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How do I get female models to pose nude for me without them thinking I’m going to rape them? I’m a 27 year old virgin and I always act nervous around women btw.
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Urban Decay

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Going to be posting photos of demolished homes. Open to feedback.
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Christmas Light Photography

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I decided to photograph neighborhood Christmas lights I deemed pretty. Permission was granted from the homeowners. Hit me with constructive criticism and feel free to post your own photos of Christmas lights.
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Hello /p/, I want to try my hand on photography, though I am debating whether I should buy a digital camera especially one of the high zoom models. I had a group of people telling me that Analog photography has a level of quality that digital photography will never attain. And I'm uncertain which to get. Help me.
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Deoxyribose Thread

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Expect truck stop shenanigans, Southeast regional, moar Bonneville, reposts, trolls gonna troll, plenty of shitposting, hurr shooger you succ, sprinkled with the occasional titties and typical Florida landscapes

>shooting landscape
>in a flat state

Shig and dig

As always OP is a faggot.
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you have 10 seconds to post your favorite photographers
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>ctrl+F presets & luts
>not found

A moment ago /p/ had an thread in which we shared presets, luts and other resources. Can we get one going again? What was the sharing platform? Discord?
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How am I supposed to find interesting subjects for photos?
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Is there a better film than XP2?
>fast/versatile at 400 iso
>can be developed in C-41 so you can develop it everywhere
>doesn't look like complete and utter dogshit like portra
>doesn't fuck up skin tones like ektar or velvia
>can buy it in 120