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Why the FUCK is almost every camera company Japanese? Who let this happen? Why isn't America at the forefront of photographic technology?
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Just got some Lucky SHD 100 online but I think I got chinked
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What's the camera used here?
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Het /p/ poorfag here, recently moved having to sell most of my stuff including my pc. Question is what is a cheap device i can use to edit photos? $200 budget..

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Pictures you've taken with your phone
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Recomended custom picrure style for best overall sharpness and image quality?

I only have a ipad mini to upload mt photos too and realized that im best of not using raw until i get a proper computer and lightroom etc.. So i can use a mouse to do good edits.

So ill be using the camera and jpeg. It's a canon 1200 if that matters. Thanks friends.
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I've recently gotten a real camera and I've been shooting like mad. Here are my photos from the last few days. Let me what I'm fucking up and how they could be better.

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Digishit Thread - /DST/

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Use the cheapest and most obsolete camera you can. Everything still matters here like composition and subject matter, but image quality should be of zero concern.

Noise and digital compression artifacts are not only welcome, but encouraged. Pro tip, use a camera with a resolution low enough so you barely have to resize them before posting.

Any gear discussion should be focused toward finding the shittiest, most obsolete digital equipment.
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Is there a way to get the shutter speed of an 1DX2 with a Rebel T6

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I'm about to go on a hot air balloon ride, I'm not sure whether I'm going to take multiple lenses with me.
If you were to bring only one lens with you (apsc-body), would you rather take a 70-300? or a 16-70mm?
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