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Travel Tripod (carbon)?

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Just looking for some input as i am about to pull the trigger on a new tripod for traveling. I'm currently considering (in my budget) the ones below:

1. Leofoto LE254C + DB34 Ball Head

2. Sirui A-1205 + Y-11 Ball Head

3. Sirui T-1204x + K10X Ball Head - Discontinued, but there is a local used one for sale around the same price as the other tripods im considering.

4. Vanguard VEO 2 264CB

Or if you can suggest something better around the same price?

The above prices are mostly in Australian Dollars btw.
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Shutterlife Circkejerk

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>Search your gear
>Post results
>Consider selling ageing gear to unsuspecting zoomers/photoglets

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>16 Bit stills

>4k 60fps 12 bit video

>not being sold to nikon, fuji, pentax

Lmfao, canikon in straightjackets, suicide watch would be too much work.
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I call this one... "two inches from a main artery"
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>be me
>constanty remind myself that my D3200 is absolutely fine, and the 2 lenses I have are decent enough for me to not have any excuses
>my mfw when I see the low light-performance on new camera bodies

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What are some good photographers that mostly photograph things lying on/near the street?
Also how many of you take your dslr camera with you on the street?I usually only take pics with my shotty phone because i cant carry my camera around me all the time.
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Is this film loaded correctly? The 1 and circle are not centered. How do I fix it?
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> doing portrait shoot for boomer couple
> it's their anniversary photos
> not much room for creativity because they're older and they'll probably say some shit like it's too edgy or something
> use one of their old anniversary photos that they showed me to get an idea of what they want
> do shoot on 120 format film, one roll of Portra 160 pulled 1/3rd of a stop and XP2 Super 400 pulled a stop
> send film out to be developed, don't have space for darkroom equipment or a scanner
> lab takes their sweet ass time even with two day shipping
> scans and negs finally come in the mail two and a half weeks after I sent them in
> the XP2 scans are way grainier than they should be
> they fucked the negs too
> clients tell me they're disappointed in the final product over the phone
> I tell them I can fix whatever needs to be done in Photoshop
> pic related
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The winter sky here in Rhode Island

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What mode do you actually shoot in most of the time?

Manual is cool and all, but when you have seconds to get the shot you need, its too much effort to keep on track.
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