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/comfy flowers/

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let´s get comfy in here and post some flowers.
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Strange Lens Artifact

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What is this sort of red/green/blue lens flare called, and why does it occur?

Subject of the image is the Buran, a Soviet Space Shuttle. So probably taken with a Soviet camera/lens in the late 80s, if that helps.
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There was a thread here where a guy used a 35mm to 120 converter and shot 35mm on his medium format and the images looked panoramic and cool as fuck cause the sprockets were exposed too and the image extended up to them. Anyone have a link to the thread or photos like that?
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i fucking hate the 24mm focal length. why is it becoming so popular? almost every new "standard zoom" lens is a 24-70 instead of 28-70
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Anons I've found for 40$ this phone like this completely new from a friend. It's a Lumia 1020 should I buy it? I saw on youtube it's still a good camera
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Big white orb trying it myself

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Hi guys!
Some weeks ago i posted about a guy on facebook getting white orbs (pic related) on his scans (he thaught it was from him messing up the developing)
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Based Eggy delivering more of his Pure Photography
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Film vs. Digital

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I used to be into photography until my DSLR got stolen and got quite discouraged by the ordeal. Now, a decade later I finally have the time and money to get back into it, but after having had the chance to borrow a medium format film camera and having more fun per frame than with the DSLR. I kind of want to get my own and do that instead.

The primary use would be going on road trips and finding interesting scenery to shoot, more for my own pleasure than money or recognition. My budget is good for either something like a Canon EOS RP, or a Mamiya 645 Super and 20 rolls of film including processing. Both seem like good cameras for what they were made for, but have their own sets of pros and cons:

645 Pros:

>Feels special use
>I like the film look
>Relive the era where each frame was a special occasion to be cherished
>Lots of options for customisation with grips, viewfinders, backs, etc.

645 Cons:

>Expensive in the long run
>Bulky and heavy
>Primitive automation
>You have to know your shit or you'll ruin your image
>Have to wait for processing
>You can get film look with digital simulation anyway
>Older and harder to get repaired

RP Pros:

>Cheap in the long run
>Compact and light
>Great autofocus and image stabilisation
>Almost impossible to ruin an image
>Can shoot video
>Can view and use pictures instantly
>New and under warranty

RP Cons:

>Feels plain to use
>Images may be technically perfect, but that's plain and boring
>Equally plain images of every subject imaginable is already a Google image search away anyway

The modern camera is obviously objectively better, but shooting for fun and not profit I can't help but wonder if I'll enjoy the older, more primitive one more. Any suggestions? Maybe other cameras to consider?
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Do you have a negative scanner?
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