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Mary Frey - Work and Interviews

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Hey everyone, in this thread I will be sharing the work of Mary Frey along with an interview. The goal is to share the work of an artist who is successful but may still fly under the radar in many circles, and also in this case, an artist with an approach not often seen in the realm of 4chan, instagram, etc.

Mary Frey is a photographer, known for her staged photographs that are rich with banality and humor. Early on she had an approach not unlike many street photographers, but she never made anything out of that work. Later, she was inspired by the snapshot's status as a "memory maker" and began staging scenes based on daily life, often drawing on the same recurring "cast members" (usually friends and family) to use in her scenes. The picture here is from her series "Real Life Dramas" (1984-87), where she takes these photographs and attaches brief captions from cheap literature to make humorous open-ended narratives and question the truthfulness of photography. In addition to this work, she has made collage works (Body/Parts, 1989-91), and other alternative process works (e.g. Imagining Fauna, 2008-11).

Website with work: https://www.maryfrey.com/

Recorded interview on The Magic Hour podcast: http://www.magichourpodcast.org/episodes/2019/1/24/episode-26-mary-frey

Lenscratch interview: http://lenscratch.com/2018/03/mary-frey-the-states-project-connecticut/

The Heavy Collective interview: http://theheavycollective.com/2016/01/05/qamary-frey/

Interview with Sharon Boothroyd (featured ITT): https://photoparley.wordpress.com/2015/07/15/mary-frey/