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Based Kodak

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Catsby's turn of the year blog: work edition

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Posting some pics from work the last two months.
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Horizontal Resolution300 dpi
Vertical Resolution300 dpi

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Has anyone bought a kit like pic related? Do you actually use the shit it came with? It feels like superfluous spending.
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Is the instax mini the smallest Polaroids get? Want to do more instant photography.
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Wondering if anyone can help me out with making this photo better quality or maybe just point me in the right direction of how I could go about doing so ? An app or website maybe? I need the license plate of the van
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Why can't I be this good, /p/?
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Defocusing background

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I can't seem to shoot deliberately with a blurred background. I know the theory (or think I do):

Get proper distance between the camera and the subject, use a small aperture value and use tele rather than wide angle.

Yet, it doesn't work. I mean, I had some luck shots with the background pretty blurry and my subject nicely sharp, but I can't do it on purpose.

Any tips?
Pic unrelated
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How important is understanding field theory to becoming a good photographer?
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Post how many photos you take over a certain time frame, how many of those photos are usable, and how long you've been photographing.

>on average I take about 300 photos over a 6 hour period (depending on location)
>from that I'll get about 20-40 photos that I really like.
>I'll get about 30 photos that are meh
>the rest will be snapshit.
>about 3 months.
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