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Shuttermaki goes to Taipei

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Took another trip recently. Spent 5 days in Taipei and 8 in Hong Kong, the latter of which was the main focus of my trip. Overall I was pretty disappointed with my HK pictures from my trip last year, but given I was only there for a weekend and hadn't been out shooting in way too long, I let it slide as I was way too rusty. But when I got home I vowed to do a lot more shooting to get back in the groove for my next trip so I wouldn't miss a beat.

This trip started off in Taipei which I had never been to before. This was essentially a warm up for HK, but I hit the ground running and ended up having an absolute blast shooting here. One of the most aesthetically-pleasing cities I've ever shot in and had a great vibe for shooting. I'll definitely be coming back here.

One of the mistakes of my last trip which I made a point not to make again was to not shoot much digital. I relied way too much on my GR last trip, and while it's a great camera, my style of shooting lends itself much better to film. That definitely wasn't an issue this time around.

Anyway, enough words. Onto the pictures. Going to start off with my 35mm shots, then post a couple 120, then finish it off with some GR snaps which came out alright. I'm generally pretty happy with these but they're really just a precursor to my next post, which will be Hong Kong.
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