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4chan Divegrass Cup - /p/ Autumn update poll

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Hello >nophotos, how's it going? Hope these tough months of quarantine haven't sucked for you as they did for me. It's the memegrass team caretaker again, and I'd love to see /p/ play for more seasons, but in order to do that we need to show interest in the cup. So, if you want to see us play, take a couple of minutes to fill the poll out, and suggest additions here!

>what is this?
the 4c**n cup is a virtual football tournament played by PES's AI. Every board that wants to compete has a team full of their memes, and 40 boards will compete in autumn to prove they are the best.
More info on the Cup on implyingrigged dawt info

Here are some samples of our team in play so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about:
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Newfag thread?
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Film talk

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I paid $25.60 to get one roll of film developed and scanned. no prints or other services. Was I ripped off? what do you pay?
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You are the CEO of Canikon

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Design your perfect camera pt 3. HARD EDITION: No naming of specs
What I'd like to see:
-A rotating sensor to switch between landscape and portrait mode.
-Integrated photo editor.
-Eye controlled af points like the EOS 3.
-Magazine-like batteries. No fiddling around with battery doors.
-SLR's with a hybrid viewfinder. The A.I. of mirrorless with the reassurance of an optical viewfinder.
-An internal battery to keep the camera powered during a battery swap.
-Interchangeable sensor gels
If /p/ designed the perfect camera it would be a pentax wrapped in gaffer tape
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Camera Aesthetics

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Post pictures, lot of pictures, of aesthetic looking cameras, lenses and accessories. Let's really gearfag out.
Leave recommendations and questions for /gear/
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Website / Portfolio Thread

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So I'm still using Tumblr but updated my theme and made a few galleries. The mobile version is still bretty basic and I'm working on it, but the desktop version is finished. My landing page is just my latest posts.

Post your own and critique others (both site and content).
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Youtube peer-pressured me into buying an old Soviet Kiev-6c. Just got my first set of test rolls back.
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Yasuhara Momo 100

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Has anyone on /p/ considered purchasing Yasuhara Momo 100 soft focus lenses? It would greatly benefit the growing family of anime figurines of it's main designer and creator Mr. Shin Yasuhara-San (安原伸) of Wabi-Sabi Yasuhara Rangefinder fame.

(all lenses designed and manufactured in glorious Nippon—Japan)
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