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I've been doing photography as a hobby for close to 8 years now and I know the theory well. I can get a properly exposed image like 99% of the time. I also have a really good camera and lenses and other accessories too (probably over $5000 worth of shit).
Yet after all that, I still think that my photos suck. I look at them sometimes and just don't think there's anything there. Yeah, they're OK but they're definitely not great. I've been using tech and buying all the latest shit as a crutch basically. Yet some kid with a $100 camera can probably take more impactfull pictures than me. Sure, cameras are cool to talk about but in the end they don't matter much.
I the man in pic related was alive, I bet he could outshoot 99% of photogs alive today.
I'm sick of being stuck at a plateau. I feel like selling all my shit and getting out of photography if this is all that I can do.

So how do you get better /p/?
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