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developping question

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Hi guys ! Sorry for my broken english.
I use to develop pictures myself, and today, I shoot a 35mm Kodak EIR (infrared film) and developped it with rodinal (1+100). My film came with some strange "ghost" (I think I use the correct word but I'm not really sure) on the black parts.
Whatever : I did saw something like that in another film I used : An Ilford FP4 I bought on roll (100ft) apparently used in medical imaging

Do you guys know something about this stuff ? Did i do something wrong ?
Could it be the rodinal used here ? It worked really fine on evry other films (ex : T-max 100 / Fomapan)
Looks like the film was X-rayed, but I'm not really sure.

Hope you can help me here... :-)
Picture is EIR (Left) and FP4 (Right) .
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