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Can you tell me a situation where M43 is actually inferior to full frame? Is it literally just shooting sports?

>shooting landscapes
>most m43 cameras have a 50 mp mode, even if they don't you can just take like 20 shots and average them in light room for an effective ISO of like 5

You are essentially a retard if you aren't shooting these at minimum ISO anyway. Plus half the time you are shooting with a flash and lenses like the the 75mm olympus get top marks for sharpness on DXO and sites like it anyway.

>street/reporterage photos
Unless you are shooting at night with no flash, that effective 2 stop bigger DoF is an advantage.

Macro you shoot at like f/8+ anyway

I don't shoot sports so what benefit would I even have getting rid of my m43 that I can fit in my pocket and is a billion times more portable than a DSLR?