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Any thoughts on this

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took this on a trip to the northern mexican sierra with my family. And edited it on lightroom. I would like harsh but constructive criticism.
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Max Pinckers: Interviews and Link to Work

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Hey everyone, tonight I'll be sharing the work of Max Pinckers, someone I had just found a few days ago. Last time I shared the work of Christian Patterson.

Both photographers have an interest in the documentary mode of photography, but whereas Christian Patterson put sustained effort into researching a "lost" subject and building on its established narrative to create something more ambiguous and open-ended with a mixture of self-made documentary photos, studio photos, scans, and paper inserts in a book form, Max Pinckers picks up a more "on-going" subject and approaches it from a more questioning standpoint. As a photographer and a scholar he's aware that in today's world (and the past), the "truthfulness" of documentary photography is quite a questionable notion. Up until recently most of his work has involved finding the subject (people) setting up a scene with lighting equipment, and letting something spontaneous occur within the composition, striking an interesting balance between staged photography and the spontaneous sort of photography that's often in search of the "decisive moment". It is with this approach that he believes he addresses a necessary need to incorporate one's creative vision into documentary works.

If you're not into this way of viewing photography from an intellectual perspective, still you may find these works visually appealing and interesting. They are shot in color on medium format film and may have a resemblance to the work of Jeff Wall, especially his earlier work. I think "Will They Sing Like Raindrops or Leave Me Thirsty" is my favorite so far. The purpose of this thread, like the last, is to share the work of relatively unknown artists.


Interview with Sunil Shah (2018):

Interview with Cat Lachowskyj (2018, ITT):

Interview with Sarah Sunday (2019):
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Why do photos randomly become better when you black-n-white them?
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Photo search anomaly

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Can anyone tell me why this photo appeared in my search of Picasa 3 for 'people' this photo appeared?

Its name does not include the word.
It has no tags.
I could not see any hidden details containing the word.

Of my entire catalog 13 photos appear when I search People and this and two others of the same subject appear. I found the reasons for all the others e.g. tags, file names, headline?, caption...

I'm baffled.


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Are a good company, pic related.
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ITT: True Patrician Cameras
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crit plz

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can /p/ crit me pls?
some might be pics I've posted before but I've gone back and re-edited them

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I like stitching. Constructive criticism of these Christmas Eve creations would be appreciated.
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