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Took some photos recently
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I'm getting all my adobe products cancelled, even though I bought my copy in 2014 and it works just fine. How do I cut communication with Adobe so I can continue serving my clients. I'm trying to use 2017 CC Premiere Pro, and it's a dream, but fucking adobe created a pop-up that you can't minimize. What can I do to protect myself from these bastards. I can't get Little Snitch to work, plus the demo is over and I'm not looking to pay for something else. Do I have any options?
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Just grabbed a Nikon D3500, this is from my second day with the camera.

Be brutally honest.
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*tnk *tnk
Your attention please...I have an announcement to make!


>fuck jannies..........
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>he doesn’t shoot RAW exclusively
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I randomly found an old piece of camera roll in the street. So i tried to see if i could make the pictures more visible.
I played around in Ps with color correction, contrast, levels, etc etc... and this is the result??
What do you think and uh, is there any way to do this better?
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posting a few pics,wanna hear your thoughts on them
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Why must I always miss on super deals?
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Going for a hike, think I should take my film camera or m43? My m43's widest lens is a 35mm equiv the film's widest lens is a 21mm equiv. I was thinking the film camera with the 45mm equiv and the 21mm equiv (though I do have a 35mm equiv for the film camera)
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