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hey what does this button do should i click it
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What comes to mind when you see this face
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What comes to mind when you see this face
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What comes to mind when you see this face
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Are there Fujifilm X-Series photographer here? What's your camera and your favorite lenses?

Any recommended third party lenses?
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/p/ Needs Inspiration: Roll Thread

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Roll thread, get some inspiration.
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best program to easily browse raw files on pc? windows default photos one takes ages, straight up doesn't work sometimes and changes the color after a second or two
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Please advise

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Hi friends, I´m playing around with my new scanner, which i recently bought.

I´m scanning Kodak Gold 200-7 film from my last vacation to Japan. I had a fair bit of trouble getting the colors right. I scanned a few frames which I quite like - please advice if these are any good.

I scan negativ images with Vuescan and flip them using the Negative lab pro plugin for lightroom. I had the best results, if I left a bit of the frame inside the picture, I think it helps the program to determine the base color.

Trying to improve the quality, I did whitebalance on a section of the film border, but I found the results better if I omited this step. Furthermore I tried tiff, RAW DNG and jpg. Funnily enough i liked the jpg results most, with the bonus of smaller files.

Please see the pictures and advise how to make it better.
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/mpg/ - Macro Photography General

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Post macro related images here.

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/DST/ Digishit Thread

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ITT, you post pictures taken with shitty digicams.

Everything still matters like composition and lighting, but you have to use the shittiest digital compact you have, bonus points if you don't have to resize to get under 1000px longest side. Digital artifacts are not only welcomed, they are encouraged.

All gear discussion ITT should be about finding the shittiest gear and shooting with it.

Pic related, 4.0mp Canon A80
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