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Dear /p/.

I once asked you about advices on improving photos of plastic models. Aside from kindly asking about what I did wrong with these ones and how to improve, I have few questions related:

1) I noticed that many photos I do have slight blur. I use tripod with self timer (10s) to avoid vibrations so I thought that would be enough. Or its not micro motion blur but rather diffraction effect? (I mostly shoot models with f/11).
2) Im still trying to make models looks more like "in motion". Aside from "Dutch angle" or close-ups, does background carry impact on motion feeling? I mean, how could I improve background aspect?
3) If I use sunlight coming by window as key light, is it enough to just use tinfoil covered desk as cheap reflected fill light? Should I use some sort of backlight? I was reading about three point lighting rules but most information is pretty basic so I dont know if I got that right.
4) I was thinking about using different colored light or rather - color foils placed before lightbulbs to change color of the light. Is this somewhat popular effect or it doesnt really bring much aside from mixing intense colors like red with blue?
5) Is it preferable to shoot with increased exposure level and if required lower it later when working on RAW files or its better to keep it normal? Those training photos were mostly made with +~1 EV as I noticed I frequently increase exposure in Darktable by around 0,3.
6) Can I actually damage my camera sensor by making photos of objects with clear sky as background? I mean, for proper details on object itself, it makes sky in question bloom out.
7) Kinda unrelated - why there is a restriction about posting photos above 1000px wide/long?

Photos I did as part of training are uploaded at : http://www.sabi-sif.mb4.pl/gunpla/hg-full-metal-panic-m9-gernsback/ and http://www.sabi-sif.mb4.pl/gunpla/hg-asw-g-29-gundam-astaroth-origin/

Thank you for any reply, advice or critique.
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