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Yasuhara Momo 100

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Has anyone on /p/ considered purchasing Yasuhara Momo 100 soft focus lenses? It would greatly benefit the growing family of anime figurines of it's main designer and creator Mr. Shin Yasuhara-San (安原伸) of Wabi-Sabi Yasuhara Rangefinder fame.

(all lenses designed and manufactured in glorious Nippon—Japan)
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Macroshit thread nr.2

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last one: >>3671331
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Find me a lens that doesn't make me look like a douchebag when I'm taking street photography

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I have the A6600 and recently purchased a Sony 16-55mm and I feel like it's such a fucking big lens that I don't want to be carrying around.

I want a lens that is very lightweight and will be able to take great photos and videos outside (perhaps on a gimbal).

The 16-55mm protrudes out too much for my liking. I'm a beginner photography and just want to a simple lens that can shoot photos and videos outside.

What do you guys recommend from the following?

Sigma 16mm - similar in size to the 16-55mm, not a perfect option for me.
Sigma 30mm - great size but heard autofocus is kinda iffy
Sigma 56mm - is this considered a nifty fifty?
Sony 16-70mm - smaller than the 16-55mm, how's it compared to the Sigma trios?
Sony 10-18mm - smaller and mostly for vlogging but how's it for standard photography?

Ideally I only want two lens that can fulfill photo shooting in the streets, videography, and vlogging.

Thanks for your help.
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I gotten one of these a while bak for my x100 but its hard to take pics with it. How do i get good with direct flash photography
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Sony a7c: Proper Compact FF MILC

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>this kills the Canikon
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Why it's the curtain not opening fully?
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Hahaha wtf??
How overpriced can they get really?
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Sharp 8K Camera

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Do you wonder how distraught Tony "Micro Four Thirds is Dead" Northrup is going to feel when this beast comes out with a smartphone-sized rear screen, like his beloved Samsung NX Galaxy, and shoots amazing 8k video?
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Have you seen this image?

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Please let me know if you have seen this image before and where. My Discord status was replaced with this image once and I think it might be an easteregg, though some people have said that they have seen the image before but weren't sure were.