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r8? simple yet still artistic and pleasing..
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how can a $100 kit lens outcompete a $700 zoom?
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Send my your photos!

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Hello! Im an photo editor amateur, and would like to practice. And what better than, post here your photographs that you like and i will pick the one i like for editing, and once done upload them here.
(Srry for the bad english)

Looking for criticism

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In high school atm, never taken a course or anything like that. Just looking to improve
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Social Media is killing photography

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Why are so many terrible young photographers who idolize youtubeographers like Kobessi etc, getting so many likes and praise for shitty photos? Seriously, it's either someone using film for the first time getting praise because "as long as it's shot on film, it's amazing", or "omg, you're hustling etc, yah!!!!"

Social media is killing photography
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May I ask for someone to edit my personal photo
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Planning on going to Egypt soon to take some snapshits on both film and digital

Any tips or recommendations? Anything from what film to take with me, places to check out/avoid, etc.
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I was in charge for a fotoshooting for my company where I normally do color grading. As an ambitious amateur photog I'm used to prosumer cams, own myself a cheap m43 and shot some ff and a bit film in the past.
don't get me wrong here, I only pressed the button; the stage builder, gaffer and costume designer did the job. the company rented a digital hasselblad mf cam, because the picture was going on large outdoor advertisements.
long story short: when I did the post with that badass 16bit raw 100mp pictures, I really had to admit that mf is a whole other story. the clearance, sharpness and accuracy is splendid. no channel did noise, the saturation channel was flawless, even the hue channel was smooth af.
of course this is a studio shot but the dynamic was still quite high and the shots which I did with my own cam while the set was built were a pain in the ass.

normally I am not a gearfag at all, and I still say that 90% of the shot is composition (the designer actually drawed a layout of the picture beforehand and the director copied it exactly with the actors on stage) but at the end I have to say as well: it wouldn't have worked without the gear we had. no chance. maybe gear is neither important nor unimportant but dependant on the usecase.
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/IGT/ - Instagram Thread

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New IG thread - post your Instagram profiles so you can stroke your ego even more
Rate others, provide critique, and follow if you see anything you like
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I picked this up for next to nothing today. I heard that the lens can be quite good, does anyone know how it performs at what apertures?