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what the fuck were they thinking?
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LF Tips and Criticism

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Currently using a Nikon D90 and doing primarily natural light portraits

just looking for any general advice or tips for this camera etc I am currently learning how to properly use aperture control
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if you don't want to do jury duty all you got to do is not open the mail. fuck my civic duties and fuck you
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are we not allowed to talk about this camera?

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or what, I mean it's a dream camera

full frame
12 bit video

why isn't youtube exploding with reviews about it? are niggers and jews to blame?, anywho sigma fp thread
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is this the new boogeyman of /p/?

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before it used to be chosis, and now it's pic related.
Why does /p/hotography always seem to draw such insufferable retards?
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Kendra Wheelwright has a change of heart...

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Now says she's "always likes Olympus" and has "owned countless Olympus cameras." Also says that if Olympus sends her cameras for free she'll review them "fairly."


Previously (, Kendra had claimed that anyone upgrading to Micro Four Thirds from Full Frame was a goddamned fool and that MFT cameras were "obsolete catshit." It's very interesting that she now says she would like Olympus to send her cameras to review. Why has Kendra Wheelwright had such a change of heart? Did Joe Edelman squeeze her large boobs and make her pussy wet during their passionate embrace at PhotoMinus?

Will Kendra now be an honest spokesperson for the superior Micro Four Thirds format and leave the illogical APS-C offerings from Fujifilm by the wayside? Will Kendra's lens autism lead her to discover that Olympus lenses are some of the best in the business, while Fuji's are some of the worst? Let's find out...
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Oh no, sony back to their old tricks

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How can anyone expect to compare to sony? Canon have admitted that they can't afford to compete with sony and now sony are building another brand new sensor fab plant, canon already needed a new one when sony built their last one!

Unless Samsung or LG start making crop and ff sensors then sony will have a complete monopoly on the ilc market.

I suspect they need a new fab plant for organic sensors. What do you think the reason for a new one is?
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Where does everyone send their gear out when it needs repair?

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Got a couple of Sigma lenses that need repair. A 24-70 2.8 IF EX DG that more than likely needs an autofocus motor as it works fine in manual and a 70-200 2.8 APO EX DG OSwhich gives me the dreaded F0 when attached to any body and yes I have checked and cleaned all the contacts.

My options are send directly to Sigma in NY or to one of their authorized repair dealers. Is one better then the other? I mean they all do the same type of repairs right? Anyone have any stories or advice? The 70-200 I bought new but is out of warranty and the other I bought for really short money as it worked sporadically and knew I'd need to send it out eventually. Anyone??
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Equipment upgrade

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Hi anon, I want to buy new camera equipment. I have a small studio with cheap lighting (normally for videos), but I want to use it for photo sessions as well. I need a new camera with a flash setup (two or three flashes). Also a lens suitable for social photography (events, weddings,…) as well as some landscape and lost place photography.
What camera/lens(es)/flash system would you recommend?

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>full frame digital produces better results than film medium format because of the modern technology
>medium format cannot be faithfully replicated (ergo, "beaten") because of sensor size which leads to incredible detail and shallow depth of field
i hear these two conflicting arguments a lot
which one is accurate?
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