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>Chosis makes a million dollar scam site with design ripped out of the 90s
>shills it relentlessly here and on /biz/ while pretending he has nothing to do with it
>bans anybody from his /p/ promoting insta page slashpcollective if they question what he's up to
>discovered as the owner of lamboticket because he left his trip on by accident asking for graphic design help on /gd/
>spergs out and tries to samefag his way out of trouble while crying to the mods on IRC to have threads calling out his scam deleted
>anons notice there's a mailing address onlamboticket.com
>wtf it's a board game shop in NYC
>check their fb
>there's Chosis stacking shelves
>concerned anon leaves an email to the owner that someone is using their address for a scam
>no further contact with the shop
>authorities investigate
>Chosis loses his job
>the biggest sperg out /p/ has ever seen occurs where Chosis tries to fake a death threat against him with such furious samefagging his trip is still permabanned to this day
>due to him desperately trying to shill his scam site on reddit we also find out he's a pedophile

As we near the anniversary of Chosis ruining his own life in a desperate attempt to scam 4chan, has anybody ever fucked up as hard as Chosis did in May 2018?