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>endless stream of photos
>non-color graded aps-c digital
>random shot of neighborhoods, trains and classic cars in car shows
>1000s of favorites
>comment section filled with "congratulations photo group X Y has awarded you the photo excellence award"

What the hell are these boomer accounts on Flickr?
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Cloud Photography?

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Behavior in Scanning photos i fail to understand.

When i am scanning a photo using Epson scanner if i choose "Original" size instead of "A4" the size of the file will be at the least 30% difference in file size despite the apparent size of the picture being exactly the same.

Does anyone know why this happens? The size of the picture is the same, settings are the same the file size SHOULD be the same.

*Is stock photo am not scanning pictures with 300
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photo thread

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Been a while since last thread. Here's some oddities from nowhere in particular

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what was your first camera?
mine was like pic related
a pink concord from mcdonald's
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I shoot timelapses and will be spending a reasonable amount of time camping & traveling.. was thinking of getting a gnarbox for use on the field as to store stills.. trying to think of cheaper alternatives, my other idea is multiple cf cards and the other is to see if i can get a cf card reader and means for atatching an external into my tablet.

Sony shutting down factory and abandoning Brazil

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>Sony has announced plans to end its camera manufacturing and sales operations in Brazil
>Production plant in Manaus, Brazil will shut down. The plant has been in business for nearly 50 years.
>In a statement to Brazilian employees, partners, retailers and suppliers, Sony said that its exit from Brazil is due to changing market conditions and expected business trends.

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Wedding photographer by chance - help

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I've bought an Olympus E‑M10 Mark II like two months ago, I took quite a few pictures, and generally just had fun with it.

The problem I have now is that one really close friend liked my pictures and ask me to be their wedding photographer... I know that they're on a budget but I have no idea about wedding photography...
Can you please give me any tips?
(btw I only have kit lense and Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm F4.0-5.6 R) .
I would really appreciate any advice you can give me (and yes, I'm googling what I can right now)

P.S. The wedding is this Saturday. Help
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Am i a talented photographer?
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Monke thread. Other animals welcome too
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