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Is the fujifilm xt100 good for an absolute beginner? What i've seen so far is that the 4k is crap (I don't mind not planning to film anyways) and slower AF speed.

I'm planning to photograph more still subjects.
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Beginner camera advice

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Hi /p/, what about some suggestion for a beginner (non compact) camera?
I want to make a gift for my gf which has never got a proper camera, bonus points if can be found used on ebay (EU based, if you are also /g/entlemen pick a used thinkpad as example).
Years ago I heard something good about the Canon 300D, but maybe things have changed in the meanwhile.
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Worst photography trends

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What is your least favorite trend you’ve seen in photography?

For me, it’s selective coloring. I think it looks tacky as hell and it reminds me of 13 year olds on deviantart who just got their first camera
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/p/ Monthly Photo Challenge July-August

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Lacking motivation to go out and shoot? Want to take photos but don’t know of what? Looking for ways to get better at your craft? Here’s the thread for you!

>1) A person listening to music, playing an instrument, or dancing
>2) A noisy place
>3) “Music”.
>4) Framing, i.e. doorway arch, hole in the bushes and so on

>4 assignments changing every month (LISTED ABOVE) but categorized in 4 recurring themes
>You can try them in any order you like
>Recurring themes are 1) human subject 2) environment 3) abstract concept 4) compositional element
>1) Posed or candid portraits, or taking pictures with humans being a prominent element, like street photography
>2) Landscapes. If you live in a city urbanscapes are acceptable too, but try to get out of town
>3) Something vague and open to interpretation
>4) Having a certain shape, like triangle or circle, or a compositional element, like repetition, diagonal, thirds. The rest is up to you
>You can post more than 1 photo for each assignment but do try to cover every theme per month
>Try to take new photos instead of posting from your archive
>Have fun!

Deadline is on the 15th of every month, but of course you can post results as soon as you have them and get friendly feedback from lovely anons.

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I just bought my first camera. I want to practice street photography, should I get a 50mm or a 35mm first?
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what are these kinds of pictures called?
they are shitty but pleasing at the same time
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What comes to mind when you see this face
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i tried to superglue the mode dial cap back on and accidentally superglued the button down in the center. the dial works, but that button is stuck in a permanently pressed state. how easy is this to fix? should i lick some balls or what should i do
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Have you taken a photo today?
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Why are frames so expensive? Where do you go to buy your frames?
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