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Post your snaps of your glorious nippon here
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Last reached the limit.

Go out and shoot every day. Your first 10,000 shots are your worst.
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I've never seen a good photo with a watermark. Why do they/you do it?
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I’m a rookie

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this is a pic I took of my puppy on canon. Any tips fellas
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Any good podcasts around photography/videography?

My current list:
The Negative Postives Podcast
Photography Matters with Ted Vieira (highly recommended)
The Candid Frame
Analog Talk
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Hi all!
Im close to have my work done for a photo-book, and now its time for me to publish it. Its a book about the street art of a semi small european city.

Im curios if any of you have had your work published in a book before? And if so, how was the process ? What software would u suggest for composition and so on..
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What would happen if I took a medium format camera out for street photography? Has anyone ever tried this?

They are notoriously bulky and "slow" and therefore I am wondering what the results would be like. This seems much easier now with the new Fuji medium format cameras.
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I want to re-start my first name last name photo bussiness, but with an edge. I mean, whats more boring than a vanilla hetero male photographer nowadays? I want to be known as the Crossdressed Photographer(TM) or CdPh and get something like pic related, and of course change outfits a lot.

Thoughts? Will this fly?

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