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Just got my first DSLR. I got the Canon Rebel SL2.
What are your thoughts on the SL2?
What was your first DSLR?
Should I have gotten a different camera?
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Christmas Lights

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I decided to photograph neighborhood Christmas lights I deemed pretty. Permission was granted from the homeowners. Hit me with constructive criticism and feel free to post your own photos of Christmas lights.
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Morning /p/,

It's been a good while since I've made a thread and have quite a bit of random stuff to share. Just developed 50 sheets of E6 too so I need to work on some of those as well. My drum scanning backlog of C41 is ridiculous right now and since I'm actually around town the next few weeks I might try to work on some of it. Most of this stuff ranges from September to now.

First one is Velvia 50
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What the fuck is this shit? Most of this is high school level.
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Is vintage digital in fashion yet?
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Alright faggots, get out the camera and take a photo of something in your bedroom.
Bonus points if you take a tasteful photo of your dragon dildo collection.
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Took a stroll through town. Decided to take some shots while construction was going on. Feedback appreciated. Post pictures of construction & buildings.
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/shill/ Shill General

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Welcome to /shill/. Please do all of your product shilling in this thread.

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How do I get female models to pose nude for me without them thinking I’m going to rape them? I’m a 27 year old virgin and I always act nervous around women btw.
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