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">My 12 year old cousin has a bday party tomorrow"
"Go to dat party hoping i can acquire some fuck"
">B4 dat I text her about that so I won't look awkward pullin' up at her house."
">She told me I should take a costume"
">After 14 hours of frying my brain cells I finally got a perfect manly costume"
">Next day goin to the party"
">At the party there are just some 10 to 14 y/o kids wtf"
">Then I saw her"
">Omg yes, turns me on so much"
">My whole body is stuttering"
">Trying to convince my cousin to go somewhere to have a private chat"
">We goin to the stable at her house"
">She opens the door"
">Now my time has come"
">Politely getting closer to her"
">Oh shit, there is somebody else at the other side of the stable"
">He's slowly getting closer"
">Oh no, this is my uncle"
">TFW I look to his face"
">He takes a whip"
">He beats the fuck out of me"
">I scream at frequency of 18kHz"
">He takes a shovel and bends me over his knee"
">*Feeling of a minor disturbance*"
">Now the shovel is my new body part"
">He takes the shovel with me, looking like a human pickaxe"
">He proceeds to smash the ground with me"
">*Feeling of a minor disturbance intensifies*"
">Never go to your cousin parties"