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Am I i a talented photographer?
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>buy xpan
>paranoid that it will break so i buy another one

is this normal behavior? i always buy 2 of eery analog camera i own. Not at the same time. The paranoia comes later when the first one arrives
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Does depression make you a better artist?

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>Drop out of Uni for 3 years
>Get interested in photography
>Depression was at its best cause my head was a mess and i've never felt more lost in my life
>Getting realy good at b&w photography
>Hated sunny and ''happy'' themes
>Always capturing moody frames
>sad portraits,dark alleys etc
>Going strong for 3 years
>Decide to get my sht together and go back to Uni
>Dslr mostly gathering dust and used extremelly rare
Is it possible that i used photography as a distraction?These days,even when i try,i cant go near to the frames i was capturing back then.
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Camera idea

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What if you made a camera shaped like a barrel with a common lens mount in one end and an electronic viewfinder in the other, to be held and used like a spyglass?

It would probably be the most portable and compact way to get interchangeable lens performance, and I'm sure hipsters would love it.
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Just want to share some of my more recent photos with y'all. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to post your own portraits here as well.
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is it just me or did the 1DX Mark III just sort of disappear into irrelevance?
there was a little bit of hype around the time of its release but nobody talked about it after about a month and it's now been a year since it came out
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For everyday you don't use your camera.
Phone cameras are catching up, and will outdate it.
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Switched from an SLR to mirrorless- seems to be slower

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Hey /p/

I just bought a Canon m50 and have a week to try it out and return it. I’m noticing a few downsides (compared to the Canon t4i DSLR that I’ve had for 7 years) and was wondering if this is these differences are common when switching to mirrorless, or if I am just doing something wrong:

-There’s a lag between the time I put my eye up to the EVF and the time that it turns on. I’m used to the way that with a DSLR, the viewfinder is always on.

-Autofocus seems slower

-It seems like the only way to choose where to autofocus is to use the touch screen. I prefer looking through the viewfinder because I have shaky hands and having the camera close to me makes it easier to hold it steady.

-It takes longer for a photo to be taken. With my DSLR, the picture would show up on the LCD instantly, but with the M50, it seems to take a few seconds to load. I thought a mirrorless would be faster because it shoots more frames per second?

I really like the EVF, but I miss being able to just whip out my camera and take a picture super quickly. I don’t use video much, so that’s not super relevant. Is this camera not as fast, or am I not using it correctly? I keep reading how amazing mirrorless cameras are I want to like it because of how small it is!
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You WILL Apologize to Canon

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It's not an R1...but still. Stacked sensor. Built-in grip.
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Anyone else here not shoot blank people

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Anyone else here not shoot darkies and spics?

Whenever one of the mud races reaches out to me about getting their “wedding” shot I always ask them when it is and then tell them that I’m booked out for 6 weeks. It works every time. “You’re booked out 6 weeks” yep sorry I’m busy shooting human weddings

I also don’t shoot white/black couple weddings. I WILL shoot a white man/Hispanic woman wedding though, I support the bleached movement.

I did shoot a black wedding one time when I first started out and was real desperate, but all the hootin and hollerin and general nigger behavior caused one of those apes to almost break my camera. And another ape tried to steal my lens when I wasn’t looking.

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