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>medium format look easily emulated with todays apps and phones
what the fuck reason is there to shoot film anymore?
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Hi /p/ I have absolutely gotten sick of Instagram to post photos. I don’t want this to be a meaningless post, and maybe this is more of a vent of my frustration with getting work on the internet but god fucking damnit. The absolute inefficiency, and garbage aspect ratios have driven me over it. I’m sick of 4x5 or 1x1, I’m sick of the monopoly Instagram has over the photog community. If there is any other site besides this please let me know because I’m honestly just ready to trebuchet the ceo into the sun for his inadequate handling of this app. Atleast Facebook, a fucking dinosaur website can handle full images at HD capacity can upload my photos with ease. I would honestly be okay if protestors put a guillotine in front of his house too. Fuck social media, I’m fucking out, fuck you garbage ceos fuck capitalism fuck Instagram I’m ready to kms its so god dam infuriating.

Pic unrelated it’s one I took.
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Portraits you took

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Portraits of any kind, as long as you took them.
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Anonymity and photographers are dicks to each other. ID's and photographers suck each others cocks.

Why can't there exist a middle ground?

This kills Nikon, This kills Sony, This kills Panasonic, This kills Pentax, This kills Olympus

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> — 45-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor > — Up to 12fps Mechanical/up to 20fps silent shutter
> — Eye/Face/Head Detection for humans; Eye/Face/Body Detection for animals
> — 8K RAW up to 30fps/4K up to 120fps
> — In-Body Image Stabilization
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Hey /p/, it's been quite some time.
You may remember me from the adriatic baths series I posted here a year ago or so and the series "Photography, what a frustration"... no just kidding, just the adriatic series.
In the last few years I worked exclusively with large and medium format film, I even brought my camera - pic related - from Italy to America on last autumn. Maybe tomorrow I'll post some images of that trip too.

Right now I'm going to post a few older works, then hopefully if the thread stays alive and you guys enjoy these and want more, I'll update it in the next days. The workflow is so slow I got a ton of unprocessed film to develop/scan/work.

4x5 pics are large format film, 6x6 is 120 roll. Almost all Kodak negative color film unless specified.
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The King of /p/

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Screw Jessica Kobeissi. /p/ needs a king. A strong one! Uncle Terry is that man.
Crown him /p/.

Why aren't you as alpha as Uncle Terry /p/?

Be honest.
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If Apple tried to break into the DSLR/Mirrorless market, what would it look like?
Would we get them deeper pixels?
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