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Is there a better film than XP2?
>fast/versatile at 400 iso
>can be developed in C-41 so you can develop it everywhere
>doesn't look like complete and utter dogshit like portra
>doesn't fuck up skin tones like ektar or velvia
>can buy it in 120

Anon goes to England + Spain

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Did some traveling this month to meet up with extended family/friends, snapshitted along the way. Enjoy or don't.

Will take me a while to process the whole lot so I'll chip away and post gradually
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Tunnel Photograph

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As a photographer, this tunnel naturally caught my eye. Looks like something out of a video game. I call the photo "The Light at the End of the Tunnel". Feedback is appreciated
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I went for a walk by the harbor today. It's fucking cold, /p/
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hey /film/ im gonna be shooting a short film starting in January, problem is, ive never actually filmed anything with an external mic. i have a rode video mic go hooked up to my t6i, and thats the extent of my sound recording equipment.

so im asking you guys, whats the best way to monitor audio on a canon rebel series camera?

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What's the best phone currently on the market?
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>mfw I have to go on the #120mm tag on insta even though it is 120 and not 120mm because retards post non film shit on the #120 tag about working out or some shit near me
>also mfw someone tries to post nude males in the nude portraits tags near me
You guys should also try film, it really fixes gear acquisition syndrome
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