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how the fuck can I take shots like this

these compositions are the most kino in all of landscape photography
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Hi /p/
I'm just getting into photography and am still finding my style
I need a camera. At the moment I have an Olympus omd em5, and I want to make an upgrade. My work is going to go more in the street photography section. I've been looking at two cameras, the Fujifilm xt100 and the x100f. I am tempted by the x100f, but it is significantly more expensive, while the xt100 and the kit lens is cheaper. If you own any of these cameras it would be appreciated
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What colour is the black in this photo?
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would love to put this up as a poster in my room but haven't been able to properly remove the watermark. any help would be appreciated.
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Do you guys know anything about hidden cameras?

Someone stole from my gf's purse at work 2 times in the last 4 months and I want to plant a hidden camera to catch the thief.

Other people have also reported things stolen.
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I'd like to know if you guys were aware of any website with high-res photos of pussies,
mouth, face or just full naked body of women, preferably taken with Canon 5DSr, Sony a7rIII, fuji GFX 50 S
or other high resolution cameras, with high end macro glass like the Zeiss Milvus,
in order to enhance my fapping experience.


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I'm looking for a telescope that I can do astrophotography with. I'd like to be able to see nebulae and galaxies with fairly good quality... well as good as 150-200 bucks USD will get me

The photo was taken by me btw
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What phone has the best camera: Samsung, iPhone, or Pixel?
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Just ordered a 800D, what are some lenses that I need?
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