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Some Photos!!!!!

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I took some some photos and took them and have taken photos that I'm going to put here.

Thank you,
Kind regards,
Best wishes to you and your family and your friends,
Stephen Anonymous
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Pick me one or two lenses for A6600

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I have a Sony A6600. I would like to hear your suggestions for what lenses I want to get (I do not want Sigma)

I want to pick up one or two lenses that will fulfill photography (fashion/photoshoots outside, product photography), videography, and vlogging.

I was thinking I could get the Sony 10-18mm for vlogging, but can it be used for fashion/product photography and videography?

Then the 18-105 for everything else?
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WEBP images

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How to rip these motherfuckers as jpegs? Possibly by retaining exif.

Lots of sites that used to have regular jpegs with exifs moved to them.

One such sample:
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Instagram critique thread

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I liked the last one, I got a some nice comments that made me think and I didn't see another one so I figured I'd start another one!

Make sure to critique others as you post your own! NOT just an "IG share thread"
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Thrift store finds

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Post cool finds from your local thrift stores.

I picked up this Micro-Nikkor 55mm 3.5 macro lens for like 5 bux the other day, im very happy with it.
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This is the Film General Thread.
It's ok to post film gear questions in this thread.
It is better to post your film photos in this thread.

>posting in the /fgt/ doesn't make you gay, unless you shoot a Lomography film

Old thread >>3712062
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>30 identical voices all saying the same shit
is youtube killing photography
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For once and for all /p/....

How do you pronounce Bokeh?
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How does one get a photograph like this?

If my camera doesn't have a long exposure option, is it really as simple as shooting a shit ton of the same raw images then stacking them?

Assuming there's very little light pollution, could my photo REALLY turn out like this?
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canon powershot zoom

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