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If Apple tried to break into the DSLR/Mirrorless market, what would it look like?
Would we get them deeper pixels?
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Just got a new camera.
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What do y'all "lens-based workers" think about the "Photo Bill of Rights"?

Some boomer photojourno response to the bill

Some millennial photojourno's response to the boomer photojourno

Bonus points for finding well known photographers in the "Signatories" section.
So far I have found only Alec Soth.
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post ur negative film
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Hey guys, I recently did a photo shoot w/ 5D mk4 and shot film with canon ae1. Ran basically same settings on both at 125/sec shutter speed which I have never had an issue with profoto flashes on digital with but never had tried on film. Basically got shutter streaks on all film photos. Not a total loss cause I have the digitals but wondering if I should try 1/60?
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vintage glass general

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old: >>3636787

thanks to the anon who recommended the nikon 35-200m. it's a fan-fuggin-tastic lens. will almost certainly make it my /out/door companion.
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How the hell do I take a picture with this thing?? Its a stock image but ive got the same one. Ive bouth the 35mm film but no idea how to stick it in
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Imagine you're a 21 year old who is in love with photography because it's the only thing that he's really good at and also the only thing that is still fun because crippling depression has killed everything else.

Now imagine that you've been trying to make a career out of your hobby but with no luck because you're shit at marketing yourself, but an opportunity arises and you're offered a full-time career as a government-based photographer with a starting salary of $75,000/year and includes traveling domestically and internationally for work with all expenses paid.

Now imagine that you can't take this offer because you have a girlfriend and have to pick between being in a relationship with the only person who has ever loved you, and having a fulfilling career.

What would you pick, /p/?

Asking for a friend.
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sensor technology

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what are the strengths and weaknesses of different sensor technologies? are there any non-bayer sensors other than fuji's x-trans and sigma's foveon?
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Shooting """professional""" videos using non-video centric equipment is degenerate, change my mind.
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