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been away from the /p/ scene for a few years, what happened to these guys? can I get a quick rundown
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Trying to upgrade from a Nikon D3100 since it's limiting my shots, has trouble reading newer cards / telephoto lenses, and starting to fall apart after years of use. I'm stuck between the D7200 and the D7500.

I can grab a D7200 new for $700, but for $150 more I can grab a certified refurbished D7500.

Anyone who's used either, what would you recommend? Everyone tells me they're basically the same or 1 has the edge over the other.

I'm mainly shooting birds / wildlife, and I'm starting to do other things like portraits, landscapes, and moon stuff.
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Vol. [Re]Start

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Hi /p/, its been a while

I've been taking a break from taking photos and photo in general, for about a year, but I'm starting back up and I'm here to share. These aren't super cohesive but I've got a good bit of stuff from old backlogs and some new things as well. Hope you enjoy, critique welcome as always.
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Why are you still an Adobe slave?

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>no botnet and telemetry
>no subscription
>no copious amounts of background processes
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Hivernal dump

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Posting some pictures I took this morning
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IG dm and engagement group

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Does somebody have good dm or engagement groups to advice ?

Favorite photographer thread

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looking for a lens

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hey /p/. I don't know much about lenses so I thought I would ask here. I have a Pentax k1000 that I want to buy a new lens for but I am not sure what too look for, or where.

I have a Canon Rebel EOS 2000 that I like because I have a 20-80mm zoom lens on it, but the camera itself is giving me some trouble so I don't use it as much. I want to buy a similar lens for my k1000, because it works much better. Does Pentax make zoom lenses like that that will fit the k1000?
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Abandoned places photos

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Here’s some photos I tooks with my D3400 while exploring some abandoned places few hours from Sydney.

Is there a forum on 4chan where people post photos and stories from abandoned places? I’ve seen a few on /x/ but it’s mostly just spook stories not as a hobby.
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