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Shooting """professional""" videos using non-video centric equipment is degenerate, change my mind.
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>spend thousands on a camera and lens
>this $200 phone can take much better pictures in a fraction of the time, and can phone people

Are cameras, dare I say it, outdated?
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Photobook Printing Contest

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I fucked up and caught COVID. I won a contest to print one 12x12" 56-page glossy photobook for free. I am asking you to submit photos to me. I will include credit to you however you want it. Email me at [email protected]

Include in the email
Name to credit:

Hell, I will ship the book to one random person who submits to this. I just want to use this voucher.

For ICC profile info:
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Any good photography documentaries? Or maybe even movies? Just started watchin Salt of the Earth (Sebastião Salgado) for the second time, and thought it would be nice to see something new as well.

Walk-around setup

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Please post your most commonly used walk-around setup. I’m most interested in Sony users as I’m considering getting an A7.
I carry this KP with the 40mm lens sometimes with the 20mm in my pocket if I plan to go inside anywhere.
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Should I buy this shit? It actually looks pretty cool.
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EU printing service

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Where do you order your acrylic glass prints of your >100 MB .tiff photos? Is there a go-to place for quality prints?
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what camera is he using?

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Tell me why I shouldn't buy this bad bitch of a camera
I'm obsessing over it and need good reasons not to spend 1k dollars
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>this shit with the lights
how do you do it? its a soft haze that spreads through the air to look like fog or something, instead of being a pointed star.
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