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I was thinking about selling my a6000 and buying an a6400. I have used the a6000 for 3,5 years now. I like quite a few things about the camera.

>weather sealed
>flip up screen might be a meme but seems pretty cool to use while traveling
>updated sensor and processor
>autofocus at 0,02 instead of 0,06 makes it better for wildlife
>real eye af tracking
>4k video and better video in general
>silent shooting which i think pretty cool, i hate the klack klack klack and you can stealth shoot in places where they forbid you to like museums or churches
>better battery life and no more overheating issue in 4k
>meme features like intervalometer, bluetooth and extra styles that will come in handy for sure
>not too expensive

Missing ibis of course and the a6700 will have that but for sure will be in the range of $1500 and up

Should I buy it? My only worry is that the camera will be $100-200 off after a month.