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Is porn art?
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Shitty photos you've took but want other people to see

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Post your photos. Mine was a shitty night smoke stop and a car drove past to make the dust rise.
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iPhone camera is not that bad actually, this was under bad light conditions too. Edited in photoshop app
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What is a "free" minimal photo editor. Just for like basic touching up like resizing, sharpening, etc. I'm tired of trying to pirate adobe products and can't trust them.
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Hey, just got my first camera last week. Been trying to learn how to shoot with it, but what I've read says actually shooting is better xp than reading about shooting so I took it in the back and started dickin' around.

I'm mainly concerned about settings here, how to make the quality of the photos better I'll deal with composition and that other shit as I move forward. Thoughts?

This first one is the only one I didn't play with the lighting settings when you import RAW to photoshop.
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Photo Critique

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Amateur photographer here, please help me grow as an artist by demolishing my work. All critisism is welcome and appreciated.
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My cousin bought a Nikon D3500 with a kit lens. She has no clue about photography so I brought my Vöigtlander lens to show her the difference in image quality.
Although the lens has cpu contacts, the camera gave an error message. Lens not supported or something like that.
I thought the problem was the mode which was set to auto but it didn't work after I put it on aperture priority. Reattaching the lens didn't help either.
Is there a option in the menu that I should enable to make it work?
The lens has a CPU contact, prime with manual focus and aperture.
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How does he fucking do it? Any idea on whats the trick to make it look like a painting? Other than the lighting setup it seems its something regarding color grading
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I need orientation

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Hello /p/ I bought a pentax KS-1 like 2 years ago knowing next to nothing about cameras, because I wanted to try photography and it was cheap and the reviews were good, so far so good but now I would like to get a 200mm (bear with me I just shoot what I like) should I hold on to the camera and try to get a lens for it? Its a K mount, are there adapters for different type of mounts? I really like my camera where can I get a lens for it? Should I?
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