check out my sample portrait at the beach
>yeah i brought my strobes
>what's your point?
>so what i shot it at f5.6
>NPC malfunction

why are they like this, /p/?
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Focus stacking

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What's the most accurate focus stacking procedure.

Camera stays the same distance from the subject, and you change focus between the shots.
Focus stays the same, camera moves closer to the subjects. Usually using focus rail.

Fujifilm General /ffg/ #5

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Art Hoe Edition

Post your fujifilm cameras and photos!

Previous thread
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>redpill me on blackmagic cameras for video
pocket camera is only 1200$, claiming godlike video

how does it compare to a dslr or any other camera in that price range
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tfw you're one of the red countries


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Post your unpopular photography opinions.
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