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iPhone photography for absolute newfags

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Got an old IPhone 5s, moondog anamorphic lens. Tell me all the basics to make professional quality photos on an iPhone; complete detailed list. This includes composition and aperture, obviously
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— Photo Challenge 3 —

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Thread got archived before results were posted.

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Bros, I desperately need advice. I'm not /p/ and I need basic advice because I'm a complete n00b.
So I borrowed my dad's camera and the lens somehow fell off while I was using it. couldnt have fallen more than 4 feet, but the drop caused the zoom to be completely stuck. I even put a lot of pressure into it and the zoom just won't budge at all.
I'm going to drive 40 minutes into LA today to see a camera repair shop and I want to make sure I dont get scammed. I already got tricked into paying $45 for the guy to "repair" the cracked filter and replace it with a shitty basic filter because I didn't realize you could just screw it off until afterwards. I would very much like to get the zoom repaired so I can return the camera with my dad being none the wiser and so I can avoid paying $500+ for a new lens.
It's the Nikon 28-70mm f/2.8.
I'm wondering if someone knows how much a repair like this would typically cost. Is it even worth getting a repair like this, or are they going to end up charging me more than it's worth? Worried I will let them overcharge me if I don't go into it knowing what price to expect. Also, would it be normal for them to charge me if they take a look at the lens but aren't able to fix it?
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Are fuji cameras good?
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Graduated Color Filters

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Realistically, what would one use these for? Has any of you used them before or are they just an abomination from eBay?


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i want to buy my first camera. this is a hobby which im planning to continue for a long time so i wanted something that's not complete bullshit and will offer me a painless start into a hobby at least once in my life. after researching about photography for 2 days i got my eyes on a used canon 700D with stock lens and about 20,000 shuttercounts for approximately 250eu / 300usd. my question is am i making a reasonable deal ? is it worth investing more for a newer model ?

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Why do I look different in my phone camera than in my house mirror?
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/pgt/- portrait general thread

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2021 edition. let's see how many of you were still getting shoots done, during december, during a pandemic.

>remember the price for entry is a portrait that you yourself shot
>all posters without a portrait will be treated as a bitter, nophoto, nocamera, LARP
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Anybody here got the Tarkovsky polaroids book?

I love his visual style, but I'm unable to find a PDF of the book online...