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/ect/ Edit Challenge Thread

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This time it will be an exercise in pulling blacks and suppressing noise.

Good luck, i also found this to be pretty hard
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Emergency Question

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My transmitters broke and I took the opportunity to upgrade to the X1T system for Sony. However the system got here just in time for my shoot (in 12 hours) and the X1Ts will trigger the receiver X1TRs as a test, but not with the shutter. I press the shutter button and a picture is taken but nothing flashes. I've never worked with radio triggers before, any tips I could try?

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I just got pic related from my gf. Is this a good camera for someone interested in photography?
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Rogue Janny

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Can I get explanation for this...
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Why spend so much time on post-processing when you could just learn how to take a good photograph?
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Post/Discuss astrophotography and the gear you used
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Post your pet
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/ect/ Edit Challenge Thread

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Another edit challenge thread. This time of a picture i took while in the army. Also give inputs what kind of subjects you want in the future. I have some cool spec ops shit in low light and stuff if thats what you guys want.
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Put your fuzzy photos and questions about old consumer digital compacts and floppy disk cameras here. - - - * phoneposters may only post if the image is blurred, flashed, or noisy * - - -

Noise, low resolution, compression artifacts, ugly NR and blown highlights are welcome here. See how fun (and cheap) photography is when image quality isn't a concern.

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