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Does anyone make good money taking pics or video?

I have a pretty good portfolio (been in science magazine, nat geo, NYT, all sorts of news papers) but I've never worked -for- any of these companies.

But the fact that literally every human being on earth has a camera in their pocket, the competition is practically unfathomable.

The field I've been working in is dying and will be all but dead soon (aerial and real estate), I say this because of technology changes and I've been watching the trends of value of what we/I do dropping more and more.

Should I just get out now or is there some aspect of the photo/video market that still harbors some hope to make a decent living? I feel like even the big companies can just ask people for free work and everyone is lining up just to have their stuff used so they can say (like I did in my second sentence) that a big company used it. Theres so so sooo much material to chose from, why would nat geo ever need to pay for anything?