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/rpt/- Recent Photo Thread

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Good Doggo Edition

Old thread is approaching its limit >>3462717

Everyone wants feedback. Nobody wants giant files. Don't be a monster.
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yuropeean adventures of the foreign brown man

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I'll try keep it chronological
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Some photos I've taken recently around Illinois.
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Now that the dust has settled... Canon or Nikon?
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First black hole picture ever

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> missed focus
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Why aren't the pentax LX's as popular as the F3 or whatever was the canon at the time? The pentax has weather sealing.
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/gear/ - Gear General

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Just press the button edition.

All discussion and questions related to gear should take place in this exact thread.
Redirection to this thread for questions is encouraged.

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Fuji GS645S

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i'm tired of carrying around my 10 lbs behemoth called RB67, so i'm looking forward to buy this bad boy to get into portable medium format photography.
heard that the crash bar is a bit delicate on it so you have to handle it with care, but does somebody has experience with this camera?
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Is porn art?
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