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The weaboo photo thread mk 2

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Old thread: >>2867229
Camera ModelNIKON D7100
Metering ModeCenter Weighted Average
Light SourceFlash
Scene Capture TypeStandard
Exposure ModeAuto
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Focal Length (35mm Equiv)75 mm
Sensing MethodOne-Chip Color Area
Vertical Resolution300 dpi
FlashFlash, Compulsory, Return Detected
Image Width1000
Maximum Lens Aperturef/1.7
Subject Distance RangeUnknown
White BalanceManual
ISO Speed Rating800
Camera SoftwareViewNX 2.10 W
Horizontal Resolution300 dpi
Image Height1500
Image Created2016:11:10 22:17:23
Color Space InformationUncalibrated
Exposure Time1/60 sec
Exposure Bias0 EV
Focal Length50.00 mm
Color Filter Array Pattern1004
Exposure ProgramAperture Priority
Gain ControlLow Gain Up

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Any of you /P/haggots at the NEC today?
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explain this photograph
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How good are your photographs, /p/?
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Why was Kodachrome so good?

Any chances that it gets revived by Kodak?
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Sucralose Thread: Kenworth Edition

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Old one is on the autosage >>2916584 finally have our own truck after being broke down 3 god damn weeks. Told the owner to take a hike, we got our own boogie now. 15' Kenworth, stepped on some toes to get it but we got it so expect more truckstop shenanigans, lot lizards (I still haven't found any to shoot but I promise as soon as I get approached I'll snap a few) and in the likely even we breakdown again, mechanics covered in sloppy grease, and the occasional landscape inbetween

We're stuck in Springfield for a few more days and we should be headed west into (((((snow))))) where my co-driver will likely shit his pants as he has never even seen the white stuff. Going over the Bonneville Salt Flats set again there's a lot of that set that I didn't post here and some other stuff since we can't go anywhere, and I'll probably walk the Brick District of Springfield again on the new glass before we go.

>select all commercial trucks

Official thread music:
Camera ModelNIKON D7000
Metering ModePattern
Light SourceUnknown
Scene Capture TypePortrait
Exposure ModeAuto
Focal Length (35mm Equiv)27 mm
Sensing MethodOne-Chip Color Area
Vertical Resolution72 dpi
FlashNo Flash, Compulsory
Maximum Lens Aperturef/3.5
Subject Distance RangeUnknown
ISO Speed Rating100
White BalanceManual
Camera SoftwareAdobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.6 (Windows)
Horizontal Resolution72 dpi
Image Created2016:11:30 13:04:59
Exposure Time1/800 sec
Subject DistanceInfinity
Exposure Bias0 EV
Focal Length18.00 mm
Color Filter Array Pattern770
Exposure ProgramAperture Priority
Gain ControlNone
Lens Aperturef/8.0

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Rate m8

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-fresh meat-
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Filmmaker here. Need some help.

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Is there a camera below $1000, that isn't a DSLR, that has XLR mic inputs so all sound can be recorded straight to the camera? What is the best in this price range?

I've shot with a DSLR for years and I'm over it, it's too much of a hassle.

I don't really care too much about interchangeable lenses if the cam comes with a zoom lens. The biggest things I'm looking for are direct sound, battery life, maybe low light performance too but not expecting too much in that regard. Never shot RAW or S-Log before but I assume it isn't too hard to colorize. Thanks.
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Photos for wedding gift

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Hi all !
I’m creating this event as a wedding gift for my future husband- Grzesiek.
We get married in June ( 3.06.2017)
He has no idea what I ‘m trying to do for him.
I hope you all will help me!!!
Rules are easy:
I need you / your friends or family to write on a piece of card:
Our names and date of the wedding and your city and country.
Then hold the card in the front of landscape with you in a selfie or both- its up to you! How you will do itJ
I believe in the power of humanity and that you will help me with the best surprise ever!
I am looking for a people from different countries, to show him how much I love him!
Below you have example! Please post your photos and share this info if you can.