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Studio photography general.

Anyone here running their own studio? In your back room, garage or commercial space? From speedlights to Broncolor, whether you photograph people or products or both i'm interested in having a conversation that doesn't revolve around cameras, but modified light instead.

I've been a lurker for a while, but nobody seems to discuss lighting setups, favourite modifiers, how you learnt studio practice, how you upscaled your studio, how you find clients, and your undying love for Savage Translum...etc

For me, i'm at the point where i've heavily invested in Bowens, i've been a user for years so i've amassed all manner of modifiers. When bowens went bump, I started looking at Profoto when the B2 came out, but just couldn't bring myself to replacing everything with profoto. Instead, I got a bunch of Godox AD400's and a 600. Fucking mint. Flash duration is fantastic. Amazing pricepoint. Just not great for colour consistency, especially when using them with my older bowens gear. I'm thinking its time to take a real good hard look at Broncolor - Its just so hard to justify.

Note: I'm a product photographer, but I shoot alot of liquids and motion too. Currently Nikon D850 (heavily invested in Nikon F over the years, i've never had a complaint and it's what I know now, but i'd love a Phase One one day)

Just want to hear from more studio photographers on here. Oh, and please be nice!

(Breitling Photograph by David Lund)