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Have you ever used photography to flirt with women? Has it worked?

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I did both photography and music in my time and it hasn't granted me any interest at all, probably since I'm a piss-ugly sperg but I can't assume yall are.
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Historical photography thread

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post your faves
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Random Indian

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So last year I went to Belgrade,and while there,i did random street photography shoot,and after that i found all of people I took photos of and sent them,so they could post them to their social media. All,except one guy,this guy. I would like to send him this photo but I have no fucking idea how to find the guy.
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post your shitty ass digital photos from your shitty ass digital camera
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How do I become a crime scene photographer? Got a lot of college colleges under my belt and I’m proficient in analog and developing.
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what type of photography is this?
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Middle of the day.
No blue hour.
No magic hour.
No photoshop.
No filters.

How did he do it?
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Street photography

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What is it like to do street photography in the middle of tons of people, with people on it.

I'm a rather socially awkward anon but I would love to photograph the cities and the people in them. (Not single portraits, but crowds of people and groups of people who appear on photos of the streets.)

I'd expect you'd regulary end up getting people coming up to you and sperging out over being on a photo you just took. This would be hella annoying to deal with. Especially for socially awkward people. However city photography fascinates me a lot.
Conflicted anon right here.

Anyone does photography like this and can tell of the experiences? Do people just let you do your thing or do they come up and start talking or even bitching to you?
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Are old film cameras shit tier?
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