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If you were to only have 3 lenses for the rest of your life what would you choose and why?
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/pbg/ - Photography Books General

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Discuss your favorite photography books ITT

To start off discussion, is Terryworld by Terry Richardson the greatest photobook ever released? As a gonzo photobook set in Hollywood, does anything else even come close?
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This is actually quite a good shot.
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Pentax k1000

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Hi /p/ im new to photography, and i just got gifted a pentax k1000. Is it a good camera?
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Your favourite images from /p/haggots.

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Lets see your very favourite images taken by the other phaggots on this board that you saved. No posting your own.

I will kick things off with this masterpiece.
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Lightroom Preset and LUT Trading

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Previous thread: >>3075919

Files will stay up for 48 hours before automatically deleting. Post and share presets (packs in rar or zip). You can try your luck and request for a preset pack.
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Vintage Lenses

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What are some good vintage lenses to buy /p/?

Post recommendations.

So far I have a Helios 44-2 58mm 1.7 and a Minolta Md 50mm 1.7.
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Why is it that 35 mm lenses are smaller on range finders than a 50 mm is on a range finder, but on an SLR the 35 mm is bigger than the 50 mm? Like in terms of size of the lens and weight of the lens? Also why do 40 mm lenses (and their equivalents) get to be so small?
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How do you shoot erotic photography? I hired a model for a nude erotic shoot and I've never done one before. Do you basically pose her in ways that would make your dick hard or is there more to it? I feel like it will be distracting trying to focus on getting good shots when I'm looking at her and thinking I want to fuck her (she's young and very pretty), but on the other hand, if I rub one out before the shoot I don't think I'll be able to really tell what's erotic and what isn't if I'm not horny.
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