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You guys wanna edit again? Call my composition shit and teach me how to edit.
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Long exposure thread?

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This one: Iso50, shutter speed 4sec. Freehand. note9 camera (low quality since I was afraid it would be >4mb. 4032x3024 exeeds that I think)
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Is there a more affordable compact alternative to the contax t2 for casual portraits on 35mm? I’ve used a few, like the XA2 which had a mushy shutter button and the mju ii which has a very unflattering flash I believe due to the proximity to the lens. I shot a few rolls on my friend’s t2 and I loved every photo I shot of them and even the portraits with the flash looked really appealing but I don’t know if there’s a way to get this without spending a thousand on a basically unrepairable camera.
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I've got a huge collection of this internet anomaly. Looking for information about him that I don't already have.
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/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread

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Stupid questions that need no extra thread. Post them here and get enlightened.
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a6400 = a6300 with firmware update & flip screen

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Dead beauty

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Hello /p/let's share some of our own or others picture of cute/beautiful dead things.
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Segue Thread pt. 4

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>post a photo of your own that corresponds to an object or motif in the picture in the post above yours

Continuing from >>3317213
>street food
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Greetings from Argentina
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What monitor calibration tool do you use to get color accuracy? Thinking of getting the most accurate colors on the display first before editing a photo.