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Hey guys, any of you had creepy encounters during photography trips / explorations?

I was around 18 ( 21 now ) and was exploring abandoned buildings while on last trip with my highschool class.

Went into a huge building that used to be a apartaments complex until around 15-20 years ago.

The whole place was trashed, it only had one locked door that you went in through a hallway that was kinda hardly reachable and clean compared to the rest. Out of curiosity I broke the door and found in a very preserved appartament that was owned by a photographer.( He had a makeshift darkroom and chemicals etc but I assume he died, I found his passport and he should've been over 95.)

Inside I found a lot of creepy objects and pictures, a very tall stuffed bear, dolls that were all around the room and tens of pictures with corpses ( Not shot in the police criminalist way, more like artsy )