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Favorite photographer thread

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>Chosis makes a million dollar scam site with design ripped out of the 90s
>shills it relentlessly here and on /biz/ while pretending he has nothing to do with it
>bans anybody from his /p/ promoting insta page slashpcollective if they question what he's up to
>discovered as the owner of lamboticket because he left his trip on by accident asking for graphic design help on /gd/
>spergs out and tries to samefag his way out of trouble while crying to the mods on IRC to have threads calling out his scam deleted
>anons notice there's a mailing address onlamboticket.com
>wtf it's a board game shop in NYC
>check their fb
>there's Chosis stacking shelves
>concerned anon leaves an email to the owner that someone is using their address for a scam
>no further contact with the shop
>authorities investigate
>Chosis loses his job
>the biggest sperg out /p/ has ever seen occurs where Chosis tries to fake a death threat against him with such furious samefagging his trip is still permabanned to this day
>due to him desperately trying to shill his scam site on reddit we also find out he's a pedophile

As we near the anniversary of Chosis ruining his own life in a desperate attempt to scam 4chan, has anybody ever fucked up as hard as Chosis did in May 2018?
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Sooo, is anyone into lomography ?
I used to take a lot of photos around 2010-2012 with my good old fish-eye (just a reminder, it has no usable eyesight, no tunable parameter)
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My Goal is to Sell a Photo

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I want to sell at least one photo this year. How do I do that? Pic related is something I took a few weeks ago. I live in Italy.
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Best pocket sized GR2/3 alternative @ 24MP?
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Wildlife Thread: Patrician Edition

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Post your wildlife, Gents. I want to see yours, so will only post one of mine when the thread is on page 10.
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RPT: Recent Photo Thread

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Old Thread >>3459025

• Please post images that are JPG format, smaller than 1 MB, and/or about 1000 pixels on the longest side.
• Expect to be judged harshly. Learn to deal with it.
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Ken Rockwell is right. Oversaturated = good!

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I've been working as an amateur wedding and also parties photographer. You know, I charge way less than a pro would, but at the same time I make no promisse to deliver good things.

And I must say people love warm oversaturated images.

Whenever I delivered some quality neutral sharp images, people would usually be very disapointed.

But the times I cranked the vivid color slider the max people were really impressed. Wow your pictures are so pretty they said.

Also people don't like sharpness that much. I took some portraits with a 85mm 1.8 and the sharpness was high enough to make aliasing appear on the zoom out image thumb and people really didn't like the photos only because it captured all the wrikles of the bride in great detail.
So now I apply a filter to make the image softer making wrinkles less noticeables.

You should listen to Ken Rockwell, people really love vivid warm images.
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Worst photographers?

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We've best photographers thread, let's have one where we spill hate on those we hate.

I'll start; I hate $ony/Tony and wish him a bancrupcy!
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Asking for an advice

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Hi guys!
Here is a recent photo I took (I am te guy who upload the moon photo asking for an advice)
Can you give some advice? How can I improve in mi favorite hobby?