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how do you carry your camera /p/?
tourist-core or not?
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medium format film cam - Yashica Mat VS Pentax 67

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So i am planning on getting my hands on a medium format film cam. But i definately need it to be possible to load a 35mm film to shoot not oly square pics but also "panorama" type photos. SO whats better - some Yashica Mat or a Pentax 67?
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This is a very recent streetscape photo of the little street in Lockeport Nova Scotia. I was born in the house on the left to a single teen age mother back in May of 1962. Would like to have this photo critically assessed by a professional. Is it OK ? Camera is an inexpensive Canon Digital (PowerShot)
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Only 7.4%. How much of that is consumer cameras, vs industrial cameras, vs selling shit to the other camera makers?

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Rate my photos after a year away from shooting?
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Go back to when you first started in photography, what would you get knowing what you know now?

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So I'll be moving to Florida within a month or two, and plan on taking a lot of photos when I get there as a complete novice, along with attending a photography course.

I have $1,200.00 give or take, to drop on (a camera) and any extras that might be needed.

So the question is:
>Knowing what you know now, about photography and everything you've learned over time, if you were just getting into photography, what would you get camera and equipment wise, and what might you do or get that you didn't when you were first starting out

Thanks /p/
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I can't get it out of my mind. I have wondered about this since 2016.... There's one specific photographer at Brazzers who uses the most amazing filters/editing.

How does he make the color pop like that without turning the model's skin red or oversaturated? What filter does he use?

All of his photographs have been stripped of metadata.

If you are the photographer that I'm talking about, and you're reading this; please explain your routine (if you want, or if'ts a "trade secret")

I will post some more photographs down below
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Photo shop request

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Can someone photo shop this pic and make the character have white hair? I tried doing it myself, and failed horribly.
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>Post your most recent photo(s) that you wish to share and have others eviscerate.
>Please, post images that are JPG format, smaller than 1 MB, and/or about 2000 pixels on the long side.

old thread >>3430373
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What do you think of lens kits for smartphones?
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