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Charged Tales of Fire and Firepower

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You may be familiar with our previous adventures involving pencil, candy and dreams. We now present to you Charged Tales of Fire and Firepower, with surprise appearance of familiar Pencil! Perusal of artwork is in it's entirety a demanding undertaking, so please take your time and spend at least twelve minutes per individual still image in exact order as they are presented to you, with exception of penultimate artwork, that one is to be consumed last, coincidently, ultimate artwork is not to be consumed at all. Adverse order is not advised and may lead into ruined dreams, fates, and reveries. If you happens to ignore this whole message, do not despair! We have thought of you as well, and noted surprise appearance of familiar pencil in instructions, so as your own experience will be enriched by even more surprising appearance of familiar Pencil! Albeit, curse of inappropriate survey of complete artwork, indeed, will hit you. We are sorry for that, but you do reap what you sow, as once great, Adam Ansel was observed saying, when perched head down over his huge camera contraption, while unsuccessfully cleaning his sensory mats with screwdriver and microcloth.