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Hey p,

Sorry to do a gearfag thread but..

So I have a Panasonic DC-ZS70 (one of those compact cameras with a shitton of zoom) and am thinking about getting a Nikon D3500 (so, an entry level DSLR)

I see the Nikon has good picture quality (for an entry level camera) which is what I'm looking for. However, my only doubt is if that picture quality is noticeably better than my Panasonic camera. Both are in the same price range and I know mine has a smaller sensor but I can't really find a comparison between both

Pics are from my Panasonic, so at least not to put a stock picture of the camera itself
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How come they can make $200 million a year but can't hire decent photographers?
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drop your all-time, in photography history, favorite facial portraits...............
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Snow and mountain

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Went snowshoeing this afternoon, took a few shots, liked some, tried to not overcook them.
I'll dump a few, please share some of your snow shots.
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I sold my first photo!

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a-am i going to make it /p/?

>tfw can't cash out until $10 balance
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So, about that 90mm f/2 lens for your Fuji.......

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We need to talk.
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What camera do I need if want to record my pet running and playing around at a maximum 10 ft away?

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"When you ask someone for permission, all you will get is a posed photograph, which is worthless to me." -- John Free

Thoughts on this?
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Photos of your pets or wild animals

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Yeah yeah, we're all cool photographers who take really serious pictures and who would never stoop to taking facebook-tier pics of our cats and dogs but if by some kind of miracle you've taken some, post them.
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pro 400h discontinued

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