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can any expert on film cameras help me with this please?

I have the lens shown in the ref picture and it is a 35-70 zoom lens with a ring i turn on it to set the aperture of the photo.

As you can see in the ref image the ring you turn has a red line and a green line. The red line is beside 3.5 and the green line is beside 5.6

If i look on the actual lens the 35mm end is red and the 70mm end is green.

So it make sense that in the picture shown if i was using the lens at 35mm i would be at f3.5 and if i was using it at 70mm i would be at f5.6.

My question is what about all the rest of the zoom range? Which of those 2 lines do i read from?

ie at 50mm do i read the aperture number from the red or green line?

Its a whole stop of difference so if i fuck it up i ruin my photo.

I tried googling but the question is to complicated to google properly.