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Anybody here got the Tarkovsky polaroids book?

I love his visual style, but I'm unable to find a PDF of the book online...

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Why is getting large prints made so expansive?

I can go to my local library and get a color 8.5x11" (93.5sq in) print for $0.25, but Wally World wants $16.97 for a 20x30" (600sq in).
>That's over 10x more expensive per square inch.

Where can I get color 20x30" prints made for around $5 or less?
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Pack it up boys nintendo destroyed the mirrorless camera

Why even bother buying a fool frame apsc or micro penis thirds when you can be taking amazing images at 128x128 and also capture all the legendaries
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/rpt/ Recent Photo Thread

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Recent Photo Thread. Last one is at image limit
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Submit Your Photography

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to /lit/'s Magazine:
[email protected]

Hey anons. Really want to get input from other creative boards for the next issue of /lit/'s magazine. Please consider submitting your photography. Everything in the magazine is attributed to Anonymous. Thanks!
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Meta - Art General

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Hello anons, in the absence of a dedicated art board I'm starting an art general thread for the intellecual discussion of different art forms at /lit/.
Come by if you feel like discussing art:
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/phone/ snapshits

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post your recent phone snapshits

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Hey guys, do you have ideas for photos at the beach for social media if you’re a dude?
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god's country

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