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>full frame digital produces better results than film medium format because of the modern technology
>medium format cannot be faithfully replicated (ergo, "beaten") because of sensor size which leads to incredible detail and shallow depth of field
i hear these two conflicting arguments a lot
which one is accurate?
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Are Rachel Aldana's boobs actually bigger than her own head, or is it a trick of perspective

Thrift store finds

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What are some things you've stumbled upon?

Found this guy for $10 at my local thrift shop. Some of the light seals have broken off and fallen into the viewfinder. Other than that it's in pretty good condition.
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/fgt/ - Film General Thread (Half Frame / Micro Four Thirds Edition)

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Half Frame / Micro Four Thirds Edition

old thread: >>3556243

All analog/film photography related questions and general discussion is to take place in this thread.
35mm, 120, medium format, large format, instant, polaroid, instax, C41, E6, B&W, developing, scanning, labs, darkroom etc.
Post photos as often as possible, we want to see that beautiful grainy goodness!

useful links:

>posting in /fgt/ doesn't make you gay, unless you shoot micro four thirds and post it here
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> search catalog
> no terry thread
Post rare Terry's.
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Tomorrow I am going to a flea market in South Korea to buy some old film camera. I will report with what I find. Wish me luck.
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I bought a Pentax K30 six years ago and barely used it. only got the kit lens and the SMC Pentax-M 50mm f1.7.
WHat should I buy to get an upgrade for cheap? How can I improve my setup for 200€?
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What's up /p/

Im gonna post a couple pics from a beach trip I took with my friends about a year ago.

I think I take better pictures now, but this are the only pictures I have that are not of my friends getting high and shit

I would love to go out and take pictures but because I live in a shithole im scared of my camera getting stolen

so yeah, tell me if you like any of them
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How do I effectively clean my lenses? Both sides of my objective have some sticky uncleanliness to them that doesn't come off with a simple wipe.

Pic related.
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Let’s make a space thread. Post all your spacey pictures for critique.
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