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DIY 8x10 Lens

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What lens you are curious for me to try out on my diy 8x10 camera?

Well try and get one for the summer to test it out.

>no real 8x10 lens
They're too expensive for me
I'm thinking of
>Projection Lens
>Single Element Lens
>any other lens other than a real 8x10
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where is it most economical to buy a photo camera? im considering buying mirrorless or the one with mirror inside
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Beginner Here

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Anyone like it?
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Instagram Thread

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New insta thread
Post yours (with URL), rate and get rated
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Random pics off my phone

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The real photo is deemed too big. I guess that 4chan just can't tolerate having something with that much girth being thrust into it.
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My computer (PC) randomly started formatting my SD cards so that they don't work, what free photo recovery software could any of you recommend?
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>buy a mirrorless its smaller than those big bulky DSLRs lol
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How to retransmit big sized subjects trough photographs ?

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> Hverfjall in iceland, climbing it was like going to mordor
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