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Are there any super wide primes? Like 10-11mm?
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>carefully take apart and clean lens
>shine light
>still smudgy at parts and little dots in some

Am i autistic or is this shit how its supposed to be?
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Why do you edit the way you do?

Is it your own style?
Do you only do what's trendy?

Do you worry about people
zooming in?

Do you wish people would zoom in?

Do you edit in a way to make others happy?

Do you edit to be viewed on a large screen, Instagram, print?

How long does it normally take?

Do you always have a game plan going in?

Do you edit while drunk or high?
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I need some advice from you

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I dont have much money to spend, but I need decent camera that I can take with me to rock climbing. What do you recommend? My budget is 200-300€ and it doesn't need to be brand new. What kind of specs I should look for and if I buy used, what should I check before buying?
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Astrophotography Thread

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Post/discuss anything space related
Any gear.
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Is stock photography worth getting into in 2019?

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You know that exposed bit of film on a fresh roll?

Would the light bounce down the roll and ruin it if i shine a flashlight through it?
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I'm looking for a telescope that I can do astrophotography with. I'd like to be able to see nebulae and galaxies with fairly good quality... well as good as 150-200 bucks USD will get me

The photo was taken by me btw
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A photograph like this one

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There is some famous photograph out there (of
Vegas I think) which had a million roadside signs all compressed into focus on the foreground.

can someone post it or remember the name? I can't find it.

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ITT: Instagram pages
post em, rate em, follow em, flame em.
Previous Thread: >>3432242

My shots don't really have a common aesthetic, but I mostly shoot nature/wildlife.
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