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film camera blur - caused by lens or by body

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I own a vintage (soviet) film camera FED-2, and INDUSTAR-26M lens. The result is great (im not a pro or even close, so my standarts arent too high), especially i adore the weird blur - it makes some kind of circle shape in the background. I want to buy another lens for teh camera, but I also dont wanna lose this circle blur effect. So tell me, is this blur (in the photo in the window) caused by lens or body? Thanx
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your thoughts on this pic

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>can't even shoot basic video and focus
>doesn't even notice until after editing and uploading
how fucking embarrassing!
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Pics from Mariana dam disaster and Bahia
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I want to get into photography but I am uncertain about what camera I should get. I plan on going for a mirrorless for about $600. Do you guys recommend something special? I especially like nature, streetlife, portraits and making small clips so good video quality would be preferred. Thanks btw.
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the burning man bycicle with engine

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Did you actually ever use this """hacks"""?
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Buying fake instagram likes

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I am trying to re-use and old profile with quite few followers but now has a low engagement. And I am tempted to buy likes.

The problem is... if my pictures get suddenly 500 fake likes each one, will instagram notice and fuck me up in the future?

If I add fake likes but not suddenly, for example 2 each min, does it solves anything or is still a risk?
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On a scale of ice cube to the sun, how hot is this camera?
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