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old digital camera search

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I'm looking for an old camera I had as a kid and have no idea how to even start searching ebay for one. Here's a description of it.

It came bundled with a printer bought for our "new" computer, emachines running windows ME. I don't think XP was out yet at the time. It was silver with black buttons, basic rectangle design, no zoom lens or cover. Smallish lcd screen on the back, directional black buttons in an oval. It came with a 128mb sd card and ate AA batteries for lunch. Resolution was 1024x768, but it might have been 800x600.

The PC interface was kinda weird, 3.5mm TRRS jack to 9 pin serial? Dark blue cable and hooked up to some software that had a very colorful parrot as the splash screen.

It died on vacation to Florida, I was not wearing the wrist strap on a dock and I knocked it off into the water right next to a 1-2' long alligator. We did not attempt to retrieve it. I was sad cause I hadn't backed up my photos from the day before at the titanic exhibit at MOSI. (so 2000-2003 era)

I know there's a picture of tiny me standing next to a model of the titanic holding this camera, I searched all my old HDD's and can't find it so I can assume it was taken on my mom's 35mm.

Here's a picture of my sister looking in a fridge. Found it looking for a picture of or from this mystery camera.
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