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Why are Sonyponies so insufferable? I’ll bet 90% of them are below average photographers switching to the flavor of the month system in hopes their camera will make their photos less shit.

I was comparing the EOS R and a7iii earlier today and the differences in shooting capability aren’t even that great. Sure, Sony’s eye AF works at 30 feet, but only an absolute retard would think that matters. Canon’s eye AF with the 1.4 firmware works just as well at portrait distance. You know, the distance where it matters.

Also, the build quality of the a7iii is what you’d expect from a Chinese knockoff. The ergonomics are shit, the menus are shit, the EVF is shit. Meanwhile the EOS R is built like a fucking Panzer. The menu system may as well have been made by Jony Ive himself and the EVF is crystal clear. Further, you get superior RF glass on a body that looks like it was designed by a master katana crafter.

Please tell me what all the hype is for this plastic Sony garbage, because I don’t see it.
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